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2016  Responsive skin very close to the default skin (Superseded by PmWiki-responsive)
2016-Talk  Talk page for 2016 skin.
2016-Users  User notes for the 2016 skin recipe.
ABitModern  PmWiki port of the template of the same name
ABitModern-Users  User notes for the ABitModern recipe.
Academian  A tan skin with a gradient red header and brown highlights
Academian-Talk  Talk page for Academian.
Academian-Users  User notes for the Academian recipe.
Adapt  A mobile-friendly skin that adapts to suit the display size. (Beta)
Adapt-Talk  Talk page for Adapt Skin.
Adapt-Users  User notes for the Adapt Skin recipe.
Alalike  Loosely based on the A List Apart site
Amber  responsive mobile-friendly skin for all devices (stable)
Amber-Talk  Talk page for Amber.
Amber-Users  User notes for the Amber recipe.
Barthelme  A minimalist skin where white space and margins can show culture and aestheticism, ported from the Barthelme Wordpress theme
Barthelme-Talk  Talk page for Barthelme.
Barthelme-Users  User notes for the Barthelme recipe.
BeeblebroxNetGila  Based on gila by haran, for a more modern version of this skin, see Skins.Maguila
BFreedom  A White skin with a blue header
BitterLemon  Tableless, left side-bar skin based on IGIENISTA DENTALE template by Arcsin.
BitterLemon-Users  User notes for the BitterLemon recipe.
Blix  Blix is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (Active)
Blix-Talk  Talk page for Blix.
Blix-Users  User notes for the Blix recipe.
Blog  A blog-oriented skin that emphasizes content, with an easy-to-read default font size and no graphical frills
BlueBerry  xhtml 1.1 and css 2.0 conform blue skin (Stable)
BlueBerry-Users  User notes for the BlueBerry recipe.
BlueFur  Blue Fur skin has kind of a 60's feel, rounded and reminiscent of bad shag carpet
Bluehead  Elegant looking white skin with a dark blue header and grey background
Blues  This skin has the blues
Blues-Users  User notes for the Blues recipe.
Boira  Boira skin (Alpha)
Boira-Users  User notes for the Boira recipe.
Bonny  Bonny is a fully CSS-driven skin, 2 or 3-column layout, with variations in layout and appearance, and optional CMS mode. (beta)
Bs-001  This is a dark theme intended to be a 'gaming' theme. It was converted from a php-nuke theme
Bs-002  Bs-002 Skin - This is a theme is ported from a php-nuke theme for use with pmwiki. (Added on 7 November 2015)
Choice  Choice is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (Active)
Choice-Talk  Talk page for Choice.
Choice-Users  User notes for the Choice recipe.
Cinnamon  Clean skin with red, brown and gray highlights
Classic  Responsive skin designed for classic-sf and folk song websites. (stable)
CleanSimple  This is a Clean & Simple skin, previously named Choice. I have improved it. (New)
CleanSimple-Talk  Talk page for CleanSimple.
Colorimetry  Colorimetry is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (Active)
Colorimetry-Talk  Talk page for Colorimetry.
Colorimetry-Users  User notes for the Colorimetry recipe.
DefaultSkinWithoutTable  This skin replaces the HTML table of the default skin with divs. (Proposed)
DefaultSkinWithoutTable-Users  User notes for the Default Skin Without Table recipe.
DropDown  Tabbed skin with drop down menu bar
DropShadow  DropShadow provides a simple two column interface, and includes top navigation tabs. (Active)
DropShadow-Talk  Talk page for DropShadow.
DropShadow-Users  User notes for the DropShadow recipe.
Enlighten  Enlighten is a two-column theme, several color options, fluid/fixed width, a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (Active)
Enlighten-Talk  Talk page for Enlighten.
Enlighten-Users  User notes for the Enlighten recipe.
Equilibrium  Equilibrium is a blog-oriented skin, with a focus on simplicity. Along with the typical sidebar and top navigation tabs, this skin presents blog summaries in column oriented, rather than the traditional vertical layout. (Active)
Equilibrium-Talk  Talk Page for Equilibrium
Equilibrium-Users  User notes for the Equilibrium recipe.
Evolver  a skin that demonstrates how to seamlessly integrate both UserAuth and CMSLike, based upon the OSWD Evolver design
FixFlow  Highly configurable skin with many color-schemes, plus optional RightBar, plus fixed or flowing SideBar, on left or right (Stable)
FixFlow-RightBar  skin subpage
FixFlow-Talk  Talk page of FixFlow
FixFlow-Users  User notes for the FixFlow recipe.
Flckr  Tabless skin, inspired by the layout and colors of the site (Stable)
Flexi  Extremly flexible skin; created to make final design via CSS; All contents through separate wiki documents (Active)
Flexi-Users  User notes for the Flexi recipe.
Gemini  Highly configurable skin with many color-schemes, plus optional RightBar (Stable)
Gemini-RightBar  skin subpage
Gemini-Talk  Talk page of Gemini
Gemini-Users  User notes for the Gemini recipe.
GeminiTips  A collection of admin tips for the Gemini and FixFlow skins
GlossyHue  GlossyHue provides a simple two column interface, and includes top navigation tabs, and a three-section footer. (Active)
GlossyHue-Talk  Discussion page for GlossyHue.
GlossyHue-Users  User notes for the GlossyHue recipe.
Grayness  Aa blue and gray skin that is easy on the eyes in most lighting conditions
Grease  Minimalistic skin inspired by the Dive Into Greasemonkey online book. (Stable)
Grease-Talk  Talk page for Grease.
Grease-Users  User notes for the Grease recipe.
Green  Tableless skin in green. (stable)
Green-Users  User notes for the Green recipe.
GroupFooter  Skins group footer with links to Talk and Users pages
GroupHeader  Skins group header
IPMWiki  Mobile skin for IPhone viewing and editing of PMWiki (stable)
IPMWiki-Users  User notes for the IPMWiki recipe.
JH  Tabs skin based on a PmWiki customisation by James Home
JHMP  More tabs skin based on a PmWiki customisation by James Home with Mac-like images
Kaylen  Kaylen is a dark and modified version of the default PmWiki skin.
Lean  A clean, minimalist skin that was created with usability in mind
Leaves  A skin using light tones of orange, gray and white
Lens  Super customisable skin with most skin furniture, such as the footer and action list, stored in wikipages
Lens-Users  User notes for the Lens recipe.
Light  A more configurable CMS-friendly derivative of Lean Skin with many changes
Lines  Skin for a website where PmWiki is used as a CMS-System for easy website maintenance, not be easily seen that it's based on a Wiki
Lt9602  Finnish design, idealistic, "Clean", compact and simple skin inspired by Lean and
Maguila  Tableless skin for PmWiki based on design by Haran from OSWD. (mantained)

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