01112: Notify bug when deleting pages

Summary: Notify bug when deleting pages
Created: 2009-07-11 23:06
Status: Closed, fixed for 2.2.66
Category: Bug
From: Petko
Priority: 41
Version: 2.2.2

Description: When a page is deleted, PmWiki:Notify reports the change with an incorrect author - not the one who deleted it, but the last one who edited it.

Apparently, this bug is still present in current versions of PmWiki. I would be happy if this could be fixed. This bug tends to create confusion especially since author info is correct in AllRecentChanges.

StefCT, June 8 2014

Done. Simply using $NotifyItemFmt with {$Author} instead of the previous default {$LastModifiedBy} does the job, it is also documented this way in PmWiki:Notify. Now fixed. --Petko June 08, 2014, at 10:17 AM

I've tested the new pre-release. Works fine. Thanks!

StefCT, June 8 2014