00631: IncludeUrl crashes Apache with upgrade to PHP 4.4.2RC2

Summary: IncludeUrl crashes Apache with upgrade to PHP 4.4.2RC2
Created: 2005-12-29 09:51
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: TomH
Priority: 4
Version: 2.1.beta15
OS: Win32/Apache1.3.33/ PHP 4.4.2RC2


(:includeurl http://localhost/tbs/list_dirs_urls.php :)
markup crashing Apache with new PHP version 4.4.2RC2-dev

This was working fine for many prior versions of PmWiki and for PHP 4.4.1 as well.

The WindowsXP error thrown says

AppName: apache.exe AppVer: ModName: php4ts.dll ModVer: Offset: 000c5fba

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I strongly suspect this is not a bug in PHP and not PmWiki. (Although why it would be appearing in a release candidate is beyond me.) The code that is being used for the IncludeUrl script is extremely straightforward PHP code, nothing bizarre that would be likely to generate an error.


Hi P M - - I did retrograde to 4.4.1 with immediate correction to the problem. If as you suggest it is neither PHP nor PmWiki, what might you suggest that I do to further diagnose the prob.?

n.b. The problematic page has only the call to IncludeuRL. It is litertally crashing apache -- not giving a PHP or Apache error - then WinXP throws the error after the PHP application crashes. Thx, TomH

What url are you including? Is it something that we could try here on pmwiki.org ?


I tried to create a version of the script (a simple directory listing that I thought was very straight forward) that you could test with... somehow, as part of cleaning up the code and then verifying on the PHP 4.4.2.RC2-dev, the problem can no longer be reproduced. It obviously was the code in my script - but it would have been nice to have coded something that would crash PHP - as I never achieved that skill level in my 10 years of PHP coding ;-(
Close this bug report one out please.