00705: Publishing of drafts - permissions issues

Summary: Publishing of drafts - permissions issues
Created: 2006-03-17 09:38
Status: Awaiting votes
Category: Feature
From: Henning
Priority: 53
Version: 2.1.13
OS: Windows XP/Apache 2

Description: After 00142 has been implemented, I'd like to suggest that there should be

  1. separate permissions for saving as draft and saving as standard page
  2. separate permission for reading standard pages and drafts

That would make it possible to build a workflow so that one group of authors can change pages with the drafts remaining unpublished until one higher-privileged author publishes the draft.

That's not very wiki-ish, but sort of a standard requirement for corporate intranets :-) I guess it's a CMS-type feature.

And maybe I missed this because I didn't adapt my templates to 2.1, but in case it doesn't exist yet, I'd also like to suggest:

  • A button View Draft Version

I guess I could automatically generate lists of drafts with the usual (:pagelist:) markup, selecting by the draft extension?

--Henning March 17, 2006, at 09:40 AM

The separate write permission levels exist, 'edit' and 'publish', see $EnablePublishAttr. Separate reading permissions are not enabled; for Bloge I ended up writing a wrapper for $AuthFunction that implemented this, so that any page ending in -Draft requires 'edit' permissions instead of just 'read'. See also AutoSave for a special action for deleting a draft. —Eemeli Aro August 20, 2009, at 12:58 PM