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Guestbook  Provide a simple guestbook.
GuiButtons  add guibuttons to any textarea edit box (stable)
GuiEdit  Add graphical editing buttons, as in's site (Stable)
GuiEditDateButton  javascript calendar to insert a date (Stable)
GuiEditResize  Allows resizing of the Edit text box, for convenience. (Initial release.)
GUIEditSnippets  Easily define text blocks/snippets and insert them in the wiki page with a button (Experimental)
HaloScan  Another commenting recipe, leveraging the power of the HaloScan service. (first release ... but operational!)
HandleICal  Add-on for wikicalendars to export/import events to/from ical-files (Beta)
HandleMSWord  Converts page to MS Word format. (Beta)
HandleSourceInSkin  Redirect action=source to display the unformatted markup within your skin (stable)
HandleUnknownMarkups  How to suppress unknown markup, instead of having it display
HandyTableOfContents  Handy Client-side Table of Contents (stable)
HeadlineImage  Display the title attribute of an image directly on the image without editing the image.
Hg  Produce Hierarchical groups like effects on your site (Stable)
HgUrls  Rewrites hyphens "-" to slashes "/" in URLs. (Beta)
HideDiff  Hide specific edits from page histories (Experimental)
HideSearchBar  hide the search bar at the top of a skin with (:nosearch:)
HierarchicalGroups  Information about Hierarchical Groups (N/A)
HighlightText  Use HTML5 <mark> tag to highlight text. (Beta)
Highslide  A recipe that enables you to use the Highslide JS application in your wiki. (Initial release)
Hlinks  Create hierarchical pages (beta)
HorizontalMenu  Horizontal drop-down style menus (Somewhat outdated)
HorizontalVerticalMenu  Generate multilevel horizontal and vertical menus (Stable)
HowToMakeATabbedSkin  How to make a tabbed skin
HrefPageDirective  How to get the href address to a particular wiki link
HTML5Audio  Play HTML5 Audio (obsolete - use APE - Automagical PmWiki Embed instead)
Html5AVCtrl  Enable youtube-like keyboard and mouse control of HTML5 video and audio.
HTML5Extensions  resources to use new HTML5 elements (new)
HTML5Video  Show HTML5 Video (obsolete - use APE - Automagical PmWiki Embed instead)
HtmlCompress  Compresses PmWiki's html output. (mantained)
HtmlUrls  Add ".html" to the end of page urls (Core)
HtpasswdForm  Form based management of users and passwords using .htpasswd/.htgroup files (Stable)
HttpVariables  Access http variables in the page, such as Get variables, Post data, and Cookies. (Feature Complete)
Hyphenopoly  Use the excellent Hyphenopoly package to hyphenate text on a wiki. (Maintained)
I19  Translator-oriented edit form, easing the internationalization (i18n) of a wiki (Experimental)
ICalendarEvents  PmWiki implementation of iCalendar event RFC/standards (pre-alpha)
ICalExport  Export wikicalender entries as ical file (stable)
IFrameLogin  Demo kit for passing messages between pmwiki and an embedded iframe (see includeSite), with a simple working login demonstration. (Beta, Active)
ImageMap  Directive to create image maps and image toolbars (Stable)
Imagemaps  an image based summary of the visitors to your site (alpha)
Images  Picture generation, smileys, thumbnails, galleries, uploading, manipulating, and displaying of images
ImagesAutoResizing  Creates a small image on the page, with a link to a larger image (Stable)
ImageSets  Create galleries that are not tied to a single wiki page
ImgFocus  Click to view an image with a dimmed and blurred background. Support scroll to zoom.
ImgPopUp  Extension to image uploading (stable)
ImportTabTable  import and convert tab table to simple table markup quickly. (stable)
ImportText  Import text files as PmWiki pages (Under development)
InactivityTimeout  Automatically logout inactive users
InCategory  Custom conditional markup to determine if a page is in a category (Experimental)
IncludeAble  How to include the current revision of a pmwiki page in another php page
IncludeFieldPage  Extends the (:include:) directive functionality apply to pages from other fields of a wiki farm
IncludeFile  How to include an external file (from the same file system) (Stable, Maintained)
Includes  List of recipes in Includes category, including other pages, files, maps etc.
IncludeSection  Include a section from the first available among a list of pages
IncludeSite  Include an entire page in a wiki page
IncludeUpload  Include an uploaded (attached) text or HTML file into a PmWiki page (beta)
IncludeUrl  Include html pages into PmWiki 2.x pages (stable)
IncludeWikiPage  How to syndicate wiki pages from other PmWiki 2.0 sites on your site
IncludeWithEdit  Enable editing of included text (last tested on PmWiki Version 2.2.0.beta45)
IncludeXML  Include processed XML into PmWiki 2.2 pages (Deprecated)
IndentedPageList  Sort and indent pagelist items using page text variable (tested)
Index  Alphabetical list of all recipes
IndexByRating  List of recipes ordered by user ratings (excluding the unrated ones)
InfoBox  How to create Bubblehelp infoboxes, as seen in (Stable, Active)
InlineDiff  Shows the difference between 2 versions by highlighting the changes in markup on word level. (stable)
InlineRSS  Allows insertion of an RSS feed's contents into a PmWiki page. (DRAFT)
InputDefault  Demonstrates various ways to set the default values for form controls (in-core)
InputDraw  InputDraw, a Flash-based drawing tool (beta testing)
InputFormsAndJavaScript  Some ideas of combining Javascript with PmWiki Input forms
InputSelect  Redirects to PmWiki.Forms
InputStar  Input control shaped like a group of 5 stars. (Beta)
InstallOnIIS  How to install PmWiki on IIS v6 or v7 (living document)
InstallOnIIS10  Install PmWiki on Windows 10 and IIS 10 (Living document)
InstallOnIIS7dot5plus  Install PmWiki on IIS 7.5, 8, 8.5, 10, or newer (Living document)
InstaWiki  A Bash shell script that installs a working wiki in seconds (Beta)
International  Internationalizations, documentation in other languages
InternationalPTVs  Allow international characters in the names of PageTextVariables (experimental)
IntuitiveSpacing  Redirects to LiteralWhiteSpace.
IpForAuthentication  Bring trusted IP's to authenticated level without password. Very useful for intranet wiki also visible to web (simply working)
ISO8859MakePageNamePatterns  How to convert ISO 8859 character input for page names to unaccented ASCII equivalents
ITunesController  Control iTunes via Web Interface
Java  Easily generates links to the Javadoc API. (beta)
JavaScript  Embed (static) JavaScript into wiki pages (Stable)
JavaScript-Editable  How to include JavaScript markup in wiki pages
JavaScriptHelpers  Collection of simple JavaScript tools for wikis (Planning)
JITS  Issue Tracking System (tested with)
JITS-Talk-Tutorial  JITS Tutorial (closed)
JJSApprovePage  Controls a page attribute "jjsApprovePageRev"
JjsCMS  Save wiki pages as html
JJSEditRev  Keeps track of page text changes in page attribute "jjsEditRev"
JJSIterator  let the browser iterate over a set of wiki pages

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