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Theres a few issues with php7 eg PREG 'e' modifier is deprecated and the preg_replace_callback() func should be used instead. i had a go at updating it on my local copy but there's a few problems with the fix (iz a n00b). does anyone still uses pmwiki? 2020-05-25 CIIDMike?

Yes, many people still use PmWiki. Maybe you meant to ask "does anybody still use LiveEdit" not PmWiki. You can find the e-mail of the author in the head comment of the script. --Petko May 25, 2020, at 01:47 PM

I like this idea. I have tried to used it in pmwiki table cells - it seems to generate line feeds. For example:

[#-c1r1] test [-#]
  1. Do you have any ideas to get this to work in table cells?
  2. Would it work if the cell content was the hyper link to edit instead of an edit button - to save space?

2/24/2010 Matt

2010-04-02 - Subhrajit - hi Matt. These are now supported in version 2. Your point 1 is fixed. For point 2 you can now choose from one of the 'phantom' styles (see the main page for details).

It may sound silly, but how much time did you spent in the first version? and by the way, great recipe. CarlosAB April 05, 2010, at 04:49 PM

hi Carlos. No question can be silly enough that it can't be asked. :-) Well, I wrote the first version in about 4-5 hours in a single day. It was pretty straightforward, without autodetect or any of the "cooler" features. The second version took me about a week, spending couple of hours a day. Glad that you asked! - Subhrajit, 2010-04-09
Well, I agree in part because it is incomplete as 'no question can be silly enough that it can't be asked' & answered.:-) CarlosAB October 13, 2010, at 10:57 PM

I installed LiveEdit2 and it works great. Is there a special reason why the version's history is not available any more after detecting, creating and saving the blocks? - Vito, 2010-10-11

hi Vito. Yes, it's something that needs to be fixed. I will work on it when I get chance. Subhrajit February 03, 2011, at 12:24 PM

I am interested in further development of LiveEdit. If there is anything I can do let me know. Thanks, jgreer, Nov. 25, 2010

hi jgreer. It will be great if you want to develop on the current version. Just jump right into it. It's all open source and GNU-GPL. Just add notes in the "release notes" section when you upload a new version. As for me, I am a little occupied with other things to make any useful contribution at this moment. But I will try to add my cents whenever I get a chance. Thanks for offering to develop! Subhrajit February 03, 2011, at 12:24 PM

I'm developing a system for correcting text pages using PmWiki and LiveEdit. Thanks a lot for your work, this would not have been possible without LiveEdit!! So, I've adapted LiveEdit a little bit (e.g. delete function for existing blocks). But it would be nice to use a better version of LiveEdit with the items you mentioned like a correct history handling and additional features like create or merge blocks. Can you say when the next version of LiveEdit will be released? Thanks a lot for your answer. Adrian, May 27, 2011

hi Adrian. Glad that you found this useful, and thank you for the feedback. I am hoping I will be able to spend some time on this in early July. So the next version is likely to come out by middle of July. I will address the bugs and hope to add quite a few new features. -Subhrajit, May 30, 2011.
v2.1 is out. I have fixed the issue with the version history not being saved, and added a button to remove block brackets. Will look into including other features some time soon. Subhrajit August 26, 2011, at 04:54 PM
Hello again Subhrajit. Well, thank you for this update. For sure this is one of the most important point. So, are there any plans to go for some other features? And if so, could you estimate when they will be released? I'm asking you because I should add a LiveEdit-function for merging text blocks with its adjacent ones (since the text blocks in our Wiki contain just a single word, and word boundaries are often not correct. So we would like to merge two separated parts of the same word). I think any related improvements would help to get this done, but if you don't have really time for work on LiveEdit, I will try for myself. Thx. Adrian, November 21, 2011

Hi Subharajit, First let me say this is an outstanding recipe. The instructions likewise are clear and screenshots show a lot of what this can do. Unfortunately I'm stuck with screenshots because I'm on a very closed environment using PHP 4.1. Your script has some PHP 5 in it, my error catches at Line 185 with the 'clone' command. I'm interested in this recipe if there is any commenting out i can do (it worked on some other recipes... i know... but it worked..). Even if some functionality is lost, that would work for me to get the recipe working. Thanks for any help you can provide, whether it works or not the recipe looks great! --donovan 7/16/2011

hi donovan. This is a very well-known issue with PHP 4/5 version incompatibility. A simple Google search will give you a lot of possible solutions. The easiest one I think (from is to replace "clone $object" with "unserialize(serialize($object))". However, it's always a good idea to upgrade the PHP version of your server to the latest. Subhrajit August 26, 2011, at 04:54 PM

Further development:
The further development of the LiveEdit recipe will depend on how popular it becomes. If you find this recipe useful and want to request new features and further developments, please add yourself as an user? and make your requests in the LiveEdit-Talk page. A few items in my mind that I would like to work on:

  1. Javascrip-based GUI-like feature to split existing blocks, create new blocks and delete blocks.
  2. Instead of using markups to indicate LiveEdit blocks, use a separate page attribute to store information about the LiveEdit blocks.
  3. The '*_inline' styles need some development.

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