Hi, My name is Carlos, I live in Brazil and I enjoy PmWiki a lot, for me it is the classiest wiki I have ever seen.

Here is my Talk page.


Cookbook /
AmpDetect  Detect AMP crawler bots so you can serve AMP pages, also to enable or disable recipes (Mantained)
BlockGroupCreation  How can I only permit writing to existing groups? (Mantained)
BoldLists  recipe and tips to make bold numbers and letters in ordered lists (stable)
CssCompress  Css Compressor for recipes and skins (maintained)
Dcal  a calendar recipe (alpha)
EditFunctionHelper  A function to easily place, remove or substitute functions on EditFunctions array (Mantainedd)
ExportDOC  Export PmWiki pages to word ".doc" . (Beta)
GoogleWebFonts  Support for Google Web Fonts in a secure way and for all users (Mantained)
HtmlCompress  Compresses PmWiki's html output. (mantained)
JsCompress  javascript Compressor for recipes and skins (maintained)
MostLeastPopular  A recipe that keeps a wiki page with information about the most/Least popular pages in a wiki ( Mantained)
OnEvent  activate recipes based on group(s), name(s), cookie(s), session var(s), mark(s) in the needle page, action(s), download var(s), post var(s), get var(s) and does it all from config.php in a easy multi event match per call ? (mantained)
SearchCloud  Creates a list of search terms used on a PmWiki site. (beta)
TextCaptcha  Small and simple text captcha that uses ascii art and no session, cookies and images (beta)
UTF8Conv  A recipe to help with the convertion of different encodings to UTF-8 (alpha, abandoned)
XmlExport  Simple xml export recipe for pmwiki (mantained)

PITS entries

01070  Create an infrastructure in the core like editfunctions for transformations in the whole output generated by pmwiki (Closed)
01076  optimization for case folding and strtoupper (Discussion)
01198  small problem in action=rdf (Closed - fixed for 2.2.18)
01210  pagelist collation (Closed)
01228  Page location for Site.PageNotFound changed on XLPage, but not respected (Closed - replied)
01278  What should exclude a page from being cached (Closed, fixed for 2.2.59)
01279  Creation of an empty div html tag (Closed)
01281  Trail fails (Suspended)
01284  status 412 when restoring an old edit (Closed)
01293  pre markup fails when using escape merkup (Closed)
01387  Wikistyles are not working with lists anymore (Closed)
01427  Use an SDV for PageCacheFile (Open)
01432  How to force utf-8 only in a simple manner (Open)
01434  Create a way to choose different templates within a skin (Closed)
01458  A captcha is getting necessary to prevent page sandboxing (Closed)


Cookbook /
AddThisWidget-Talk  Talk page for AddThisWidget.
AddThisWidget-Users  User notes for the AddThisWidget recipe.
BoldLists-Talk  Talk page for BoldLists.
Captcha-Talk  Talk page for Captcha.
DomTT-Talk  Talk page for DomTT.
ExportDOC-Talk  Talk page for ExportDOC.
GoogleSitemaps-Talk  Talk page for GoogleSitemaps.
GoogleWebFonts-Talk  Talk page for GoogleWebFonts.
GridWorks-Talk  Talk page for GridWorks - General utility css grid markup for wiki pages.
I19-Talk  Talk page for i19.
LiveEdit-Talk  Talk page for Live Edit 2.
MicrodataInjection  Generate extra <meta> tags useful for Facebook, Twitter, Google... (working - evolving)
PageGenerationTime  Display page generation time
PageTableOfContents-Talk  Talk page for PageTableOfContents.
Router-Talk  Talk page for Router.
SectionEdit  Split a wiki page into separately editable sections with an edit link for each section (Stable)
SMTPMail-Talk  Talk page for SMTPMail.
SortableTables-Talk  Talk page for SortableTables.
SortableTables-Users  User notes for the SortableTables recipe.
SQLite-Talk  Talk Page for the SQLite recipe
Standalone  Allows PmWiki to run in a "standalone" mode, without needing a webserver such as Apache
UTF-8  A collection of UTF-8 related tips and fixes
Wikiwyg  Integrate Wikiwyg into PmWiki for WYSIWYG editing (pre-alpha)
WYSIWYGFundDrive  Pledge card for PmWiki WYSIWYG development
XmlExport-Talk  Talk page for XmlExport.
NewSkinIdeas /
00168  utf-8 encoding doesn't work for links? (Closed - fixed for 2.0.beta14)
00425  Words like DVDs and CDs are mistaken for WikiWord links (CoreCandidate, awaiting feedback / votes)
00703  (:markup:) doesn't wraps utf-8 text correctly (Closed - workaround from 2.2.6)
00889  login inside frame (Closed - tested and works fine)
00950  File uploads fail with filenames containing special characters (umlauts) (Open)
00980  $HTMLHeaderFmt['utf-8'] declared but not 'global'-ed in xlpage-utf-8.php (Closed (fixed for 2.2.2))
01015  numbering problem in edit mode (Closed - not a bug)
01048  search in attachment (PDF, DOC ...) (Open)
01132  More flexible script & cookbook initialization (InProgress)
01264  Create a format abstract for ?action= (Open)
01292  Fixes for PHP 5.4 (Closed - fixed for 2.2.40)
01428  Errors after April 2018 server migration (InProgress)
PmWiki /
RoadMap-Talk  Preliminary thoughts and discussion for PmWiki 2011 version 3?
Uploads-Talk  Discussion of Uploads
PmWikiPtBr /
ForHire  Consultores, desenvolvedores e designers para contratação
StateOfTranslation  Esta página é uma tabela de registro do status da tradução da documentação do PmWiki.
PmWikiZhTw /
Profiles /
Site /
AllRecentChangesPerAuthor  All pages changed by Author
Skins /
BeeblebroxNetGila  Based on gila by haran, for a more modern version of this skin, see Skins.Maguila
Flckr  Tabless skin, inspired by the layout and colors of the site (Stable)
Green  Tableless skin in green. (stable)
Maguila  Tableless skin for PmWiki based on design by Haran from OSWD. (mantained)
Neat  tableless skin with blue and gray colors, inspired by sinorca and roundflow skins. (mantained)
NewsPaper  WordPress skin adapated for PmWiki. (mantained)
PhpNet  The look, shamelessly modified version of Lean skin
SimpleTab  For a website with menu tabs for groups without making it look like a conventional wiki
Sinorca  Tableless skin, based on sinorca skin by Haran. (Beta)
Sinorca-Talk  Talk page for Sinorca.
Soma  A colorful, simple and functional skin, using tables and css
Test /