Summary: User notes for the WikiStylesPlus recipe.
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  • (-) Spent several months trying to figure out how to get the icons to display in printouts. Enabling background images does not solve the problem. Tried about a dozen different applications for generating pdfs including cutepdf writer, built in pdf writer in windows 10, built in pdf writer in os x. Same result every time: icons do not display in print out, colors are lost. No way to tell difference between regular wiki text and text in the wikistylesplus messageboxes other than the indentation. Again: Enabling background images in PDF/print settings does nothing. Icons and colors still display fine in my wiki's print view, but as soon as I click "page preview" the colors and icons disappear. Have spent months trying to figure this out. Would appreciate some help.
  • (+) Nice for eye candy. I don't use a lot of the features, but it makes it pretty... Peter Bowers February 02, 2010, at 09:29 AM
  • (+) Great recipe. I love it. Thorsten?
  • (+) Excellent. Well done. Saving me a lot of time. tamouse
  • (+) Nice - thanks. Julian Knight
  • (+) Dave 2012-08-22
  • (+) Great. Benji January 09, 2014, at 07:11 AM
  • (+) Excellent! Also used this extensively at a former workplace wiki. - MichaelPaulukonis
  • (+) RDJones December 06, 2014, at 02:38 AM
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User notes for the WikiStylesPlus recipe (talk).