00214: Hide RecentChanges from scripts/RefCount

Summary: Hide RecentChanges from scripts/RefCount
Created: 2004-12-06 05:45
Status: Suspended

Description: It would be nice if RecentChanges were hidden on the scripts/RefCount page, unless the recently changed page had been deleted (in which case the RecentChanges page probably should be too)

Ummm, I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean that RecentChanges should not be listed as one of the target pages? Why not? It seems to me that if there are other pages that link to RecentChanges then it should appear in the reference count. --Pm

I'm using the orphaned pages facility to find pages that have been abandoned, so showing the RecentChanges pages means it's not possible for me to see at a glance which pages are abandoned and need to be fixed.

Oh. Well, technically it *is* orphaned :-) . How about creating a dummy page that links to RecentChanges so it doesn't show up as being orphaned? --Pm

Or maybe an "ignore RecentChanges pages" checkbox? :)

Should it just ignore RecentChanges, or should it also ignore things like SearchWiki, AllRecentChanges, RecentUploads, GroupHeader, GroupFooter, etc.? --Pm

Good point! I suppose it should hide any page which "doesn't need to be checked for accidentally orphaned links", so yes, those as well..

Okay, I'm leaving this one in PITS but suspending it for now as being lower priority. Pm