Administrative Tasks

Auto Restore
Automatically restore page contents after a time interval
Backup Pages
Backup wiki.d directory in a compressed file
Change Summary
Enable a "change summary" line for each edit
Change Time Format
Change the time format string or timezone
Clean Urls
Get pmwiki to use "clean urls" (w/o pmwiki.php)
Compare Versions
of the same file (or directory)
Compressed Page Store
Have PmWiki save pages in compressed format
Content Type
Change PmWiki's content type or charset
Delete Action
Delete page via (password-protected) ?action=delete
Edit Templates
How can I establish an "edit template" for new pages?
Expire Diff
Remove a page's history (?action=expirediff)
Global Operations
Run a script over every page in a wiki
One Group For All
A cookbook to run a PmWiki in a 'single group mode' for 'naive' end-users
adds the page generation time to the bottom of the page
Recent Changes Excerpt
Display a list of the last n modified pages
Restore PmWiki
Restore PmWiki from an archive
Search Results
Limit the pages displayed in search results or page lists
Skin Change
Allow users to select custom skins for viewing pages
Skin Config
Configure skins interactively
Sys Diff
Use an external diff(1) program for page history
Use Alternative Configurations
depending on server name (or some other determinant)

Content Management System Add:Ons

Bundle 4 Blog
Using PmWiki as a blogging engine
CMS Like
Another recipe for adding CMS behavior to PmWiki
PmWiki as a CMS
Using PmWiki as a CMS (Content Management System)
Missing pithy explanation
Missing pithy explanation
Tell a Friend
Send page by email


Edit On DblClick
Edit a page by double-clicking on it
Emacs PmWiki Mode
Opening/editing/saving PmWiki source from within Emacs, also known as pmwiki-mode for Emacs (Unix/Linux, etc.).
Excel Paste
Paste and convert spreadsheet (Excel) data
Gui Edit
Adding buttons in the edit window
GuiEdit DateButton
Adding a date button to the guiedit toolbar
Layout Edit Modified
Modify the edit page layout
Edit a drawing in your browser
Preview Top
Move the edit preview box to the top
Adds spelling checking to PmWiki Editing.
SubEthaEdit PmWiki Mode
Mac text editor plug-in for PmWiki compatibility, with a Safari-compatible script.
Connect to PmWiki using an XML-RPC interfaces such as the Blogger API

Form Tools

Build Forms
Create HTML forms with Wiki Markup
Form Guide System
Make Wiki Pages into dynamic forms
Mail Form
Send mail without exposing your own email-address
New Page Form
Adds a new page using a form
Wiki Forms
Like PITS, extended to support: defining the form using a wiki page; updating entries as well as creating them

Functional extensions

Perform code and syntax highlighting in wiki pages
Bibtex Ref
Use a bibliography in your pages
Comment Box
adds (:commentbox:) markup
Another commenting engine, stores comments in separate files
Source Block
An other code and syntax highlighter (supersedes CodeBlock?).
Google Sitemaps
How to submit a pmwiki site to Google sitemaps
Generate PDF
Generates a PDF file from the current Wiki page.
Multi Language
Missing pithy explanation
Output Compression
compress the output and achieve major load speed improvements
PageList WikiTrail
Missing pithy explanation
Publish WikiTrail
Create a printable view of the pages on a WikiTrail as a single page
Simple Page Counter
count number of hits to a page
The PmWiki Issue Tracking System
Search Extensions
add page jump, search quick reference, search publish and category publish capabilities
Search Terms
another version of the above that doesn't require skin modifications


Embedded Gallery
How to embed the Menalto Gallery inside of PmWiki
Easy Gallery
Howto create a gallery without additional scripts
Insert "Flash" (*.swf) movies in wiki pages
Images AutoResizing
to reduce images and make images links
Picture Gallery
Display uploaded pictures and automatically create thumbnails for preview.
Rotate Markup
Enable "rotating" markup (images) in wiki pages
Scaleable Vector Grafic (*.svg) in wiki pages
Simple Gallery
Adding a simple gallery (photo/picture album) to pmwiki


Attach Links
Change the formatting of Attach: links
Attachlist Enhanced
List missing or orphaned attachments
CSV Include
Missing pithy explanation
Inserts a random fortune cookie.
Include Url
Missing pithy explanation
Include Site
Include external html pages in your Wiki Pages
Include WikiPage
Include wiki pages from other PmWiki 2.0 web sites.
Include With Edit
Add an edit button to edit the included page / section
Include XML
Transform XML with XSL in your wiki pages (RSS,...).
Random Quote
Inserts a random line from a text file.
Update Attachments
Have every attachment appear with an "update" link
Upload Groups
Change attachments to be organized on a per-group or sitewide basis
Upload Types
Add/remove upload extensions

Layout modifications

All GroupHeader
Add page for sitewide style definition like GroupHeader for all groups
Compact PageList
Making output of a long pagelist compact.
Dict Index
Get page listings in a "dictionary index" format
Film Script
Adding Film Script Styles
Group HomePage Change
Changing a group's default HomePage
Link PageCreateFmt Tooltip
Adding a "tooltip" to a link of a non-existent page
Main Group Change
Changing the Main group
Random Title
Randomise browser titles using $WikiTitle
Removing left content
(removing the SideBar)
SideBar Name Change
Changing the SideBar name
SideBar Special
Setting up special-use SideBars?
Superscript Line Spacing
Fix line spacing of superscripts and subscripts
Title Spaced
capitalization and wikiwords

Links/Page handling

Alternate Naming Scheme
using underscores
AddLink Bookmarklet
Fast add ref. of any current web page to a given Wiki page
Add PageForm
Add pages without having to place their name on another page first
alternate solution for links with @ prefix @Page
External Links
Cause external links to open in a new window by default
Lazy WebLinks
Rename Page
Add ?action=rename option
Page Paths
Allow pages to be shared among multiple groups
Other Bookmarklets
(edit a page, etc.)
Subpage Markup
Allows a wiki page to have one level of subpage

Markup changes

Abbreviation Plurals
embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages (no external tools required)
Conditional Extensions
extend conditional markup
Enable HTML
Allow html tags in wiki pages
Linux Tex
embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages (full LaTeX installation necessary)
Markup Extensions
adds a wide range of markups
Mime TeX
embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages
No Space Pre
removing the leading space from <PRE> blocks.
Numbered Headers
and table of content
Outline Lists
Use ordered lists for outlines (I. A. 1. i. etc.)
Automatically generate a table of contents for a wiki page
PostIt Notes
Yellow Stickies
Reverse Headings
reverse the weights of !, !!, !!, etc.
Source Block
alternative to the (:markup:) directive
Wiki Smileys
Missing pithy explanation
WordWrap Preformatted Text
Missing pithy explanation

Markup writing

This is information for those who wish to write recipes for markup changes.

Custom Markup
Basic information
Functions for the markup writer (for module writers, too)
Parsing Markup Arguments
For writing markup that takes parameters
Markup Ruleset Debugging
show more information than ?action=ruleset
Regular Expressions
Tips&tricks for regular expression usage

Menu Tools

Expanding Menus
Creating expanding Sidebar menus with conditional markup
Expanding Menu
creates a menu that expands to show only subpages in the current section
Horizontal Menu
Horizontal Vertical Menu
Multilevel horizontal/vertical menu within wiki markup or e.g. SideBar?
Tracking Menu
highlights current page
Trail Menu
creates a tree menu from a trail
Tree Menu
creates a tree like menu

Personal Information Management (PIM)

To Do
Manage a list of to do items
create a query / answer quiz with pmwiki
Wiki Calendar
Creates a calendar, where each day is a wiki page

RSS Tools

Rss Improved
improves feed compatibility, customizable -- includes support for Podcasting/enclosures.
See All RSS Changes
Solving problem of unrecognized changes when using 3rd-party-software
Rss Feed Display
Display RSS feeds in a wiki


See also PmWiki.Security

Audit Images
Check to see what images have been uploaded to your wiki.
Authenticated As Conditional
Conditional that depends on what the user is authenticated as
Blocklist 2
Block postings based on content or IP address (new & improved!)
Credits Block
List all contributors to a page on the page
Controlling Web Robots
adding robot control meta-tags to pages
Des Crypt
Provides client-side DES and 3DES encryption.
Hide e-mail address
Farm Security
Making Farm installations secure
Fix short sessions
if you keep getting asked to enter your password after saving edits
Making password requests explicit
Get notification by email about page edits
Require Author
Require an author name when saving edits
Secure Attachments
safeguarding attachments from public access on protected pages or groups.
User Auth
User based authorization

System Tools

My PmWiki
access to mysql
Per Group SubDirectories
Organise files in subdirectories for each group

Wiki:to-Wiki Conversion Tools

Convert UseMod
Convert pages in a UseMod directory to PmWiki
Wiki Markup Conversion
Helps to convert other wiki markup to PmWiki


Superseded recipes

Block postings based on content or IP address-old version (deprecated)
 0: 00.00 00.00 config start
 1: 00.01 00.01 config end
 2: 00.29 00.21 MarkupToHTML begin
 3: 00.38 00.28 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls begin
 4: 00.38 00.28 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls end
 5: 00.45 00.34 MarkupToHTML end
 6: 00.45 00.34 MarkupToHTML begin
 7: 00.47 00.35 MarkupToHTML end
 8: 00.47 00.35 MarkupToHTML begin
 9: 00.47 00.36 MarkupToHTML end
10: 00.47 00.36 now
Peak memory: 4,057,560 bytes