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PagelistTemplateSamples  Custom templates for pagelists formats
PageListWikiTrail  Enable a WikiTrails markup to use a (:pagelist ... :) directive
PageNaming  List of page naming, URL modifying and hierarchical group recipes
PagePaths  Searching WikiWords and Links pages outside the current group
PagePmSyntax  Highlight a full PmWiki source page (Experimental)
PageRank  Vote on a page's popularity (beta)
PageRegenerate  Make PmWiki regenerate a page, as if someone had done an edit+save sequence. (Stable)
PageStorePlain  Store wiki pages in plain editable text (Active/Stable)
PageTableOfContents  Adds a clickable table of contents to a page (Stable)
PageTimer  A draggable countdown timer. URL redirect on timer expiration.
PageTopStore  A PageStore alternative which doesn't mangle page contents when viewed outside PmWiki (beta)
PageVariableExtensions  Functional extensions to page variables (Obsolete)
PageVariables  Page variables and page text variables
Parmset  Provide access to the current requests in the URL as a page variable (Beta)
ParseArgs  Description of ParseArgs function for parsing argument lists (Stable)
PastebinEmbed  Embed Pastebin pastes in a wikipage. (Maintained)
PasteImgUpload  Upload an image by copying and pasting in the editing area directly. (Only works with Chrome)
PathHistory  Adds a trail of recent links visited to PmWiki (First version)
PayPalButtons  Creating neat markup for otherwise sloppy PayPal button forms (stable)
PayPalButtons2  A flexible PayPal "Buy Now" button markup (Works for contributor's account)
PayPalCart  Provides markup for PayPal shopping cart buttons. (in active use)
PccfToPcfOverride  Allows existing recipes to run on PHP 7 without causing deprecated create_function() messages. (Beta)
PDFThumb  Generate thumbnail images for PDFs
PendingChanges  Browser and desktop notifications for page changes (Experimental)
PerformanceComparisons  Page to share site setups and performance
PerGroupCustomizationInConfigPhp  Place your per-group and per-page customizations in config.php rather than in separate PHP scripts. (Quo)
PerGroupSubDirectories  Subdivide wiki.d into subdirectories according to page group
PersistentLogin  Login form with "Remember me/Stay signed in" option (Beta)
PersonalInformationManagement  Thoughts/ideas related to using using PmWiki as a Personal Information Manager, or PIM. (very preliminary)
Phonebook  Integrate LDAP information in the Profiles pages and use it as a corporate phonebook (Production)
PHP  PHP windows installation and configuration for PmWiki (Living document)
PHP55Compatible  PHP 5.5 compatible and upgraded recipes
PHPAlert  use popup for debugging (Working)
PhpBB2Integration  Integration options for PmWiki and phpBB2 forums (plus others) (Stable)
PHPExecute  Lets you execute PHP-Code in any page. (BETA)
PHPFilesManagement  PHP file manager
PHPFreeChat  Integrate phpFreeChat (PFC) ajax chat into PmWiki (Young and ugly)
PHPImages  Generate on-the-fly graphics within a PmWiki page using a PHP script.
Phplm  Phplm (Phplayersmenu based dropdown/tree menu) (Active, Stable)
PHPScriptAsWikiMarkupSource  let PHP scripts generate parts of you wiki page content (stable)
PictureGallery  Picture viewer with thumbnails and comments option
PIM  List of all recipes in the PIM category, Personal Information Management
Pingback  Pingback - Pingback support for PmWiki
PITS  The PmWiki Issue Tracking System (Beta)
PITS-Community  Generic PmWiki Issue Tracking System ("pits")
PkTemplate  Easily create multiple pages from a user-supplied template (stable)
PLEventList  Manage event lists using native PmWiki features
PmCalendar  Calendar designed for PmWiki where each day is a separate wiki page. (Stable)
PmDocConvert  PmDocConvert makes it easy to upload and display formats that can be handled by on a PmWiki page. (Alpha)
PmFeed  RSS feed display for PmWiki. (Stable)
PmForm  Form processing engine for PmWiki (Development)
PmGallery  Display your Picasa and Google Photo albums and pictures within PmWiki.
PmGraphViz  Produced graphs using graphviz inside of PmWiki. (Stable)
PmPinboardAPI  Provides an easy-to-use PmWiki-compatible interface to the Pinboard API. (Maintained)
PmPygment  Display code highlighting using Python pygment (Stable)
PmReader  PmReader (Application build on PmWiki for reading portable format of PmWiki files) (Stable / Active)
PmReader-spec-v1  PmReader specs for version 1.1
PmSyntax  Syntax highlighting for the PmWiki documentation and edit form (Experimental)
PMWCompat  Allow PHP 5 commands to be used in PHP 4 (obsolete)
Pmwiki-dt-skin  Simple div(no table) version of default PmWiki skin. (stable)
PmWiki2HTML-usingWGET  Page redirecting to Cookbook.ExportHTML
PmWiki2PDF  Generate a PDF; back up all wiki pages in PDF format
PmWiki2PDF-v2  Generate a PDF (Stable)
PmWikiAsACMS  How to use PmWiki as a CMS
PmWikiDeveloper  PmWiki developer documentation
PmWikiDraw  Java drawing recipe based on TWikiDraw
PmWikiDrawBugsAndFeatures  PmWikiDraw Bugs and Features - Reported/Proposed
PmWikiDrawBugsAndFeaturesDone  PmWikiDraw Bugs and Features - Done/Implemented
PmWikiDrawChangeLog  PmWikiDraw Change Log
PmWikiExport  Exports PmWiki pages to a Git-based repository (New)
PmWikiImages  PmWiki related pictures/logos
PmWikiInfo  Display of selected PmWiki Information in a wiki page (Stable)
Pmwikilib  Python API for PmWiki (Beta)
PngAlphaIE  Steps for displaying PNG images with 8bit alpha transparency (Limited testing)
PodcastLinks  Enable iTunes podcast itpc: links to work
PopulationCounter  Produces a linear estimate of a number, for example the population of an area, when given two data points and their corresponding times.
Popup-EditForm2  alternative EditForm, used in FixFlow, Gemini, Triad skins
Popup-EditQuickRef2  alternative EditQuickRef, used in FixFlow, Gemini, Triad skins
PopupIFrame  create a modal popup iframe with dynamic content (stable)
PopupWindow  create popup windows (stable)
PositioningCursorInEditForm  How to position the cursor at the end in the edit form
PowerTools  markup expressions for multi page processing incl. plist, pagelist, rename, pagecount, wordcount, trail, serialname, serial, newticket, sumdata, allptvs, random (stable)
PPDonate  Create links to accept donations via PayPal (Beta)
Precode  General utility block markup for displaying codes with syntax highlighting (Active/Stable)
PresenceAwareness  User-based authentication, a list of online logged users, tools to register and manage users and send posts via Jabber
PreventHotlinking  Prevent hotlinking of uploaded files
PreviewChanges  Preview highlighted changes of the wiki markup (Stable, added to core)
PreviewFirst  How to get the page preview to appear before the edit box
PreviewTop  How to place the page preview above the edit box
PrintGroup  Export WikiGroup pages to one large HTML file, and/or to PDF (Experimental)
PrintingWithStyle  How to create a style for printing
PrivateGroups  How to create private groups on public wikis (Stable)
ProcessForm  Maintain values in fields and make PVs of the form name/values when a form is submitted (Beta)
Processing  Use Processing applet in PmWiki Pages (Stable)
ProgressBar  Create visual percentage indicators with (:progress xxx:) markup. (beta)

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