Hi, Carlos.

I've found some problems regarding the W3C Validator in your recipe BoldLists and in your skin Maguila. Could you please take a look on them?

Thanks, moisesbr April 11, 2015, at 06:04 PM

Hi Moises,

I will take a look at those problems and fix it, sorry for the delayed response.

The maguila skin will take a bit longer, but I will fix it as well.


CarlosAB June 27, 2017, at 03:31 PM

obs: It is already in the talk page

Larienna, November 18th 2012

I have previously used the Sinorca skin and I really liked it. So I decided to try the Green skin which is another of your skin, but I have a problem that I cannot solve by modifying the template and the CSS.

If I EDIT, SEARCH and perform a few other PageAction actions, it removes the side bar "wiki-left" and place the page "wiki-page" in full screen. But I find that annoying and want to keep the side bar when I am editing. I am trying to find what could make the side bar disappear but I cannot find it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm really sorry Larienna for not answering promptly to your question, it was my fault.

I'll be looking at how I can solve this problem for you and I'll put the answer here so all sentient beings that use PmWiki, can benefit. :-)

It would probably be good idea to move all the questions here to the recipe pages or recipe talk pages, we will see, next time please use a recipe talk page to ask something related to my recipes.

I would also love to see your site using the skin I did, I still pinch myself to believe people use my skins, mostly because I started this journey alone and knowing nothing about html/css/php.

Another thing which I believe is important, is to "register" to the PmWiki community by creating a profile page in HomePage.

This way you will be able to sign your posts to any page by just writing four tilde signs in a row, like this "~~~~" It will automatically write your nick + link to your profile page + date of your post, making our communication more organized, meaningful and by consequence more useful.


CarlosAB December 01, 2012, at 09:33 PM

Hi again Larienna,

I was trying to remember why I did the recipe this way and first I remeber that I had some problems trying to fit the edit window inside #wiki-page and so I decided to remove the sidebar so it could fit inside the #wiki-page area. This is the first problem that will probably impede you from showing the edit box together with the sidebar or #wiki-left for the skin.

If you would like to change the current behavior anyway, you will have to edit GreenSkin php file, now just "green.php" file.

Some problems will appear, but be brave and don't let that intimidate you.

In the very first lines of green.php you will find:

if ($action   == "edit" ||
    $action   == "diff" ||
    $pagename == "$SiteGroup.Search" ||
    $action   == 'search' ||
    $action   == 'login')

To change current behavior just remove :

"$action == "edit" ||" "$action == 'search' ||"

My programming was so naive, still is, but not so much anymore.

I hope this solves your problem.

My regards,


BruceK 3 Sep 11 Hey Carlos. Are you still having success with addThis? I can not get it to work at all. Are you using the same version that is currently downloaded? Thanks.

Hi Bruce,

I'm gonna test it out and put it here.

... I few minutes passed away while testing :-) ...

You have to fill the variable called "$AddThisMasterProfile" with your profile in "local/config.php", like this:

$AddThisMasterProfile = "ra-12345678";


Fill the "$AddThisMasterProfile" still and also enable "$AddThisAllowProfileChange = 1", like this:

$AddThisAllowProfileChange = 1; 
$AddThisMasterProfile = "ra-12345678";

So you can change your profile from the markup with "(:addthis profile="your-profile" :)".

If you want to enjoy the free statistics for your site, from addthis, without any mistakes, I recommend not to enable "$AddThisAllowProfileChange" and just fill "$AddThisMasterProfile" like the first example.

I believe I've made the script so restrictive that it is not functional working from the start, I uploaded a new version with "$AddThisAllowProfileChange = 1;".

Leave the url to your website so I can take a look.

alfapegasi, Jan 14, 2013:

I am trying to use your TextCaptcha. I have a question before I go further in integrating into my PMwiki: How could I use it in Form pages; other than usual "edit" action? e.g

(:input form "URL_to_the_form_NOT_within_wiki_pages":)
(:input hidden name=captchapass value={$TextCaptchaPass}:)
(:input text name=usual_form_fields:)
(:input submit:)||
(:input end:)

What I expect from this captcha is to return false (or whatever error code is) to PageUrl /if/ captcharesp doesn't match to $TextCaptchaClue? What am I missing -or What am I doing wrong?

Hi Alfapegasi,

I almost forgot I made this recipe and it is so nice to see someone trying to use it, thank you.

Well, the short answer is that, the way you are trying to use it, will not work, sorry.

Also, you are missing an input text field in the form, to write and send back the captcha for checking.

Another problem in the example you wrote with PmWiki markup, is that you are trying to send the form to another site/url, which is not the PmWiki site of origin for the form, where the captcha is solved.

The captcha can work in another site/url, but you will have to make the checking there.

If you use the functions included in the recipe, that can be easily achieved, but you need php scripting capabilities on the new site.

My regards,