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Adam asked me to upload a version of his AddThis_sharingWidget.php that includes GPL v2 licensing language. I have also modified his code to work with PHP 5.5 . To anyone who uses my revision: please test and report any issues (since my knowledge of PHP is limited). -- RandyB August 11, 2015, at 11:58 PM

I did a version of this recipe addthis.phpΔ CarlosAB August 26, 2011, at 12:47 AM

  • How do I enter Pinterest as a widget? Thanks!
Answer: Easier than easy; just use (:html:) and (:htmlend:) (see Cookbook/EnableHTML, I use the last configuration of the needed code) before and after the widget code (available in the drop-down on the upper-right hand corner of the Pinterest page when you're logged in. PmWiki pages can be used to display boards that you want to mass-pin from by adjusting the formatting of the widget; making the display height and width greater. When you have the boards you want to pin from open in PmWiki, just open the board you want to pin to in your browser(one of your own boards or one you have authorization for) and all the pin requests will direct to that board. Still trying to figure out how to specify board. It may not be possible; it appears that Pinterest picks a random selection of pins from the user's files, but if you don't find what you need, just click on the tab below, and all of the user's boards portal links with thumbnails will display in one window. - Jagtig

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