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How I use PmWiki

  • the front-end to the entire website at http://www.xradiograph.com (as of Jan 2009)
  • the front-end to my "vanity-named" website @ http://michaelpaulukonis.com
    • formerly, as an experimental writing tool/CMS for a subset of my personal website
  • CMS for client projects
  • as a PIM on my localhost
  • as a departmental tool for a former employer
  • knowledge-management tool at work
    • including the use of BlogIt as an "engineer's journal"
    • which runs on IIS, no sweat

I've been working with PmWiki since 2004. 10+ years -- hooray!

Interested in WikiRefactoring, revision display



evaluated, not used

  • Cookbook.SkinConfig? - I've been thinking about something like this. But it generates CSS from some base system. Perhaps if it could pull the CSS from the current theme it might be different. Would have to be very dynamic. Still, has some interesting things in how it works.

Surpressing left-content (&c)

With ?action=upload a special upload form is loaded, and the normal page content is ignored. which means any markup in th epage is also ignored, even markup directives in a GroupHeader or AllGroupHeader page. And worse: PmWiki has no wiki page to hold the upload form, like it does for the standard edit form when action=edit is called. The upload form is hard coded in uploads.php, and the Triad skin uses a custom version for an upload form, defined in its skin.php file.

To inject the noright and noleft markup there may be possible, but a bit messy.

I would like to hear from others how they implement markup directives with the upload form.

In the case of Triad skin, instead of using markup, you could use this in config.php, which will be implemented for the whole wiki:

  1. suppress left and right bar for upload form

if ($action=='upload') {

   $LeftToggleFmt = "";
   $RightToggleFmt = "";


But if you wanted no left and right bars anywhere, in any cases, you could just use:

  1. suppress left and right bars anywhere allways
   $LeftToggleFmt = "";
   $RightToggleFmt = "";

and not bother with the noleft and noright directives in AllGroupHeader.

On Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 01:00:05PM +0100, SteP wrote:
> How can I hide the left sitebar when the login form is being displayed?

if ($action == 'login') SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt', 0);

Things to remember and re-categorize


Cookbook.Sphinx - alternate search engine

EmacsModes.Emacs - I want to look into this
Links - after what, 8?, years of using PmWiki, I'm still finding link-markup that I'm not familiar with


Recipes used (pagelist)

This is in-progress, and possibly incomplete -- since builds links from the users page.
If I haven't added myself as a user, it will not appear here.
Hopefully this is a goad for me to actually mark the recipes I use as used (good wikizen behavior!).

It uses the following markup, based on using a pagelist of all "Users" pages that contains a link to my profile, and then a custom pagelist template that strips off the last 6 characters, removing the -Users.

Not sure if I reinvented the wheel with this one....

(:if false:)
* [[{(substr {=$FullName} 0 -6)}]]

(:pagelist group=Cookbook link={$FullName} name=*Users list=normal order=title fmt=#recipeused:)

Other things used that aren't in the cookbook

Blogit wishlist

(this can also be seen over at Cookbook.BlogIt-Talk

  • fix for cancel-button problem
  • fix for spaces in tags (known issue) Fixed 1.9.5
  • blog-post preview
  • GUI-buttons in ajax edit
  • links on blog pages to non-existent pages in default blogit-group open in blogit editor (or an easy way to add all blogit-entry boilerplate to a page. group.template, perhaps?)
    • example: I'm editing Blog.NewEntry and it contains a link to Blog.NonExistantPage. Instead of this link opening with the standard "page does note exist" message, it should open in the BlogIt entry editor.
  • (optional?) ability to add (change) Summary change on blogit-edit; currently, all edit summaries are blank when viewing history
    • perhaps most users won't do this; I'm using BlogIt as an "Engineer's Journal" so I'm revising the daily entries all day long.
    • still, some users might? If not part of core BlogIt, how about as a plugin?


as MichaelPaulukonis

as OtherMichael