01457: Can't access skin in http farm from https domain

Summary: Can't access skin in http farm from https domain
Created: 2020-09-16 13:10
Status: Closed - solution exists
Category: Bug
Priority: 3
Version: 2.2.131
OS: PHP 7.4

Description: can't access skin saved in http farm from https domain

I have the pmwiki - files in a separate directory. Different sites (the farm) do use this. A skin is used by more than one site, so it is placed in farm/pub/skins . The farm url may be http :// farm Now all works fine for the domains with http but not for a domain with https.

The skin won't be accessed from the secure domain.

Franz Frese

This is normal and expected, a browser convention. You should enable HTTPS on all domains. Alternatively, you can copy the skin directory from "farm/pub/skins/yourskin" to "field/pub/skins/yourskin". If you have SSH access to the server, you can create a symlink from one to the other. --Petko

thx for infos.
secure domains costs.
symlink makes to have no local pub-dir. (what is needed for css adaption of some skins)
I moved the farm files to a subdir of the (only one) secure domains root (called farm).
That (possibly) works because a http access to the secured domain is (at me) automatically changed to https.
So my goal to have the (more or less) fixed files in a separate directory is done.
Franz Frese

I am in the same case and my symlinks in the fields are named "common" not "pub", and $FarmPubDirUrl is set to "/common". Good idea about moving the farm to the HTTPS domain. --Petko