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Properties  How to have your own set of properties/variables in wiki pages
ProposedRecipeStructureChange  Ideas about improving the Cookbook (page kept for historical reasons)
ProtectEmail  Email obfuscation
PTViewer  how to display 360° panoramic images (Stable)
PTVLinkText  Use a page text variable for link text, when available (works so far)
PTVPopups  Create CSS popups over words on a page based on PTVs (Stable)
PTVReplace  Add link markup or input forms to replace values in PageTextVariables (beta)
PublishFAQ  Supplied with a raw list of Qs and As, it outputs a formatted FAQ complete with TOC (RC)
Publishing  Recipes that support publishing wiki pages in some other form, such as printed or PDF
PublishPDF  Typesets wiki page collections into PDF (finalist: New Zealand open source awards 2008) (Stable, reliable and substantially complete, php 5.5 compliant)
PublishWikiTrail  Provide the ability to publish the pages of a wiki trail as a single web page, formatted for printing
Pywe  Provides author-preferred text editor support for PmWiki page edits (Beta)
Qnotes  Qnotes (general purpose short-notes application build on PmWiki) (Stable / Active)
QRCode  Create QR code.
QuickPageTableOfContents  Adds a dropdown clickable table of contents to a page - client side processing (Stable)
QuickReplace  Quickly define replacement texts in wiki pages, and use them as markup or during page save. (Testing)
QuickStartForAuthUser  Just a quick guide for people to set up AuthUser to lock down their site. (beta)
QuickTime  Embed QuickTime content on wiki sites. (Stable)
Quiz  quiz implementation(Leitner-system) (Cookbook has to be updated, last tested with PmWiki version: 2.0.beta28 )
QuoteBlock  Allow a small measure of nested 'wikistyles'. (Working (=)
Quotes  A sample quotations file for the Cookbook.RandomQuote page
Radio3Player  Embeds the CBC Radio 3 Media Player (Done?)
RandomImageFromAListOfPictures  Posting a random image from a number of pictures
RandomPage  Include a random wiki page from a supplied list of pages. (Obsolete)
RandomQuote  Insert random quotes or markup into a page (Stable)
RandomQuoteWiki  How to display a random quote from a list stored in a PmWiki page
RandomTitle  How to make PmWiki have random titles in the browser title bar
Rating  A Quick and easy way for visitors to rate an item or issue. (Development)
Rating2  Even Simpler Page Rating Counter (Beta)
RatingSystem  Display a widget from (Alpha)
RebuildRC  Rebuild (All)RecentChanges pages either after a format change, an import or to remove spam. (Experimental)
ReCaptcha  Slow down spammers with Google reCAPTCHA. (Active)
RecentChangesDeletion  Allow authors to delete RecentChanges pages, there-by making it possible for authors to delete wiki groups.
RecentChangesExcerpt  How to display a list of last n RecentChanges
RecentUploads  Redirects to Cookbook.RecentUploadsLog
RecentUploadsLog  List all uploaded files in RecentUploads pages
RecipeCheck  Check for new versions of recipes on (Stable)
RecipeInfo  How to create a recipeinfo box like it is used in the cookbook (stable)
RecipeInfoForm  Form to change recipeinfo fields
RecipeInfoMarkupExpression  retrieve and print any property stored in $RecipeInfo, especially the current version of a specific recipe
RecipeList  The Cookbook RecipeList page list template
RecipeMap  Map of older recipe filenames to recipe pages (Information)
RedirectIntermap  Allows redirects to intermap and external locations & implements silent 301 redirects (beta)
RedirectMap  create short urls for redirects using mapping similar to intermap (stable)
RedirectSilent  Redirect pages without messages and without modifying links (obsolete)
RegularExpressions  Some basic info about PHP regular expressions.
Reindex  Force re-creation of entire .pageindex (experimental)
ReindexCategories  Update link targets and page index for PmWiki 2.3.0 (beta)
RelativeLinks  How to create links using relative urls instead of absolute urls
RelativeURLs   Allows you to specify relative URLS inside a wiki link.
RelativeUrls  How to refer to files using relative URLs
RememberEditPosition  Return the editing textarea to the previous position when previewing a page (beta)
Reminder  Birthday, anniversary and other task reminders (Stable)
RemoveQuestionMark  How to remove question mark beside links for non-existent pages
RemovingHTMLStyles  How to remove pmwiki styles from HTML head (Stable)
RemovingLeftContent  Removing left or right part of the layout
RenamePage  Rename a wiki page from a browser (stable)
Request  Extends conditional markup to test parameters in the URL, to allow pages to pass parameters via their URL links (Beta)
RequireAuthor  Require author names when saving pages (Documentation)
RequireCategory  Require categories to be entered
RequireSummary  Require a summary to be entered
ResponsiveGrid  A collection of CSS classes to help fast grid layouts (new)
ResponsiveSlides  Simple js carroussel for pmwiki based on responsiveslides.js.
RestorePmWiki  Restore or move a PmWiki installation from an archive
RestrictActions  require admin privilege for most actions (if not defined otherwise). (stable)
Reveal  How can I use reveal.js to make presentations using my PmWiki content
ReverseHeadings  Reverse !'s so that more !'s are larger headings (Stable)
RichEdit  WYSIWYG editor (Abandoned)
ROEPatterns  Replace On Edit (obsolete)
ROSPatterns  How to use $ROSPatterns and $ROEPatterns?
RotateMarkup  Insert rotating images or markup (Obsolete -- use Cookbook.RandomQuote)
RotatePicture  Easy rotation of attached pictures (Experimental)
Router  Router allows a website's url structure to be different from PmWiki's group/page structure. (beta)
RowspanInSimpleTables  Markup to add a rowspan attribute on a simple table cell (Stable)
RSS  List of all recipes in the RSS category, RSS, webfeeds and tools
RssFeedDisplay  How to add an RSS feed to a page
RSSFeedLink  How to create auto-detect RSS feed links
RssImproved  How to get better RSS compatibility & support; how to create podcasts or audioblogs (Deprecated)
RSSOutput  RSS Output from a wikipagelist (BETA)
RunCGI  Run a CGI script from a recipe illustration (As is)
RunningPmwikiOnMageiaLinux  Running Pmwiki on Mageia Linux
RyeVoting  Voting with several option and graph bars (stable)
S5r  S5 Reloaded Slideshow system for PmWiki (beta)
SageCell  This allows you to embed an interactive SageCell into your webpage. Sage is an open source alternative to MathLab, Mathematica, and Maple. (Stable)
SagePayPayment  Provides SagePay (previously known as Protx) payment integration into PmWiki (Beta / RC (works for me))
SaveThePage  Save an entire web page (the HTML) to a wiki page by using a bookmarklet to send the current page to your wiki for processing and editing. (abandoned)
SchrootConverter  Converter that uses Schroot to execute commands for the Content recipe (First Release)
Scraper  Add a markup for retrieving a portion of the content from an external webpage (screen-scraping). (Project)
Scribd  Embed PDF files in a wiki page using Scribd
SDML  Embed UML Sequence Diagrams in your wiki pages (beta)
Seadragon  Seadragon image zoomers (Beta)
SearchboxRecognition  Determine which of a page's multiple searchboxes was used (works for me)
SearchCloud  Creates a list of search terms used on a PmWiki site. (beta)
SearchExtensions  Ways to make searches more useful

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