00951: {$SiteAdminGroup} page variable not created

Summary: {$SiteAdminGroup} page variable not created
Created: 2007-07-17 21:14
Status: Closed, added for 2.2.88
Category: Feature
From: simon
Priority: 55
Version: 2.2.0 beta 58

Description: Can the page variable {$SiteAdminGroup} be created similarly to the examples below?

* default = {$DefaultGroup}
* site = {$SiteGroup}
* siteadmin = {$SiteAdminGroup}
* group = {$Group}
  • default = PmWiki
  • site = Site
  • siteadmin = SiteAdmin
  • group = PITS

See also PmWiki.Basic variables

Is it needed? If so, where would it likely be used?


I envisaged that this would be used to replace the literal SiteAdmin\SomePage so that if the $SiteAdminGroup = $SiteGroup; change is made the links still work.

-- thanks: Simon

I think it might be useful to do it isidor

I would like to use links like [[{$SiteAdminGroup}/PageList]] in SpecialPages as it is could be done with [[{$SiteGroup}/PageList]] before some of the pages in Site/ moved to SiteAdmin/.

I use $FmtPV['$SiteAdminGroup'] = '$GLOBALS["SiteAdminGroup"]'; in my farmconfig.php, but I think, it belongs into the core. '$SiteAdminGroup' => '$GLOBALS["SiteAdminGroup"]', # near line 134 in pmwiki.php

mfwolff June 29, 2016, at 05:53 AM

Thank you