00236: compat1x.php didn't convert [[ThisWiki:?pagename=...]] directive

Summary: compat1x.php didn't convert [[ThisWiki:?pagename=...]] directive
Created: 2004-12-17 03:07
Status: Suspended
Category: Other
From: Henry
Priority: 1
Version: 2.0.beta10
OS: RH Linux

Description: The following wasn't converted properly:

!Main.SideBar [-[[ThisWiki:?pagename=Main.SideBar&action=edit |(edit)]]-]
* Main/HomePage
* Main/WikiSandbox

Sure, I can edit this few changes manually, but the compat1x.php script should be able to handle ths values correctly.

I had the same problem converting from 1.0.8 to 2.18 --mhg

Same with ThisPage: ; for instance :


perhaps, should be something like :


AntonyTemplier January 21, 2005, at 04:38 AM

What is the substitution to ThisWiki in pmwiki 2.x ?
-Patrick Ogay

In general there isn't one, although a wikiadmin can certainly add ThisWiki to the local/localmap.txt file to get the same effect. For example, on pmwiki.org the entry for ThisWiki would be:

    ThisWiki        http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki