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"Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead"

Pluggin no longer works tith PHP 5.5+
This issue is solved in PmWiki 2.2.56+
Solution : just change in flashmediaplayer.php these lines :

  Markup('flashmediaplayer', 'directives',

to these lines :

  Markup_e('flashmediaplayer', 'directives',

--sd April 08, 2017

As of longtail/jwplayer v6.6.3896 FlashMediaPlayer no longer seems to work -- a new format is required where the jwplayer.js needs to be included in the page. MichaelPaulukonis September 23, 2013, at 09:16 PM

Just a quick tip. For whatever player you chose don't forget to put the -player in your markup i.e. (:longtail-player ... not just (:longtail ... took me quite a while to correct this simple mistake. --jsk January 22, 2010

After updating to PmWiki 2.2.0, I experience a strange behaviour in playback. Some players will start in the middle of a song, while others will work perfectly alright. Before upgrading everything worked fine. I checked the new PmWiki config and it seems to work fine - so I suspect there have been changes in 2.2.0 that affect either FlashMediaPlayer or LinkedResourceExtras. Can anyone confirm this or know why this happens? --Jonas January 30, 2009, at 08:07 AM

Now I'm using flash from html pages (http://dodin.valerie.free.fr/valerie.html) but I plan to convert these sites to PmWiki to make them editable by the artists themselves. Is it possible to have playlists with flv? (several videos in sequence). I can change reader if necessary - thanks jdd

I am using FlashMediaPlayer with Jeroen Wijering's flash player. Unfortunately, when trying to insert several flash-player markups on the same page, the windows are not clearly positioned on a new line, even if I use \\ or \\\ to separate the markup. Instead, the flash windows overlap in an ugly fashion. Must be either a problem in FlashMediaPlayer or LinkedResourceExtras. JK

Issue solved in last version --Dfaure April 30, 2007, at 08:44 AM

I'm new to PMwiki and to me it looks as if I did everything as described: I downloaded the extlinkedres.zip, put the extlinkedres.php in the cookbook, the extlinkedres.js in the /pub directory, downloaded and put the "xspf_player_slim.as", the "xspf_player_slim.fla" and the "xspf_player_slim.swf" in /pub/FLASH_MEDIA_PLAYER. Then I wrote the above configuration parameter for the XSPF media player in the config.php. and inluded both extlinkedres.php and flashmediaplayer.php to the config.php. I even set $EnableDirectDownload to 1 in the config.php. Finally I wrote in a wiki page (:mp3 Attach:my_song.mp3 Δ text="My song" +link:) -even tried it with the mp3's that are uploaded on my wiki ;) but it just showed me the markup on the rendered page and no flash-player. Did I forgot something? Excuse my beginnerish questions, but I couldn't find a solution even not in the mailing lists. Thanks a lot -- Torsten May 01, 2007, at 06:52 PM

Uppercased term were placeholders subject to configuration. Making the assumption that you followed the sample proposed above:

  • The player data should be put into /pub/xspf (cf. 'swf' => "xspf/xspf_player_slim.swf" line).
  • The configuration data being held by $FlashMediaPlayerInfo['xspf_slim'], the markup to use is: (:xspf_slim-player Attach:my_song.mp3 text="My song" +link:)

Hope this makes things a bit clearer ;) --Dfaure May 02, 2007, at 01:50 AM

Oh I see. Thanks for the advise. Dfaure. It works a bit more now but not yet really. What I get now on the wikipage is a link to my_song.mp3 that starts downloading this .mp3 when I click on it. In the URL it says: action=mediadownload&upname=my_song.mp3 So can you tell me what else it is I have to do to make it played by the flashplayer? -- cheers -- Torsten May 02, 2007, at 05:01 AM

So sorry. It works. The xspf-directory was misspelled. Thanks a lot. ;) -- Torsten May 02, 2007, at 05:09 AM

The strange thing is that these players work in Firefox but not in IE (at least on my PC). For example, Dewplayer says "no mp3 file" in IE.. whereas it finds and plays the mp3 file in Firefox without problems. Is there any way to fix this? -- Gunnar, Jun 22, at 02:35 AM.

You may first make sure that you're meeting all the recipe requirements (Linked Resource Extras sub-recipe php and javascript components installed, $EnableDirectDownload configuration parameter properly initialized). Lastly, with the $EnableObjectAutoActivation parameter set to 0 you may disable all the javascript wrapping code specific to IE. --Dfaure June 22, 2007, at 02:29 AM

Hey.I'm trying to get this this to work with Lacy Morrows XSPF Jukebox, but I dont, because I really suck at this. It's a quite neat webplayer, with automatic playlist support and stuff, so I figured I'd give it a shot because it'll save me time later.

The deal with it is that you can have all the variables in a file (variabels.txt), and the only thing you have to do when embeding it is to give location of the file. Then it will use another script to create the playlist out of a given folder.

You can find the (quite messy) documentation here: http://lacymorrow.com/projects/jukebox/xspfdoc.html. I hope it can be solved easily. Great recipe btw, thanks!

I had trouble getting jwplayer to work in IE, and wound up replacing the generic <object> code in the recipe with the javascript-based code recommended on the jwplayer site, like so:

 $out[] = "\n<script type='text/javascript' src='/pmwiki/pub/mediaplayer/swfobject.js'></script>
  <script type='text/javascript'>
    var s1 = new SWFObject('http://player.longtailvideo.com/player.swf','ply',,,'9','#ffffff');

where $fmpcounter is incremented each time the function is called, so that the CSS ids are unique. Hope this helps someone. Ben Stallings April 20, 2009, at 03:30 PM

Hello Dfaure, I installed the dew-player an the player works fine. But I also want, that the player will be shown up in an rss-feed. But I get the following output:

<object classid='clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000' class='flashmediaplayer dew'
 width='200' height='20' align='middle'>
<param name='movie' value='http://localhost/campusradio/pub/dewplayer/dewplayer.swf' />
<param name='flashvars' value='mp3=http://localhost/campusradio/uploads/Blog/2009-09-25-landtagswahl-iV-freie-w-hler/CampusradioJena_IV_Haschke_Freie_Waehler_Theresa_Junge_128__decodiert_.mp3&amp;width=200&amp;height=20' />
<param name='quality' value='autohigh' />
<param name='wmode' value='transparent' />
<param name='allowfullscreen' value='true' />
<param name='allowscriptaccess' value='always' />
<param name='bgcolor' value='#ffffff' />
<param name='menu' value='false' />
Uh oh.  The browser should have rendered a video here, not this text...  Please check that you have javascript enabled in your browser.  Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by <a href="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer">downloading the latest Flash Player from here: http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer</a></object>
. In order to diplay the mp3 I could just include the mp3 with Attach but then I still have this ugly html. Is there a way to omit this output mentioned above?

MatthiasGünther Oktober 31, 2009, at 10.27 AM

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