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What categories are used in the Cookbook?

Categories used in the Cookbook

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Cookbook /
AjaxEditSupport-Talk  Talk page for AjaxEditSupport.
Cookbook  List of cookbook recipe categories
InstallOnIIS  How to install PmWiki on IIS v6 or v7 (living document)
PagelistByCategory  List pages by Category (Production)
WikiGallery-Talk  Talk Page for WikiGallery
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Cookbook /
AbbreviationPlurals  Automatically format text like CCDs as a plural abbreviation, instead of as a wikiword.
ABCHoverIndex  displays a pagelist as an alphabetic hover menu, sorted by title (stable)
AbcMusic  Display music scores from abc notation
AbcSong  add and edit abc music using existing PmWiki scripts and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor (stable)
AbcTunebook  add and edit abc music using Fox and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor (stable)
Accessibility  Accessibility Enhancements (Active)
Accordion  lightweight Accordion javascript requiring no framework (stable)
ActionLog  Maintain a page log of wiki actions (Stable)
ActionMenu  Drop-down menu to page actions (Edit, History, Attach...) instead of links. (Beta)
AddDeleteLine  Create a list where entries can easily be inserted and deleted (unmaintained and not without bugs (use AddDeleteLine2))
AddDeleteLine2  An easy way to add information to a page and delete it again. (stable)
AddDeleteLine3  An easy way to add information to a page and delete it again. (Probably works)
AddFootnote  Insert markup to create a footnote (Beta)
AddImageType  Add new image type extension
AddingAuthLevels  Adding an auth level and page attribute
AddLinkBookmarklet  How to use PmWiki to bookmark pages
AddLinkTagsBookmarklet  Adding links, selected text and tags from another page to a wiki page (Maintained)
AddNewline  Make wiki text end with a newline character, so the last line won't be marked as changed if text is added at the bottom
AddPageForm  How to add new pages without creating a link first
AddSignature  Insert markup for a stylized signature (Beta)
AddThisWidget  Embed the 'AddThis' widget to enable easy sharing of webpages on facebook, delicious, twitter, and other social networking sites.
AddToggle  Add a toggle link (Beta)
AddToWatchlist  Add or remove a page from your watchlist trail with a single click (beta)
AddUrlSchemes  How to get PmWiki to recognize additional URL schemes such as irc:, nntp:, etc.
Adit  Affliate advertising management system (Stable)
AdminByShell  A collection of ways to assist sysadmin of pmwiki using shell tools
AdminHints  Hints & suggestions for wiki administrators (Documentation)
Administration  Recipes for Wiki Administration and Administrators
AdvancedTableDirectives  Add Table capabilities - nested tables, zebra tables, new directives. (Working)
AesCrypt  Provide client-side AES encryption support
AesCrypt-1  Provide client-side AES encryption support
Ai  Ai is another mysql data query using an original and efficient system of envelop and masks (functional, but experimental for security reasons maybe)
AjaxEditSupport  Adds a wikipage/attachment/category AJAX browser to Edit pages (WIP)
AjaxEditSupport-Talk  Talk page for AjaxEditSupport.
AllGroupHeader  How to create a page that appears as a header (or footer) for all pages in all groups (Stable)
AlternateNamingScheme  Use other naming schemes for PmWiki pages
AMmathjax  Add markup to embed math using ASCII MATH by MathJax. (Stable)
AmpDetect  Detect AMP crawler bots so you can serve AMP pages, also to enable or disable recipes (Mantained)
AnyWikiDraw  Java based drawing tool to replace PmWikiDraw eventually (In development)
Ape  Embed videos, maps, documents, and more in wiki pages (Stable)
Ape-Talk-Archive  Archive with older threads from Ape-Talk (Closed)
Applet  Use Java Applets in PmWiki pages (Stable)
ASCIIMath  Display MathML rendered ascii formula into PmWiki 2.x pages (Stable)
AsSpacedFunctionInUTF-8  How to fix the broken {$Namespaced}, {$Titlespaced}, {$Groupspaced} when the website is in UTF-8
AtLinks  Alternative linking scheme with @ prefix (@Page) (Stable)
AttachDelete  An enhancement to the current upload feature to allow the deletion of uploaded files.
Attache  A bundle of attachment joy (incomplete)
Attache-ImageSizer  Resize and manipulate uploaded images (beta)
AttachIcons  Add icon images to Attach file links according to file extension
AttachIcons2  Add icon images to Attach file links according to file extension
AttachImageSize  Generate width and height attributes for attached images
AttachLinks  Get Attach: links to display by default without the "Attach:" prefix
AttachlistEnhanced  How to list missing or orphaned attachments. (Inactive possibly broken, see AttachlistEnhanced-Talk page)
AttachlistEnhanced-Talk  Talk Page for AttachlistEnhanced recipe
AttachlistExtended-Draft  A replacement version of the attachlist directive with additional functionality. (alpha)
AttachListSort  Sort an attachlist (Working)
Attachman  Attachman[ager] shows attaches as a rich sortable table, works also via AJAX (2020 released, beta)
AttachSize  Get file sizes of attached files (Alpha)
Attachtable  Actions to rename, delete & restore deleted attachments, as well as an attachlist replacement to use those actions, show file types and list attachment references. (beta)
Attachtable-Talk  Talk Page for Attachtable recipe
Audio5  HTML5 Audio Support for PmWiki (Stable)
AuditImages  View the images that have been uploaded to your wiki. (Stable)
Auth-SMF  Integrate SMF Simple Machines Forum with PmWiki and use SMF user management for Pmwiki authentication (new)
AuthCAS  Central Authentication Service(CAS) based authentication
AuthDNS  Password-less authentication based on the visitor's IP address or (dynamic) hostname (Beta)
AuthenticatedAsConditional  A different way of performing authentication than PmWiki's "default" (deprecated)
AuthenticatedAttach  Lets the user view an Attachment only if they have the appropriate password (Obsolete)
AuthorContribution  Automatically Produce an "Author Contributions" page for each author. (Stable)
Authorcontribution-OldVersion  Author Contribution, old version
AuthPhpBB2  Use phpBB2 user authentication for PmWiki page edit protection and author name (Stable)
AuthPhpbb2Sso  Single Sign On for PmWiki and phpBB2 (Stable)
AuthPhpBB3  Use phpBB3 user authentication for PmWiki
AuthPhpBBUsersAndGroups  Use phpBB3 user authentication and groups for PmWiki
AuthProfile  Like AuthUser, but designed to store login information in profile pages (Beta)
AuthPunBB  Use PunBB/FluxBB user authentication for PmWiki (Draft)
AuthTable  List Attributes of all pages in a wiki (Stable)
AuthUser  PmWiki built-in user authentication system using user names and passwords (Stable)
AuthUserBbPress  Ability to Authenticate against a MySQL BBPress user database. (First Release)
AuthUserCMSLike  Restricts access to PageActions by role
AuthUserCookie  Persistent login for AuthUser
AuthUserDbase  Enables user authentication via database, whether from another application, or standalone (beta)
AuthUserDbase-Talk  Enables user authentication via database (beta)
AuthUserFederated  OpenID and OAuth authentication extension for AuthUser (In active use)
AuthUserOpenId  Implement single sign-on and Identity mechanism based on OpenID protocol.
AuthUserSaml  SAML authentication extension for AuthUser (In active use)
AuthUserSignup  Allow users to sign up themselves (with email verification) for authuser accounts (Deprecated (UserAdmin is better))
AuthUserVBulletin  Allows PmWiki to use vBulletin for a user login/password base, and to borrow PmWiki groups from vBulletin. (beta)
AuthUserViaMicrosoftLDAP  Configure AuthUser with Microsoft AD LDAP
AutoCreateCategory  Automatically creates category pages for all tags in the page text (BETA)
AutoCreatePages  Automatically create pages based on the name of the current page. (Alpha)
AutoGroupPages  How to create a number of pages for a new group automatically (stable)
AutoLink   automatically displays any specified word, phrase or name as a link, throughout the entire site
AutomaticChangeSummary  Automatic change summaries
AutomaticLinks  How to automatically create Crosslinks for use in, e.g., a glossary
AutomaticPageRefresh  How to create pages that refresh automatically. (stable)
AutoPlay  Unobtrusive embedding of video players from simple links (Superseded by Ape)
AutoRestore  Automatically restore pages after a set time interval (Stable)
AutoSave  Autosave pages in the background while editing (beta)
AutoTel  A recipe to automatically detect and markup telephone numbers (Alpha)
AutoThumber  Automatically resize uploaded images using ImageMagick (beta)

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