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  • (+) CodeGier: Thanks for the good work. I am using blogit on two websites. 7. September 2018
  • (+) flox: Use to support latest PHP!
  • (+) TigerP? October 16, 2014, at 12:52 PM
  • (+) Sep 19, 2010 correa: Not only a useful and elegant recipe, but also a very kind and efficient technical support. Thank you very much.
  • (+) April 20, 2010 yD: Just what I wanted, and with help too, thank you.
  • (+) June 01, 2009 SteP: I like your blog recipe, thank you.
  • (+) Anon?: Thanks for a nice package! I am starting to use BlogIt for an "interactive" News section on my website.
  • (+) Luigi: I'm using it at The most interesting feature is (to me) comments handling. Impressive :-)
  • (+) Easy to install and use. Very good work! MKonrad
  • (+) Lynorics Lynorics?
  • (+) I love the Ajax-effects, the tags are good, the management is very easy and the design is open. That's the cause I don't need wordpress or another blogingsoftware MatthiasGünther
  • (+) Big thanks to the dev for figuring out the obscure php strtotime issue on BestAndroidResources! (site now down) MichaelPaulukonis September 07, 2010, at 11:39 AM
  • (+) Working fine for me at —Peter Bowers
  • (+) Wonderful! A must-have for creating blog and journals. Farvardin 2011-10-16
  • (+) Real useful! Works well. StoryWay 2012-05-09

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