01332: Include page has stopped displaying some content

Summary: Include page has stopped displaying some content
Created: 2014-01-19 18:00
Status: Closed, replied
Category: Bug
From: Des
Priority: 3
Version: All up to 2.58
OS: Hosted Apache version 2.2.25 PHP version 5.4.19

Description: I have two page sections which are created on separate pages, them shown on a final page using ( : include PageName : )

One appears normally, and works with no anomalies.

The other never appears, a problem that started over a year ago, and I thought might go away with a later version of PmWiki.

However, if I open the page for edit, then return to it (I do not have to carry out an actual edit, or even save the page) then the missing include appears, and does so until I end the session. When I return and view pages again, the include fails to show.

I've tried 3 different browsers, but this makes no difference.

Best seem on a real page - there is currently a public edit password agains spammers. The password is...


Any page will show the effect, try this short one:

Secret Scotland - The Big Idea Retrieved 19/01/2014.


The section which always appear normally is under the heading External links

The section which DOES NOT appear is under the heading Aerial views and should appear between it and the heading Map

Des January 19, 2014, at 06:05 PM

Is the page Secrets/PageMaps read-protected? If so, go to Secrets/PageMaps?action=attr, enter your admin password and change the "read" password to clear or @nopass. For a list of all password-protected pages on your wiki, see SiteAdmin/AuthList. --Petko

You are a genius Petko.

Thanks you so much for this quick (and probably obvious) fix.

I have no idea how this got set, unless I mis-typed a page name, or got caught out by browser auto-fill, and never noticed it.

Please consider this fixed, and the issue closed.

Des January 21, 2014, at 07:41 AM