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AutoPlay  Unobtrusive embedding of video players from simple links (Superseded by Ape)
AutoRestore  Automatically restore pages after a set time interval (Stable)
AutoSave  Autosave pages in the background while editing (beta)
AutoTel  A recipe to automatically detect and markup telephone numbers (Alpha)
AutoThumber  Automatically resize uploaded images using ImageMagick (beta)
AutoTOC  Unobtrusive Automatic Table of Contents links (stable)
AuxSelect  Dropdown widget that persists its selected value between pages (Stable)
B3  Easy to install and use wiki blogging system (Experimental)
BackgroundImages  How to add background images to divisions, tables & cells (Stable)
Backlinks  List pages with links to a target (Documentation)
BackupHTMLZip  Export your wiki to static HTML then optionally compress/zip it (Experimental)
BackupPages  Automatically back up the wiki.d directory to a .zip file
BackupWithRsync  How to backup a PmWiki installation with the program `rsync`. (abandoned)
BadBehavior  Protect PmWiki with Bad Behavior 2.2.x
BarCode  Easily create barcodes inside wiki pages (works)
BBcode  Page redirects to Bbcode.
Bbcode  BBcode for PmWiki (Release candidate)
Beautifier  Perform syntax highlighting for source code displayed on wiki pages
BibleGateway  Provide search, reference replacement, and verse-of-the-day capabilities using (functional)
BibtexRef  Integrate bibtex bibliography into PmWiki site, display, manipulate and easily cite references
BlockCrawler  Redirect web crawlers to different pages (missing script)
BlockGroupCreation  How can I only permit writing to existing groups? (Mantained)
Blocklist  Obsolete recipe, please see PmWiki.Blocklist (obsolete)
Blocklist2  Block vandals and spammers by IP or phrase. (Deprecated)
Blocklist3  Block vandals or spammers by IP, word, phrase, or regular expressions. (beta)
BlocklistHelperScripts  Use the output available from Blocklist2 to build a better blocklist
Blockquote-Cite-Quote  Markup for Blockquote, Cite and Quote HTML tags (new)
Blog  List of recipes in Blog category
BlogCalendar  small calendar for blogs showing highlighted links to date-named blog pages (stable)
Bloge  A bundle of blogging (beta)
Bloge-Feeds  Blog-like Atom & RSS feeds (beta)
Bloge-Linkback  Automatically send and receive Pingbacks and Trackbacks (beta)
Bloge-Ping  Notify search engines when a page is modified (beta)
Bloge-ShortUrl  Get short URLs on your own site (beta)
Bloge-Tags  Use page keywords and categories as tags (beta)
Bloge-UrlApprove  Approve links one at a time (beta)
BlogIt  Provides a complete blogging system, using in-built PmWiki features -- additional features are supported through existing cookbooks. (Active)
BlogItRSS  BlogItRSS - Easily create RSS feeds for your blog. (Stable)
BlogParser  A simple parser for RSS feeds from content blocks based on kind-of-blog (Works)
BlogSimple  Experimental blog bundle using pagelists (Stable)
BlogSimple2  Simple blog bundle, revision of BlogSimple (Stable)
BlogWithPageList  How to build a blog system with pagelists
BoldLists  recipe and tips to make bold numbers and letters in ordered lists (stable)
Bookmarklet  Make bookmarklet links, make browser toolbar buttons (working)
BootstrapIcons  BootstrapIcons extension for PmWiki (Beta)
BreakPage  Breaks pages into sections with inserted markers and displays one section at a time (Stable)
BreakPageList  display a pagelist in smaller slices and display navigation links (stable)
BuildForms  Create an HTML form with Wiki markup, save values in a file, and pass values to a user defined function (obsolete)
BulkReplace  Change the content of many pages at a time (just a rough draft)
Bundle  A (proposed) community-supported bundle of commonly used cookbook recipes (proposal)
Bundle4Blog  How to use PmWiki as a blogging engine.
ButonLink  How To Link Another Page Using a Gui button
CachedNumberOfArticles  Count pages in wiki (Stable)
Caddy  How to set up Caddy for a working PmWiki installation, including a working CleanURLs configuration
CalculateAvailability  The recipe adds markup for calculating availability (Production)
Callout  Present something within an iconic bubble or style. (alpha)
CalloutCustomization  How to create custom callouts using the Callout recipe (alpha)
Captcha  Use captchas to prevent automated systems from modifying pages (Stable)
Captchas  Uses captchas to protect certain actions from spambots (pre-alpha, discussion)
CardsMarkup  Markup suitable for displaying playing card games (e.g., contract bridge) (Stable)
Carousel  simple Image Carousel, from one-line Markup: auto-populated from contents of a directory ( Active)
CascadeVar  Populates PageTextVariables by looking through a sequence of pages
CaseCorrection  Makes PmWiki intelligently case-insensitive (beta)
Categories  Cookbook categories (Not working)
ChangeTimeFormat  Change the format or timezone of dates and times (Stable)
ChartDirector  Add a bar chart to a page using modifiable data in page markup
Checklists  Ephemeral to-do lists (Beta)
ChessMarkup  Display chessboards in arbitrary positions (Stable)
ChoiceColorChanger  Provide a way of setting persistent skin color and theme choices when using the Choice skin. (Active)
ChordPro  Display ChordPro-formatted song sheets in a wiki page (Stable)
ChordPro-ChordSheets  ChordPro chord sheet documentation and examples
ChordPro-Format  ChordPro Basics and text format
ChordPro-Markup  ChordPro markup supported by this recipe
ClassTags  Markup for Edit-Mode to give a block of content a named class, for use with CSS, JS, or to add content-folding, and lots more! (Stable)
CleanUp  Purge deleted pages and attachments from the server directories (Beta)
CleanUrls  Enable URLs that are shorter (without .php) and/or look like paths to wiki pages.
CleanUrls-archive  How to make clean urls (Old version)
Clipboard  Include content on another page
Cluster  Group-clustering recipe. (beta)
Clustermaps  An image based summary of the visitors to your site.
CMS  List of all recipes in the CMS category
CMSBundle  Some scripts that add features useful for a CMS-type installation. (Beta)
CMSBundleAddLink  An AddLink Bookmarklet recipe: (:AddLink:) (Beta)
CMSLike  Make PmWiki behave as a CMS by showing only the actions the current user is allowed to perform
CMSMode  Make your wiki look and act like a normal website for non-author visitors. (Beta)
CodeHighlight  Syntax highlighting for programming languages (Beta)
CodeMirror  An enhanced page editor for PmWiki (Stable)
ColorNotes  Display yellow (or other color) "sticky" notes. (Unsupported)
Columns  Create columns out of lists without using table markup
Comment4Comment  adds the possibility to comment on comments to commentboxstyled
CommentBox  Adds a simple form to post comments (Stable)
CommentBoxPlus  Simple styled form to post comments, plus comment counter (Stable)
CommentDb  Comment recipe - with pagination and RSS feed

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Skins /
SkinConfig  Define interactively (via a wiki page) the main parameters of a skin
SkinGuidelines  A set of tips for skin design and packaging skins for distribution (Stable)
Skins  Different look and feel for PmWiki sites
SkinsGallery  View scaled screenshots of the available skins for PmWiki
SkinsHeader  Common header for all skins, with trail, set, and unset
SkinTest-Compact  Test any skin on this page
SkinTests  Use this page to set the PmWiki skin to one from a skin recipe
Skittlish  Skittlish allows site visitors to choose between fixed and fluid width, and between seven candy-inspired colours for the sidebar. (Active.)
Soma  A colorful, simple and functional skin, using tables and css
SomethingCorporate  crossbrowser CSS layout from oswd
SsofbJoomlaRhuk  A CSS based skin with a choice of six colors, based on a Joomla template. (maintained )
Steamport  Three-Column or Two-Column, Responsive Skin, with Group specific, and (SQL) Table features. (Maintained)
Steamport-GroupBar  Right sidebar page used by Steamport
Stripped  A skin intended for hunting bugs in HTML generation
Technobabble  tester on graphic web design template (Stable)
TestPageDirectives  Tool for easy testing of your skin under various directives (stable)
TextPattern  A skin for sites that use rather small text areas such as poetry, short stories, etc, inspired by TextPattern
Textpattern4  a textpattern style theme
Triad  Highly configurable skin with 3-column layout with full-width header and footer (Stable)
Triad-RightBar  skin subpage
TriadTips  Tips for using the Triad
Trish  A white skin with a gradient blue header, blue highlights and a fancy background
TwitterBootstrap  Adapted PmWiki skin to use Twitter Bootstrap
UselessTuesday  A bit narrow, dominated by dark blue
Vanilla5  Vanilla5 is a simple HTML5 compliant skin for PmWiki v2+
Vector  Clone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010) (maintained)
WikiLove  A modification of the default skin with a nice clean look
Yaml132  Highly configurable skin with 3-column layout (optional css hiding of any column) based on YAML framework (Stable)
YAMLForth  Highly configurable skin with fixed-width 2-column layout based on the YAML 3.3 framework (Stable)

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