I recently used PmWiki to build a course website. Normally, I do most of my work in emacs and org-mode, but PmWiki is fantastic for collaborative work (course websites, group projects, etc.).

  • If I had time, I would try to rewrite EmacsPmWikiMode, which now seems to be broken and old.
  • If I had even more time, I would try to create web interface for PmWiki that would enable administrators to manipulate multiple pages quickly.

I am very interested in using PmWiki as a blog, but am waiting to find out whether blogging will become a standard feature.

20081009. Hi Madalu. Thank you for leaving a comment on my PMwiki-based blog. I have placed an entry under "Guides" in the sidebar of my blog in which I provide some information about how I set it up. Further comments, questions or suggestions are always welcomed. ray October 09, 2008, at 04:05 AMray

20081009. Hey Madalu - I've been interested in the EmacsPmWikiMode as well. The updated version on the CVS is more recent than that found here, but still not very recent. I ran into config errors when I started using it, and then got bogged down in other projects. I'd be interested on working on it as well. drop me a line at xraysmalevich AT SIGN g mail dot com --OtherMichael