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notebook Skin for PmWiki 2 beta22+


  • This skin provides an effective way to organize your notes.

This skins is a simple modification of Default PmWiki skin, with the use of HorizontalMenu and InfoBox. Some simple features have been added to help in organizing your notes systematically.

See some Sample Pages from my note book.

Test View Site and Notebook


Unzip and Place the Notebook/ directory in your skins directory (pub/skins/).

Read the README file for further details.

Security Issues:

  • This skin comes prebundled with receipe InfoBox, Please read the relevant pages (README file) under folder infobox/ before using the skin.
  • Thoroughly test the functionality of InfoBox before using it publicly.

Other Known Issues:
1. On Menu Wiki pages the first line needs to be left blank before hitting save.
2. Do not leave the last line empty in the menu page.
3. Hover has been used, which might not show on some browers, but its only effect nothing serious. now minimized.
4. The "DISCUSS PAGE" Link is experimental, and should be used carefully as it creates recursive pages. -- Fixed
5. Presently, only ONE level of menu supported.
6. The menu that is being edited temporary dissapears from the display area. (not serious issue)


zipped archive All Versions

Browser Compatibility

Tested on FIREFOX (9.3+), Konqueror (3.2+) and IE (6+ XP)
On other IE versions feedback would be helpful.
Is anyone working on the IE menu display problem??? -- Check v1.0.5
  • With use of receipe InfoBox the HorizontalMenu does not work in IE. Any help/suggestions would be welcomed.
 Ver. 1.0.1 - February 12, 2005
  -- Initial Release

 Ver. 1.0.2 - February 12, 2005
  -- Packaged Skin Zip File according to PmWiki's Skin Norms. (As Suggested by Pm)

 Ver. 1.0.3 - February 20, 2005
  -- Plenty of code cleaning
  -- Template sections demarcated more explicitly. 
  -- Some minor additions to css files.
  -- Fixed some minor bugs in css.
  -- Added comments in css files in relation with template file.

 Ver. 1.0.4 - March 3, 2005
  -- Code Clean.
  -- Made compatible with PmWiki 2-Beta22+.
  -- Fixed Minor css bug.

 Ver. 1.0.5 - March 10, 2005
  -- Code Clean.
  -- Menu now works in IE 6+ (Tested on XP).
  -- Fixed Minor css bugs.

 Ver. 1.0.6 - March 11, 2005
  -- Code Clean.
  -- Added Discuss Link highlight code.
  -- Now Discuss link does not create RECURSIVE pages.

 Ver. 1.0.7 - March 11, 2005
  -- Fixed Minor Glitch in Discuss Link Code.

 Ver. 1.0.8 - March 17, 2005
  -- Refine Discuss Link Code.
  -- Minor Code clean.

 Ver. 1.0.9 - March 18, 2005
  -- Lots of Changes and Features added.
  -- Lots of code clean. (VERY STABLE version under FIREFOX)

   This Version would be the Final Release with concern to its feature.
   Future bug fixing versions may be released.

   As per the Skin's Theme(NOTEBOOK) this VERSION of notebook skin
   is the max that I could push feature wise.

   If you wish to add more functionality don't forget there is whole
   cookbook section where you can select functions as per requirements.

   Currently the skin works effeciently on:
   FIREFOX(9.3+) and Konqueror(3.2+).
   On IE. the dropdown menu does not work if INFOBox is enabled.
   I have not tested on other browsers. 

   I would post a document/manual on working of this skin soon.
   Keep in touch with the skin's main homepage.

Comments / User Feedback

  • Please add your comment below:
    • (R. Fink) This is really good. Suggestions: use Javascript to highlight the color of the moused-over item in the drop-down menus; don't have addmenu capability on front screen, unless you want visitors adding menus to your system (but maybe I don't understand the feature).

      Also, I seem to have broken the "UsefulLinks" menu. I tried changing it to not show as a wiki link but messed something up - no amount of restores seems to fix it, either. Sorry!
    • I do have some plans for the ec(eye-candy) version. Check the icons and highlighting at, but plan to add to the main zip package after it gets a bit more steady. :))
    • The dropdown menus do not stay up when I try to use them... -- Check v1.0.5
      • Sorry about that.... Please try Notebook2? which is more robust when it comes to understanding browsers. I use latest NotebookSkin as base for it but use different package for menus. If I happen to find a similar lightweight menu script (GPLed), then I may upload a fix.
      • BUT Notebook works like a charm in FIREFOX. :-))


  • ~ V.Krishn
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