00698: Freemind support in PmWiki ?

Summary: Freemind support in PmWiki ?
Created: 2006-03-12 13:35
Status: Closed (Cookbook recipe)
Category: Feature
From: Taavi?
Priority: 2

See Cookbook:FreeMind for an implementation.

Description: Is it possible to get Freemind support in PmWiki like Wikka does? I think Freemind is kind of useful program for many other thigs too besides mindmapping. This is the homepage of Freemind: http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page And here you can see how it looks in Wikka: http://wikkawiki.org/FreeMind

I'll give my great thanks to PmWiki somewhere else, lived with it about four months now. Sorry for my english: I live in Finland. Here's my homepage (not ready, working on it) using flexi skin: http://taavi.org/taavistus/ Yes, it's in finnish!!! I'm doing translation work to get PmWiki in finnish.

Thanks, Taavi


I have a possible solution which will not enable you to edit mind maps online, but will enable you to view them in a frame inside pmwiki. you can do the following:

  1. download and install Cookbook.IncludeUrl
  2. save your mind map on your server. put it in its own directory with all the files of the freemind flash browser, and setup the link in the html file
  3. add to a page (:includeurl myfolder/mypage.html :)

IWFM (It Worked For Me)...

27-Feb-2007 Avi


the freemind flash browser can be found here: http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Flash_browser

How wiki with mindmap looks like, is shown here: [(approve links) edit diff] The structure is analyzed creating a node for each headline and a leaf for each link in a paragraph.

All that needs to be done for navigating through wiki by mindmap, is to write a script, that analyzes the wiki-file and returns a .mm-like xml-file (plus a file for embedding the freemind flash browser, accepting and passing the parameters to the above file for parsing/generation). A similar thing has been done with pmwiki for MindjetMap or with mediawiki for freemind http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Embedded_Mind_Maps

27-July-2007 Manuel Schaffner


For text only import (bullet list style) I edited Freemind's mm2twiki.xsl to export (simple) PmWiki markup.

  • The title of the map becomes (:title Name of map :),
  • First level of nodes become heading 1 ! Topic in first level
    • From second level on
      • and deeper nodes become
        • asterisks (*)
      • where bullet lists with option 1, option 2, option 3, become comma separated.

Until now it supports normal text, hyperlinks?, bold, emphasized and coded text. Bullet lists become comma separated. Paragraphs, images and icons are still ignored.

Known issue(s):

  • When printing such an imported mind map with more than 5 levels (1 header and more than 4 asterisks for the bullet list) from PmWiki via Wikipublisher to PDF a LaTeX error occours: ("! LaTeX Error: Too deeply nested.").

Download: http://pragm.ath.cx/twwiki/twwiki/uploads/MTM/mm2pmwiki.xsl (v 0.0.1)

In Freemind export the mindmap via XSLT with mm2pmwiki.xsl.

08-Aug-2011 Vittorio