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some of this works -- I was able to include just the markdown-links, and use MD-format for external (NOT wiki-internal) links:


More notes to come....

MichaelPaulukonis June 17, 2015, at 03:45 PM

It would seem this no longer works. Which is a pity, since I'm typing a lot of markdown these days, and would have liked to intermingle the markup.

What I get when setting $EnableMarkdown = 1; is:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare PreserveText() (previously declared in \path\to\cookbook\markdown\pmwiki-directives.php:20) in \path\to\scripts\stdmarkup.php on line 28

Well, it is 6+ years old....

MichaelPaulukonis November 12, 2014, at 09:06 AM

Talk page for the Markdown recipe (users?).