00771: $UploadSuffixFmt (to work like $UploadPrefixFmt)

Summary: $UploadSuffixFmt (to work like $UploadPrefixFmt)
Created: 2006-07-05 09:15
Status: Awaiting comments
Category: Feature
From: Henning
Priority: 44
Version: 2.1.7
OS: XP/Apache 2

Description: I'd like to suggest the addition of a variable

  • $UploadSuffixFmt

that works just like $UploadPrefixFmt except that it does not precede the path name but the file name itself instead.

The benefit: In an application where files are stored in a systematical manner per page (typically using WikiForms), it would be possible to relieve the user from having to think of a unique file name "manually". (The benefit is reaped when downloading and re-using the files.)


  • $UploadSuffixFmt='$Name-'
  • Markup: Attach:Report.doc on page "0001" in group "Reports"
  • Qualified file name: /uploaddir/Reports/0001-Report.doc

Since I'm using the WikiForms recipe for different applications and the "unique file name" generation problem applies to them all, I guess this is sort of a universally useful mechanism.

--Henning July 05, 2006, at 09:21 AM