00259: Most-Recent N Modified Pages

Summary: Most-Recent N Modified Pages
Created: 2004-12-29 06:14
Status: Closed - added to Cookbook
Category: Feature
From: Jeff Rush
Priority: 3
Version: 2.0 alpha 14
OS: Linux/Apache 2

Description: Provide a tag I can place into the SideBar wiki page that expands into the wiki words/links for the N most recently editted pages. This allows visitors to see where the activity is. This feature should be a relatively easy hack of the existing "Recent Changes" function, trimmed to just the names and not the date/times.

Try (:include Main.AllRecentChanges lines=1..10 :)
but there is no date/time trimming...
You can try creating another recent change pages without date/time by setting in config.php: $RecentChangesFmt['Main.RcP'] = '[[$FullName]]';
and linking to it (:include Main.RcP lines=1..10 :)
- untested - PRZ

I might also add a count= or lines= parameter to (:pagelist:), so that one could do

   (:pagelist trail=Main.RecentChanges fmt=simple count=10:)

But in the meantime, creating the special-purpose recent changes page is easier. I've written up a brief cookbook recipe for this at Cookbook.RecentChangesExcerpt.