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Known Issues

List is grouped by issue type, and within that group is in approximate level of urgency, so items near the top of each issue type are likely to get implemented first. Issues are formatted as described below:

  • Will be worked on for the next release.
  • Have been implemented, and are usually available in the development release, but not in the production release. If you want to see development features in action, they are usually in action on the demo site.
  • Low priority, and are unlikely to be addressed.

The list serves as a roadmap and outlines the likely areas of focus for future releases of BlogIt, and provides guidance on how known issues will be addressed.

  1. Stability: Remove known bugs. Ensure coding approaches leverage the PmWiki framework appropriately. Security shake-down.
  2. Functionality Alignment: Verify co-existance with existing blog-related recipes. Bring the blog features up to par with traditional blogging platforms.
  3. User Interface: Create templates for existing skins, ajax ui, control panel.
  4. Scale Up: Ensure performance scales to blogs with thousands of pages, and comments.
  5. Importing: Provide a means of importing pages from existing systems (Blogger, WordPress, etc).


  • bug: Ignore double-click on dialog Submit. Currently causes Submit to be processed twice (at least two messages displayed).
  • bug: BlogIt doesn't honor passwd* page attributes. Specifically, needs to support passwddelete and passwdedit. (Reported by SteP)
    DaveG: ref
  • bug: Extraneous on #single-entry-view and #print-view after (:blogit-skinend:). Unclear why, but it prevents (:div9999end:) being diaplayed on .blogit-meta-data-head.
  • bug: Attachments use incorrect names. (Reported by circusmachina)
  • bug: Cancel on bi_be can send to another page (ref BlogIt-Talk#cencelissue, MichaelPaulukonis).
  • bug: Passing count to the #blog-summary-pagelist template causes the same entries to be displayed when using prev/next links. (Reported by Marco)
  • bug: [b-001] Sidebar tag/category list assumes all pages in $CategoryGroup are tag pages. Also assumes that they are BlogIt tag pages (no differentiation is made between BlogIt tags and non-BlogIt tags).
    DaveG: How to determine whether tag is a blogit tag, since tags are in referencing pages.
  • bug: Tag pages are created but do not contain referencing pages until the page containing a reference to the tag is re-edited and saved. In some case the Tag page is not created until subsequent editing of the referencing page. (Reported by Amos)
    Note: Tag page only created for non-Draft entries.
  • bug: Tags containing accented characters are displayed as unencoded characters on viewing, but correctly in Ajax edit mode. Only affects Admin users.
  • bug: RSS feeds do not work with pipe separated $bi_BlogGroups.
  • bug: Conflict with SourceBlock (ref BlogIt-Talk#offbyn, MichaelPaulukonis).
  • bug: Using Mini cookbook to display images and the downloadman for attached files, images disappear and the links are broken. (Reported by Blonder)
  • bug: GUI Edit tool bar not displayed in Ajax dialog. (Due to execution of javascript embedded in json.)
  • bug: After adding new tags to a blog entry via ajax, tag links (on viewing entry) are shown as links to ?action=edit, although tag page is created.
    Problem exists because creating the tag page is slower than the Markup function. So the tag page gets created after the ajax call returns the new page content.
  • bug: Ajax message box is not displayed in IE6; screen jumps to bottom of dialog overlay. Workaround: Don't use Ajax modes with IE6.
  • bug: Unsaved data warning is inconsistent across browsers: Opera and IE6 do not implement the event onbeforeunload; Chrome prompts even if Save button is pressed.
  • bug: BlogIt is noot compatible with the cookbook Cookbook/MultiLanguage. For similar supported functionality use Cookbook/MultiLanguageViews.


  • new: Option to allow comment-post to be ajax or normal. Normal is default.
  • new: Move comment admin link into comment admin menu. Element id would need to be bi_ID<<commentid>>.<<basepage>> or store basepage as data element. Then move ID to class for [n-003].
    DaveG: How to use menu in long lists of comments, when it's off screen?
  • new: Pass blogid on action=ne links, to allow config to default bi_DefaultGroup, and other settings based on blog. (Requested by BruceK)
  • new: Add view all comments, group by blog entry.
  • new: Create a pagelist which shows other pages with the same tags as current page, grouped=by tag. (ref
  • new: Save the entry, without leaving the edit form (quicksave) (Requested by Farvardin)
  • new: When deleting comment/blog entry remove from sidebar. (Add class to links, using ID; create blogit-skin blog/comment to automate this. Create mechanism to allow multiple elements to be changed on ajax response.)
  • new [n003]: Insert new non-draft entries into DOM. Possibly prepend to first 'blog-entry-summary'. (What to do when there are multiple blog lists on a page -- how to identify which one to insert into?)
  • new: Combine javascript and css files to reduce server load. (Automate at deployment of master version.)
  • new: Provide a mechanism to change the default value of entry fields (like Status). (Requested by rivaldo)
    DaveG: Admin can make changes to #blog-post-control. Need to add 'required' classes to #blog-form-control for validate to auto-pickup.
  • new: Ability to post comments with no email/author/required fields. (Requested by David R)
    DaveG: Admin can make changes to #comment-post-control. Need to add 'required' classes to #comment-form-control for validate to auto-pickup.
  • new: Control panel/dashboard for blog settings.
  • new: Add rel='tag' to tag links (ref Cookbook/ListCategories). Applies to page body, not sidebar.
  • new: links on blog pages to non-existent pages in default blogit-group open in blogit editor (or an easy way to add all blogit-entry boilerplate to a page. group.template, perhaps?)
    • example: I'm editing Blog.NewEntry and it contains a link to Blog.NonExistantPage. Instead of this link opening with the standard "page does note exist" message, it should open in the BlogIt entry editor. (Requested by MichaelPaulukonis, ref BlogIt-Talk)
  • new: * (optional?) ability to add (change) Summary change on blogit-edit; currently, all edit summaries are blank when viewing history
    • perhaps most users won't do this; I'm using BlogIt as an "Engineer's Journal" so I'm revising the daily entries all day long.
    • still, some users might? If not part of core BlogIt, how about as a plugin? (Requested by MichaelPaulukonis ref BlogIt-Talk)
  • new Integrate Disqus for comments. No need to rewrite what's already there.
  • new: Allow commenters to Subscribe to receive notification of new comments or changes to the entry. (Requested by Marcus)
    Needs mechanism to subscribe to comment/entry updates; manage subscriptions; validate email address.
  • new: Provide support for displaying externally hosted gravatar based on name entered for comments. (Suggested by Luigi)
  • new: Show 'preview' of comment before post. (Requested by Luigi)
    Note: May not be possible, as PmForm seems to have no way to process but not save.
  • new: Admin by email for comment approve, delete, and block.
  • new: Add mechanism for readers to 'flag' comments for admin review.
  • new: Provide support for displaying twitter link based on name entered for comments. (Suggested by Luigi)
  • new: Provide a means of approving comment url's when used with UrlApprovals (Ajaxify). (Requested by Step)
  • new: Retain commenter name/website/email in cookie for auto-fill.
  • new: List comments by person. (Provide a pagelist that can be manually included as part of Profile group-header.)
  • new: Automatically break entry and insert Read More link introduction after n-lines. (Have global setting and per-page override?) (Requested by rivaldo, Blonder)
    DaveG: Ref Cookbook/PagelistTemplateSamples fmt=#teasers
  • new: Add a confirmation dialog before deleting posts (using the non-ajax interface). (Requested by Farvardin)
  • new: Allow listing of blog-entries by author. Add a pass-through parm author= to #blog-summary-pagelist in BlogIt-CoreTemplate. May need to be added to other pagelists. (Requested by SteP)
  • new: Ability to add attachments when first creating page. (Requested by circusmachina)
  • new: Ability to save drafts with invalid (or missing) dates. (Requested by OtherMichael)
  • new [n002]: Add a mechanism to incorporate EditTemplates, to prepopulate the blog entry. (Requested by Luigi)
  • new: Allow blog entry authors to edit their own posts, not posts by other authors. (Requested by Marcus)
  • new: Provide an Ajax preview mechanism for blog entries. ($_REQUEST['preview'] = 1;)
    Note: May not be possible, as PmForm seems to have no way to process but not save.
  • new: Post by email.
  • new: Add user/skin-configurable ajax colors (un/approve comments; highlight section).
  • new [n-001]: Add a mechanism to hide PmWiki edit link on blog entries (prevent confusion as to which edit link to use).
    • Luigi: At times plain wiki edit (?action=edit) is useful also on blog pages. While preventing confusion is essential, straight hiding the link would be deceiving to many people, perhaps.
    • Ref FAQ to hide PmWiki action links.
  • new: Store intro-text (upto [[#break]] tag, as (:Summary :...:). Might make processing faster? Will provide functionality if BlogIt is not being used.
  • new: Import from Google Blogger.


  • CHG: PHP Deprecated (7.2):
    • Function create_function() (line 929)
    • Use of undefined constant bi_strtoupper_Wrapper - assumed 'bi_strtoupper_Wrapper' (line 156)
    • Function create_function() is deprecated in /home/nepherim/apps/pmwiki/cookbook/blogit/blogit.php on line 929
  • chg: Document Site.BlogList and ?blogid=
  • chg: Ensure anything submitted as ajax is only accepted if $bi_Ajax action is defined as ajax. Prevent spoofing.
  • chg: Reconcile and simplify skin-classes accessors.
  • chg: Make blogit-skin markup parameters consistent (use page= for pagename, etc.)
  • chg: Rename Site.XLPage-BlogIt to Site.BlogIt-XLPage for consitency with PmWiki XL.
  • chg: BlogIt-SideBar tags list should only show tags for a specific blog (not all blogs). (Need to add PTV to the auto-generated tag page, containing the blogid; this ptv can then be used on pagelists.)
    DaveG: Ref tag bug [b-001].
  • chg: CoreTemplate use null sequence for separating anchors on same line?
  • chg: Define specific input form types. Refer to captcha.php ($InputTags['captcha']).
  • chg: bi_IsDate should only checkdate for the format style passed in as $f.
  • chg: Make bi_strtotime() more robust, actually parsing d/m/y, and re-ordering to a format that strtotime() can handle.
  • chg: Make separator/pagenaming scheme used in pagename user-configurable. Groups with space are actually same as group name with hyphen, since space is auto translated to hyphen. (Reported by SteP)
  • chg: Ensure RSS feed is specific to a blogid. (How to determine which blogid to use, for header-rss-tag?)
  • CHG: Use Site.EditForm ($PageEditForm), rather than CoreTemplates to store form layout; provides compatibility with other cookbooks (like Autosave). (ref [n002])
  • chg: Use $AuthUserFunctions instead of $AuthFunction?
  • chg: Is step 4 of security setup actually needed? ([4] Assign roles to security groups)
  • chg: Simplify BlogIt security. There is not a clear deliniation between various actions. Basically there are too many actions. (ie, remove blogit-admin and sidebar and simply check for other actions; combine blog edit/new; combine comment-approve/edit.)
  • CHG: Rename blog and comment fields, prefix with "blogit_" identifier, to prevent conflicts with other recipes (update bi_decodeUTF8() decode blogit vars only).
  • chg: Ensure comment names are unique. (MakeSerialNumber(), uniqid())
  • chg: Override normal edit link to point to BlogIt edit ($HandleActions['edit'] = 'bi_HandleEdit';) (ref [n-001]).
  • chg: Investigate switch from jQueryUI/Validity (dialog (31k + 21k-css), and validation (14k)) to much smaller jQueryTools (16k, for Overlay, Date, and Validation), including client-side date selector. NB: Need replacement for animate colors in flash(); also for auto-complete.
    Currently not worth doing. jQueryTools doesn't have 'suggest' code, so switching would save ~30k, excluding css.


  • doc: Update developer documentation. (Requested by Peter Bowers)
  • doc: Add advanced skinning documentation, including templates and template ordering. and a list of vanilla stylesheet with all classes and ids that BlogIt-CoreTemplate uses. (Requested by SteP)
  • doc: Comment page naming scheme.

Development Release

These issues are only found in the current development release.

Issues that need additional verification

If you are able to repeat any of these issues, please let me know how you did it!

  • new: Verify support with Cookbook/ListCategories (may work -- not yet tested).
  • new: Verify support with Cookbook/AutoSave (may work -- not yet tested).
  • new: Verify support with Cookbook/XMLRPC (may work -- not yet tested).