Summary: User notes for the Fox recipe.
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If you use or used the Fox recipe, you can add yourself in the list below. These statistics may help newcomers to select recipes for their wikis. Both (+) positive and (-) negative short comments are welcome. For longer comments or questions please use the Fox-Talk page.


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  • (+) Our project management wiki depends on Fox features and I have not even gotten to the deeper stuff. Hans provides great support too! - DannyB
  • (+) Fox has been the form processing workhorse in all my wikis for many years. Templating and custom filter functions make it particularly powerful. SteP
  • (+) I use Fox to implement MarkThingsDone. Wonderful support! - MarkBacas
  • (+) I use Fox in all wikis. Fox is constantly updated and is getting just better - Jan-Henrik
  • (+) i use Fox and its various recipes all the time - amazingly useful. once you get the hang it speeds up form creation immensely. thank you! overtones99
  • (+) We replaced all our wiki related dorms with Fox. --Ville Takanen
  • (+) I started using Zap and ocasionally pmforms and wikiforms, I have been migrating all to Fox --Marte
  • (+) I use Fox personally in my blog and also in forms for my association web site. - Jon Haupt
  • (+) I use Fox with all my PMWiki installation; it's on of my first installation step - 3.14r
  • (+) It took some time to realize the power Fox has. -Armin
  • (+) Fox is fantastic, and the support is great. --Vince
  • (+) I use it on my personal website, a little. Need to study it more. - MichaelPaulukonis March 15, 2014, at 02:20 PM
  • (+) For me, Fox is inescapable ! Benji February 21, 2016, at 03:34 AM
  • (+) Fox is esssntial! PierreRacine October 2023
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User notes for the Fox recipe (talk).