00251: Search not working in JHSkin

Summary: Search not working in JHSkin
Created: 2004-12-23 02:08
Status: Closed - fixed
Category: Bug
From: Mike
Priority: 3
Version: 2.0 b13
OS: Linux / Apache / PHP4

Description: Bug in the top search box. Searches are not working.

Looks like just a few small changes from what I saw in the default skin.

Here is a diff (ignore the editbar line):

# diff jh.tmpl jh.tmpl.orig
<   <script language="javascript" src="$SkinDirUrl/editbar.js"></script>
<   <input type='hidden' name='pagename' value='$[Main/SearchWiki]' />
<     <td><input class='wikisearchbox' type='text' name='q' /></td>
>     <td><input class='wikisearchbox' type='text' name='text' /></td>