The implementation of this skin is fairly old -- it even pre-dates PmWiki 2.0. For a more modern version of this skin, see Skins.Maguila --Pm

About this skin...

Category: Skins Obsolete

The design of BeeblebroxGila is based on gila by haran. It has some very nice virtues:

Standards compliant
100% compliant with XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2 for more consistent browser rendering.
Layout without tables
No tables were harmed during the making of this design.
Document metrics (widths, lengths and spacings) are font-size relative
This means that a user can increase the default font size of the page (using their browser) without compromising its layout.

It seamlessly integrates both UserAuth and CMSLike. Although the skin uses both of these extensions, it does not depend on them. This skin will work without installing either of these extensions.

Access Keys

BeeblebroxGila supports access keys:

  • AK + 'e' = Edit Page
  • AK + 'h' = Page History
  • AK + 'l' = Login/Logout (uses UserAuth)

AK is either ALT+CTRL (GNU/Linux), CTRL (Mac OS X) or ALT (Windows).

You can easily define your own access keys in skin.php.



To add the theme to your PmWiki 2 installation, follow these basic steps:

  1. Download the theme archive and extract the files it contains.
  2. Upload the directory 'beeblebrox' contained in the extracted directory to the pub/skins directory provided by PmWiki on your host server.
  3. Add the following to your local configuration file
  ## If you want to have a custom skin, then set $Skin to the name
  ## of the directory (in pub/skins/) that contains your skin files.
  ## See PmWiki.Skins and Skins.Skins.
  $Skin = 'beeblebrox';


Version 1.1

2005-10-07 Thomas Weibel <>

  • Updated README.
  • Reorganised directory structure.
  • Ported to PmWiki Version 2.0.0 and above
    • Added favicon
    • Icons for external links and attachments
    • Added support for UserAuth and CMSLike

Version 1.0

2005-05-20 Thomas Weibel <>

  • Initial revision.



Just figured out that SectionEdit doesn't work with this skin - or at least for me what happened was that the main page contents went blank. (Section edit did work with other skins in other wikigroups on the site, just not with Beeblebrox.) Contents not lost, just invisible. Any way to fix this? Don

Just change the SectionEdit selectors to use "clear:none" CarlosAB July 20, 2007, at 01:01 AM


Is there a way to make set a background color in the menu section on the left?


I can't seem to unpack the files - keep getting errors that this is not a tar file. Some clues please?


I have been having problems with the large size of the heading on th;; This buffer is for notes yoe editing page. This appears to be caused by the editing section of the PMWiki module being fixed to show H1.

This is the section of code:

<h1 class='wikiaction'>Editing (groupname.pagename)</h1>

I have changed this to:

<h2 class='wikiaction'>Editing (groupname.pagename)</h2>

Not only is the heading a better size, but it appears to have cured the large space between the Title and the Editing section.

Kevin Leech Mar 13, 2005 20:30 GMT

I think this skin looks so beautiful, EXCEPT for the colors, they're not ugly by any means but not to my liking. I know I know, it's CSS and I can change that, but I'm not so good at coordinating colors myself, it requires figuring out what matches with what in the CSS, etc. Anyone customized this with a good alternative? Any possibility of bundling alternate color schemes with the skin? Aaron?

I love this theme, very very customizable. My ONLY complaint isthat the RecentChanges link is missing and that it's not easy to edit the footer and rightbar that has the "edit, history, etc" in it. ~ Lethann

I love this skin.
In MSIE5.0 all links have much too large fonts.
When specifying a font size in the a definitions 1em, it looks o.k. as follows:

 font-size: 1em;          /* pog msie 5.0 */   
 .wikileft a 
 #wikibody a 
 #wikifoot a  

PatrickOgay August 10, 2005, at 09:53 AM

For some reason I'm getting a really big header at the top of the page. The red part seems to be too tall.

Any ideas? Reuben Grinberg (reuben.grinberg AT aya DOT yale DOT edu) November 11, 2005

This is my preferred skin, nevertheless, I've a new wish. It is possible to support this recipe Cookbook.RemovingLeftContent? If I use noleft, the menu just disappear, but the table column is still there. I'd like to save the space for the central part. Thanks, Sergio; Nov 19, 2005

Layout bug in IE

There is a layout bug when rendering in IE. The main problem is that the edit box appears far down the page, corresponding to the size of the sidebar menu. However, pages which start with a table also exhibit this bug. It is sometimes fixed by this small tweak to gila.tmpl


Sigh... this doesnt completely work. There are still problems on some pages. Anyone have any ideas to fix it?

In gila.tmpl, insert a table structure in the body of the site (below the SiteHeader area and above the SiteFooter) and add vertical-align="top" to the markup for selected cells? I know the skin's author doesn't want tables used, but tables and top-alignment are the only way we've found to get around "The Big Gap", as we've (not so) affectionally come to know it.
I was playing with this problem and it seems to be related to the wikileft class, since the page content starts just below where the side menu ends when the problem manifests itself. When I changed the positioning from float:left to absolute (plus left: 0px) that seemed to resolve the issue. I'm not sure what other implications this change has though, as my css experience is not extensive. - shi
  • one problem I found with my above mod was that the footer bar was 'riding up'; I was able to alleviate this problem with a very ugly hack: I added min-height: 36em to the wikibody style - this is ugly because it will vary depending on the size of the side menu. What is really needed is a way to make the wikifoot top aligned with the bottom edge of the lower of wikileft or wikibody (depending on which is larger), but I haven't managed to figure out how to do that so far... - shi

I have another layout bug (or swarm) in MSIE6. The sidebar has an extra line running down, bullets and numbers from lists in the main text go over to the left of the sidebar line (the one that's supposed to be there), text in the main part that goes below the end of the sidebar text flows left, and the font size in the main part is too small (headers are ok). No problem with the search window. Any ideas? -Don 2006-11-9
-->Nearest I can figure is that it might be some sort of javascript interference? The display problem in MSIE is confirmed by another person using another computer so it is on the server side. Again this is recent and it does not affecct the layout / appearance in Firefox. One reason for suspecting a javascript is that an animated flag gif doesn't work in Firefox anymore but it does in MSIE. (If it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about, you're not far off.) -Don 2006-11-11

Site.PageActions not supported

I like this skin but unfortunatly it does not respect the settings in Site.PageActions. If you dont use userAuth or authUser or whatever, the actions are hardcoded. Could you pleae fix it in the next version and could someone please provide a workaround until the next version is out?

Bastian Venthur (expires-2007 at, 2006-08-14

For now, here's a quick workaround: Look in skin.php, and find the line that says:


Change it to:

  <!--wiki:Skins.PageActions Site.PageActions-->

This removes the skin's ability to display CMSLike links, and instead will show the contents of Site.PageActions.

~ Ian Young

Changing Header colors behavior

How does one change the way the header text alternatis colors, etc? The skin.php note says to "define $PageLogoFmt in your config.php directly," but how exactly does one do that?

David. 11/14/06


  ## here is a special siki for code
  $Skin = 'beeblebrox';@]

I did a new version o gila some time ago and I will share it too. go grab it -> Δ If you find too many problems with it just tell me and I'll open a new page for the skin, else, I hope you enjoy the skin and if you do, leave a message. CarlosAB July 13, 2007, at 06:17 PM