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Lars: There is an error in the zip file above (version 2007-04-20). The directory pub/skins/exportdoc is labeled exportodoc in the Zip-File. Remove the o and it will work.
Be aware that this is a very simple export, it only passes the HTML on to MS Word.

You are right, I'll put togheter another zip file and upload it. ExportDOC a simple script and yes it passes HTML as a word document, I did the script because I saw the same functionality over confluence and I thought it was a Good Thing(tm) to have this for PmWiki as a recipe.

Paul (2020-03-03): This cookbook works great, but I was having a problem with embedded images. It turns out that it was the authentication on my own site that was causing the problem. If the link for the embedded image requires credentials, then it will not work in the .doc file, example:

Hi Paul, I never had this kind of problem before as I don't know how to embed the image in a pmwiki page. How you do it? What recipe do you use? CarlosAB April 03, 2021, at 06:47 AM

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