Worse Than Failure

Whizzy wigs...

Hello. What you see is "Worse than failure", but might someday become a Rich Text editor for PmWiki. The JavaScript part is based on WhizzyWig v.61, with some changes.

You should try the editor by pressing the "Edit" link.

This pre-alpha recipe is highly experimental and may not work well.
It may not work well with pre-existing non-WTF wiki pages. It may not work in some browsers.

That said, you are welcome to install the recipe for example in a new empty group, and to test it and report all bugs that you find (there are many). Get the files. If you don't know how to install them, you probably shouldn't.

As you can see below, any PmWiki markup can be used in a special "Block style" box. This allows us to combine the ease of use of the visual editor and the extensibility of PmWiki for advanced users.

Feel free to experiment on these Sandbox pages (or create your own).
Sandbox 1 Sandbox 2 Sandbox 3? Sandbox 4 Sandbox 5.
Comments at WTF-Talk.

Sandbox5  Testing the neat new WSYSIWG feature

This is a work in progress, at least the following things don't work yet but may work in the future:
  • ( : title : ) markup outside the pmwiki markup box may change the title
  • Internal links - select from a list of pages; different styles for links to existing and non-existing pages, Category/Tag links
  • External links - styles 
  • Links to attachments (uploads) - simple file browser for selection; upload a file without leaving the edit form
  • Links to images - idem 
  • The Editor styles are currently hardcoded for the "pmwiki" skin
  • The HTML output is ugly
  • IncludeOtherPages might never work 
    • PageNotFound doesn't include the page, shows raw markup
    • GroupHeaders are treated as pure-pmwiki text
    • it may be possible to write a custom include function
  • Searching will index all html tags
  • Page history shows the raw HTML diff
  • more... (not everything has been tried and tested)

Title1 Title2 Title3
2 centered
right aligned
# right aligned

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