01448: $ScriptUrl and $PubDirUrl note in sample-config.php

Summary: $ScriptUrl and $PubDirUrl note in sample-config.php
Created: 2019-12-05 03:33
Status: Closed, added for 2.2.123
Category: Documentation
From: nikos?
Version: 2.2.122

Description: Quote from sample-config.php...:

   ##  $ScriptUrl is your preferred URL for accessing wiki pages
   ##  $PubDirUrl is the URL for the pub directory.
   # $ScriptUrl = 'http://www.mydomain.com/path/to/pmwiki.php';
   # $PubDirUrl = 'http://www.mydomain.com/path/to/pub';

A note should be inserted somewhere there, saying more or less...

   ## Note that this is the URL as it appears in the browser's address bar,
   ## which might be different from the directory structure of the hosting server.

Because I spent quite some time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.
In my old hosting provider the URL of the website and the webserver's directory structure were the same.
So it is on on my localhost.
Therefore I thought that this is how it always is.
But in the new (testing) host there is a "/public_html/" directory on the server that does not appear on the URL address.

nikos? December 05, 2019, at 03:36 AM

Thank you. For the next version, I have changed this to :

   ##  $ScriptUrl is the URL for accessing wiki pages with a browser

--Petko December 05, 2019, at 08:29 AM