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00728  Pagelist exclude pages from trail (Closed - exists)
00730  Title info missing in file (Closed - not a bug)
00745  conditional markup: ´if time´ (Closed - cookbook recipe)
00748  Merge AuthUser with UserAuth? (Closed)
00750  RecentChanges link in default skin gets a <span> (Closed - added for 2.1.10)
00755  Preventing vandalism using $EnableDrafts and Site.Edit (Closed - fixed in 2.2.0-beta43)
00756  WikiForms setup for dummies (Closed)
00767  New footer variable in template (Closed - added in 2.1.16)
00769  Can't Change Skin (Closed)
00782  warning function.session_write_close() (Closed - inactive)
00785  Notify also when uploads take place (InProgress)
00828  Address book (Open)
00834  Blank page when clicking Edit link on any page (Closed - inactive)
00848  Easy anti-SPAM global solution page (Open)
00849  Preview action only reloads page (Closed - not a bug)
00852  Page Custom : "Cannot modify header information" (Closed - replied)
00895  Allow multiple wiki trails on a page with anchors (Closed, added in 2.2.0-beta61)
00896  Make StopWatch more informative and more flexible (Open)
00898  Time Zone (Closed)
00899  Searchbox vs nice URLs issue (Closed (Answered))
00903  intermittent broken links with umlauts (Closed (Server Locale bug, solution provided in the page).)
00927  Multilanguage functionality with two languages (Open)
00929  Search function abused by spammers (Open)
00939  Issue with Notify.php (Closed - replied)
00946  CondAuth() enables publish authorization level? (Closed (Answered))
00950  File uploads fail with filenames containing special characters (umlauts) (Open)
00953  WikiWizard Editing, Attach markup (Open)
00955  Automatic anchors for document sections
00994  page edits are LOST when 'Attach' is selected (Closed (3 Cookbook recipes))
00996  Request: Embedded "News" Scroller (Open)
01000  ?action=crypt fails with CleanUrls enabled (Closed)
01005  Publish button disabled if Drafts and PageTextVar() is used (Closed - answered)
01006  problem with guiedit buttons (PITS 00580?): wrong url for guiedit.js (Closed (not a bug))
01015  numbering problem in edit mode (Closed - not a bug)
01016  ?action=edit not working: (Open)
01022  Provide better timeout info for recipes & PageIndexUpdate() (Open)
01023  Include PTVs and values and PVs and values in pageindex (Open)
01034  Communication Tool (Open)
01038  error when allow_url_fopen = Off (Closed)
01039  Presence Awareness and PmWiki (Open)
01048  search in attachment (PDF, DOC ...) (Open)
01053  Pagelist doesn't show words containing accentuated letters in alphabetical order (Closed - answered)
01068  PITS.php that works with las pmwiki version. (Closed (the recipe was fixed))
01086  Help: Skin problems (probably CSS) with wiki farming (Closed - replied)
01090  Can't add password protect (Closed - not a PmWiki bug)
01096  Disable all markup for PlainText Wiki (Closed - replied)
01098  Preview page text variables and pagelist templates (Closed - fixed for 2.2.9)
01101  passwdattr and passwdedit in files in wikilib.d folder breaks them (Server Error 500) (Closed (fixed 2009-07-07 in the release scripts))
01102  Break FPLTemplate function into several functions to create development hooks (Closed - added for 2.2.5)
01128  Page title not showing up with Yaml132 skin (Open)
01132  More flexible script & cookbook initialization (InProgress)
01133  Logs for Blocklist (Open)
01134  Cannot access site (Closed - not a PmWiki bug)
01135  Compare cookbook recipes (Open)
01144  adding title var in PmWikiNl/RecentChanges did crash PmWiki (Closed - works now)
01145  sample-config.php: confusing descriptions for EnableRelativePageVars, EnableWSPre (Closed - fixed for 2.2.9)
01154  History is not recorded (Closed - fixed (cookbook))
01163  $GroupPattern issue makes PMWiki not work after upgrade (Closed -- documentation updated)
01165  Spaces in UNC showing %2520 rather than %20 (Closed - replied)
01168  Specifying the width of columns (Closed - replied)
01173  Add a configuration to disable/replace rendering of style attribute (Open)
01179  Configurable redirect from PmForm (Closed - added 2010-09-04)
01181  inconsistency between pagelist and too many custom markups (Awaiting feedback)
01183  Help with Fox / Fox Contacts (Closed)
01185  {[foxdelrange button]} and {[foxdelline button]} does not work (Closed)
01194  Contains the 'action' links (like Browse, Edit, History, etc.), placed at the top of the page, see site page actions (Open)
01195  Can't add users to either SiteAdmin.AuthUser or in local/config.php (Closed - not a bug)
01196  CSVInclude: All other attached files does not work (Open)
01206  Provide a way to use FmtPagename() safely on user-supplied data (Open)
01214  Document a "recommended" way to use core functions from config files (Open)
01252  Add category= parameter to PageLists (Open)
01260  Vulnerability to relative links (Closed -- fixed for 2.2.28)
01274  Directive (:linkwikiwords:) is not working (Closed - not a bug)
01287  Page actions incorrect in 2.2.38 (Closed - replied)
01292  Fixes for PHP 5.4 (Closed - fixed for 2.2.40)
01295  Attachments in IE7-IE8 over HTTPS without direct download (Closed - wontfix)
01296  Link brackets should not be removed when link has text (Open)
01300  Incomplete definition of page text variable halts the rendering (Open)
01305  Enable meta generator header in HTML output (Open)
01311  Text of footnote fails to display on page. (Open)
01314  Problems with Calculations in custom PageVariables (Closed, replied)
01319  preg_replace with /e modifier deprecated (InProgress)
01320  Is there a page size limit? (Open)
01322  PITS Reordering button is broken (Closed)
01328  backups by visitors (Open)
01343  No $AuthId for admin account? (Closed, replied)
01347  Problem with PmWiki on Mac OS X 10.10 Pre-release (Closed - duplicate of 01319)
01350  EditQuickReference add signature (Closed, added for 2.2.68)
01355  pmwiki skin line height (Open)
01360  code box for pmwiki help pages (like HTML tag <code>) (Closed, fixed for 2.2.71)
01361  Migrate PmWiki to HTML5 (Open)
01372  erasure_of or access_revoked of all sub-links upon name revision (Open)
01379  Problems with rtl class (Discussion)
01399  Standalone Installation Error (Open)
01409  Losing page content on save after edit (Closed - replied)
01412 integrated developer platform (Discussion)
01413  Custom PageStore receives requests for file system paths (Closed, works good enough for now.)
01417  Debate security warning in ConditionalMarkup (Closed - documentation updated)
01420  pmwiki-2.2.98 to pmwiki-2.2.99 upgarade "Cannot acquire lockfile" (Open)
01421  crypt() deprecated, but still in pmwiki.php core (Closed)

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