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This .js implementation has been used in our wiki over a year and a half and it is flawless. I think it can be moved out of beta stage now.

SILVERMOUSE, 20170801-14:28

I applaud this effort
It would be really good if this was either compatible with CodeMirror, or similarly provided WYSIWYG display. Could it not have been based on CodeMirror?

simon March 17, 2016, at 09:43 PM

The CodeMirror recipe has some of the functionality which I requested from Dfaure - list items - and it certainly could be extended for the others. Unfortunately in my browser "selection" copy and "middleclick" paste don't work with CodeMirror and I cannot efficiently use it, so I need this. --Petko March 18, 2016, at 03:11 AM

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