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Never mind, it works. Here is some additional information for all my other fellow tunnel-visioneers. If you are going to put a sortable table in a conditional, DO NOT PUT THE MARKUP DIRECTIVE WITH THE CONDITIONAL if you expect it to work for non-conditional users.
I moved the directive to the top of the page, and now everything works on the page with and without authgroups and conditions just like clockwork.
Marcus Denning 20170824 00:30 CST

I have been working with AuthUser and it seems as though any group except admin level does not render a sortable table on page view, even with other groups having the rights to edit and publish. How do I make the page display a sortable table with a valid login ID that can read the page but may or may not (preferred) be able to edit or publish?
Marcus Denning 20170823 23:42 CST

It seems that SUM and CURSUM do not take into account negative values. That is, it does not understand the minus sign. -- Luigi June 2015 fixed now, thanks for pointing this out! HansB June 11, 2015, at 04:56 AM

Recipe doesn't work for sorting by date on my site. Or maybe I have to enter an instruction, but wich one ? Is someone get a solution ? Benji March 08, 2013, at 06:33 AM Okay !! I've just understood. It depends of the format. Put mm/dd/yyyy and it works !! Benji March 08, 2013, at 06:39 AM

I like the recipe a lot, but I couldn`t get it to work on chrome.CarlosAB February 07, 2012, at 07:43 PM

Now working, I forgot to include an id to the table. CarlosAB February 07, 2012, at 07:53 PM

Always liked this recipe, and wanted it to work with Advanced Tables, but never could figure it out. Searched for the right syntax on and off for a while, never finding exactly how to get it work, but figured it out today (I'm a PMwiki noobie, so if was readily apparent to everyone, I apologize) The trick is to include the class sortable AND a id in an Advanced Table first line of wiki code:

(:table class='sortable' id='thetable' width='85%' border='0':)

You have to have both the class and the the id, (anything will work for the id name) and tada, a sortable advanced table. It also doesn't affect the functionality Tabledit, another of my favorite table recipes. It would be really cool to add a checkbox within Tabledit which inserted the class & id in an advanced table for a one click sortable advanced table, but beyond my skills Jeffg October 08, 2012

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