00297: Problem with include and SideBar

Summary: Problem with include and SideBar
Created: 2005-01-21 09:10
Status: Closed - fixed in 2.0.beta54
Category: Bug
Priority: 44
Version: 2.0beta19

Description: When including a page in the SideBar, let us say PageA, the content of PageA should appear in the SideBar. However, when directly visiting PageA, the include suddenly disappears.

Suppose, you included Main/HomePage in the SideBar, then the content of Main/HomePage should appear in the sidebar. It will indeed appear there, unless you visit the page Main/HomePage, when nothing gets included.

Note: This is the result of an error in PrintWikiPage. It calls MarkupToHTML with the name of the main page, not the name of the page being printed. Consequently MarkupToHTML thinks that the page is including itself. - SimonCross