00898: Time Zone

Summary: Time Zone
Created: 2007-03-08 01:40
Status: Closed
Category: Bug
From: Profiles

Description: When using the time zone setting in config.php an error occures, can this setting be brought back.

This ticket really needs more information.

-- Pm

Examples please.

  • What do I put in my config.php to cause this error?
  • Is this something particular to your setup, or every configuration?
    • What IS your configuration? OS/Version info requested when you filled in this PITS. VERY useful information for this sort of thing (=
  • Do you have any idea when this behaviour changed?
  • Just be be clear, what should happen? -- I presume you are trying to adjust the timezone so that it is proper for you. Could it be that your hosting provider (I presume) changed something and the problem is not with PmWiki?

I am afraid good Pm is still correct; MUCH more information is needed. Help us, help you (=

Best regards,

Feral March 29, 2007, at 07:07 AM