01414: Saving blocked because of "invalid edit summary"

Summary: Saving blocked because of "invalid edit summary"
Created: 2017-06-28 07:09
Status: Closed, PmWiki search now explains the error message.
Category: Bug
From: Sven
Priority: 3
Version: live on pmwiki.org

Description: About a third of my attempts to save pages fail with this error message;

This post has been blocked by the administrator
Invalid "edit summary" entered, please select a different one.

I'm gonna collect some examples of "invalid" expressions in Test.Invalid Edit Summary. — Sven June 28, 2017, at 07:10 AM

This is not a bug, it's a feature, see Cookbook:SpamFilters. Add a ` backtick ` before CamelCase words or words with too many consonants. --Petko June 28, 2017, at 07:39 AM

Thanks for the hint, wouldn't ever have concluded that from the error message. At least now PmWiki's search finds this issue when searching for said message, so I'll consider it solved "good enough". — Sven June 28, 2017, at 10:13 AM