00320: Section Edit function

Summary: Section Edit function
Created: 2005-02-06 03:56
Status: Closed
Category: Feature
From: kt007
Priority: 5544
Version: all

Description: It would be nice, if there were a possibility to edit only a section from an article. This makes sence for long article. You don't need to scroll through the howl edit-window.

see Cookbook.BreakPage for one approach (split one page),
and Cookbook.IncludeWithEdit for another (combine several pages)

Mhm... no it's not what I meant. It's a nice script, but I don't want to break large pages, to improve readability. Sometimes you can't break large pages, but it would be nice to edit only one paragraph of the text. Like it works here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki

kt007 February 06, 2005, at 03:56 AM

I wonder if the wikipedia approach may be too helpful. Perhaps an author might prefer to have control over the definition of editable chunks. It should be fairly easy to modify the break page script so that the breaks represent edit breaks only, rather than edit and display breaks. In other words, you'd get the same edit links, but on one big page. So an author inserts some markup (such as ====) and this defines the boundary between editable chunks, perhaps rendered as a dotted line. Click an edit link and you get just that chunk. jr

Mhm... ok thank you! I'll take look at the script and modify it for our use. Some of our authors requested a feature like in the wikipedia. So I just wanted to look if this is possible.

If you're happy with the answer, please write Closed in the Status of this issue. Thanks. Radu

It seems like it might be useful to eventually make this a cookbook option. A lot of people like the section edit feature of Wikipedia and others and it'd be nice to be able to turn it off or on depending on the page/group. -- Jon?

Look at Cookbook.BreakPage. We use this script for section editing.