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  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.
ABCHoverIndexdisplays a pagelist as an alphabetic hover menu, sorted by title (2008-04-20 stable)Searching Menus PageList PHP55 PHP72 +1
AdminByShellA collection of ways to assist sysadmin of pmwiki using shell tools ( )SystemTools Searching
BacklinksList pages with links to a target (n/a Documentation)Links Searching PageList PHP72 +3
BreakPageListdisplay a pagelist in smaller slices and display navigation links (2017-06-20 stable)Searching PageList CMS PHP55 PHP72
CompactPageListHow to make a compact pagelist ( )WikiStyleTips, Searching
CookbookPageListList of all cookbook pages ( )
CustomPagelistSortOrderFunctionsCustom functions for creating custom page sort orders with pagelists (2007-03-06 )Searching PageList +1
CustomRecentChangesHow to create RecentChanges pages for selected groups (2006-08-20 )Searching
DictIndexEnable page listings using a "dictionary index" format via fmt=dictindex (2017-08-21 Working)FPL, Searching, WikipediaSuite, PageList
ExcerptsShows fragment of page around given word(s). (20171110 beta)Searching Includes PHP72
FastSearchhow to improve the speed of searches and categories on large sites with slow machines (1.3 - 2006-8-18 )Searching, Administration, CustomPageStore
FauxTrailEnable page listings to have a "trail-like" format via fmt=fauxtrail (0.01 beta)FPL Searching PageList WikiTrails +1
FindInPageInstant search in the current page, with highlighting. (20160219 Experimental)Searching, Layout, PHP55, PHP72
FplByDaysfmt=bydays for pagelists; A custom format for YYYYMMDDHHMM format page names. (2007-03-23 Functional; I am happy with it.)Searching, FPL PageList
FPLTemplateAlternative FPLTemplate() function with hooks for developers for more flexible pagelist output (2009-03-15 experimental)Searching PageList
GoogleCSEAdds markup for a Google Custom Search Engine (2007-02-24 Stable)Searching Includes Google
GoogleSearchAdd a searchbox for site and websearch using google (2006-11-27 )Searching, Google
IndexByRatingList of recipes ordered by user ratings (excluding the unrated ones) ( )
MajorChangesHow to create MajorChanges pages and Site.AllMajorChanges (2009-08-19 )Searching +1
OpenSearchAdd OpenSearch autodiscovery & suggestions to PmWiki (2009-02-20 beta)Searching
OptionMenuGet page listings as an option menu selector (2010-02-18 Stable)Searching Menus PageList +2
PagelistCalendarUse PageTextVariables and ftime markup expression to create a calendar where each event has its own page. ( Works)Searching, PIM, PageVariables, MarkupOnly, PageList, Calendar
PagelistNotesNotes on page lists ( )Searching, PageList
Pagelist Template SamplesCustom templates for pagelists formats ( )Searching PageList MarkupOnly
PagePathsSearching WikiWords and Links pages outside the current group ( )Searching, PageNaming
SearchboxRecognitionDetermine which of a page's multiple searchboxes was used (1.0 works for me)Searching, PHP55 +1
SearchCloudCreates a list of search terms used on a PmWiki site. (20180319 beta)Searching
SearchExtensionsWays to make searches more useful ( )Searching
SearchPatternsQ & A's on search patterns ( )Searching +1
SearchQueryVariableNew {$SearchQuery} variable and what you can do with it. (1.0 beta)Markup Searching
SearchResultsHow to change the way search results are displayed ( )Searching, PageList, Administration
SearchTermsHow to get the results of a search to highlight the search terms in a page ( )Searching
SearchTimeoutPreventionWhat to do if a site has become so large that searches time out ( )Searching
SortByScoreSorts (:pagelist:) search results by number of matching words found in page + displays fragments of page near the word. (20171110 beta)Searching PHP72 +1
SphinxHow can I search my PmWiki content via the Sphinx engine? (0.1 )Searching
TagsHow to have tags (like Flickr) ( )Searching, Administration, CMS, Blog, Links, PHP72 +2
TextExtractsearch, grep, and extract text from other pages or groups with search terms and regular expressions, using search form or markup expression. (2017-06-16 stable)Markup Searching Includes SystemTools Markup Expressions PHP55 PHP72 +5
WikimediaSearchGet a functional search form like on wikipedia pages (2007-09-21 new)Searching WikipediaSuite
WikiShWiki-based script language roughly emulating linux shell tools (2015-06-06 Beta)Markup Searching Includes SystemTools Administration Files Security Markup Expressions Forms +3
XajaxSearchProvide a better way to show search results. (2005 development)Searching, Ajax
  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.