01320: Is there a page size limit?

Summary: Is there a page size limit?
Created: 2013-08-11 07:37
Status: Open
Category: Bug
From: Frank R?
Priority: 3
Version: 2.2.53
OS: Apache ver. 2.2.19 (Unix); PHP version 5.2.*

Description: I'm trying to figure out if there is a page size limit for pmwiki or not? When I created a page that was around 1 MB, all text, it showed up as blank when I saved the page. I would like to be able to save a page that's more than 1 MB in size.

I know there is an upload limit so that's not what I'm referring to.

Can someone please help me figure out how to post a page more than 1 MB? A 10 MB limit would be nice.

Please see if the recipe Cookbook:SystemLimits can be of some assistance. --Petko August 11, 2013, at 04:27 PM

Hi, I had a similar problem. I was able to trace it to the SectionEdit recipe! If you have that recipe enabled, try disabling it (using the (:nosections:) markup won't suffice! you have to actually disable the recipe). Said Achmiz October 10, 2017, at 09:26 PM