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Maintainer: DaveG
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Hover problem with title

jce? December 22, 2017; The title seems to disappear when I hover over it. I assume it turns white but the background also remains white. This is not the case for the demo page that you have posted. I can't seem to find a variable with a name like "title-highlight-background" that might be involved in the hover action. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

No featured_image on Group page?

KRZ? April 8, 2016: How can I hide the feature_image from the Group page, but maintain the image on the home page column display? See here: http://officeforpublicculture.org/Blog/Main I use Mini to resize images on Blog.PageName, but I'm not sure how to resize the featured_image on the Group page and have been trying everything to hide it (would prefer to just hide it like it does on the entry/PageName).

Changing Hover Color

Marte July 31,2014:

I know I can change the colors using code like the examle below. How do I change the hover property in that block?

$SkinColor = 'pumice';
$ValidSkinColors['pumice'] = array(

Replacing the site title with a logo

dsanchez? October 17, 2010: If I define a logo in my config.php file, it will be shown next to the site's title. I would like to show the logo only, and not the logo and the site's title. How can I achieve this? Thank you!

DaveG 14-Dec-2009: You'll need to set the WikiTitle to a space:
$WikiTitle = " ";  #" " might also work

SteP December 4, 2009: great skin, thank you!
Fixed small documentation error in skin page.
There is still a bit of an issue with showing cover images in the blog entry itself. If per Group/Name uploads are enabled, the blog entry upload directory and the blog summary upload directory differ. So you need to upload the cover image twice, once from the blog entry and once from the blog summary page. Same issue even if per Group uploads are enabled, when the blog summary group and the blog entry group are not the same. An easy work-around is to upload all cover images to a fixed Image.Covers page, which can get untidy, but oh well: (:featured_image:Attach:Image.Covers/walle.jpg:)

Open Issues

BlogIt, Blog Summary Page and Skittlish

Nicolas? 3-Jul-2011: Dear Dave, I do like the row-like manner used to display blog entries in the blog summary page. Since I am using another skin template (Skitllish) which is also compatible with BlogIt, I am wondering whether it would be possible to export this very nice configuration to this other skin? Thank you, this would be greatly helpful!

Roland April 14, 2010: I think there's some typo (a missing '{') in the file Site.BlogIt-SkinTemplate-equilibrium, line (:blogit-skin date fmt='long':){*$:entrydate}(:blogit-skinend:)%

SteP January 23, 2010, at 05:35 PM: Don't know if it's intentional on your part, but the Equilibrium (and Skittlish...) tmpl file uses css class "searchButton" with a capital B, while the standard pmwiki skin uses "searchbutton", lowercase b. And "searchBox" or "searchbox"?

SteP December 14, 2009: I just noticed that if your markup doesn't wrap #blog-summary-pagelist in a styled div, php throws a lot of warnings "division by zero".

(:div11 class="featured":) <<<--- leave this out - get php warnings
(:includesection "#blog-summary-pagelist blogid=blog1 status=publish":)
(:div11end:)               <<<--- leave this out - get php warnings

DaveG 14-Dec-2009: I do get the messages, but adding a "cols=2" parameter is the fix (I'll add a default to prevent the errors); adding the div does not resolve the issue for me. Could you verify that the addition of the div prevents the messages?

SteP: You're right, the fix is cols=2, not the div. Thanks

SteP December 4, 2009: why did you choose to make table text so small? I can barely read tables. As a workaround I changed styles.css line 47 to

p, address, caption, cite, pre, code, dfn, em, strong, th, var, dt, dd, tr, td

DaveG 14-Dec-2009: Not my choice, but something inherited from the original skin. I agree it's too small, and your fix is good. Look for it in the next release.

Closed Issues

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Status: Docs updated

gringojack? October 11, 2009: Thanks for the explanation to Fabrizio. I was having the same problem and could not find anything in your documentation that showed how to break the entry.

DaveG October 11, 2009: Ha, wouldn't you know it. I missed out the really obvious parts of the docs :) I'll add that in.

Current Equilibrium version does not have the Read more link

Status: Docs updated

Fabrizio? October 10, 2009: Equilibrium available for download does not seem to have the the Read more... link at the bottom of the featured two blog entries (as in the screen shot). Instead, it presents the whole text. Same problem for the Latest Posts. The consequence of hat is that you have a long post, index page is veeeeery long. Dave, any chance you can tell me how to fix it? thanks a lot and great skin.

DaveG October 10, 2009: Check that you're using the latest versions of blogit and the skin -- my guess is you're using a slightly older development version of BlogIt.

Fabrizio? October 10, 2009: Dave, I think I have the last version of all pmwiki, equilibrium and blogit. Am I missing something?

DaveG October 10, 2009: I uploaded the versions of Equilibrium and BlogIt available from PmWiki to the test site. As you see the first entry uses the [[#break]] markup. So it seems that there is a config difference. Here's what you might check:

  1. Make sure your using the right tag, which by default is: [[#break]]
  2. The tag used to determine where to break is $bi_BodyBreak (by default SDV($bi_BodyBreak, XL('break'));). Verify that you're not over-riding this in config.
  3. As you see the string uses XL translations. Are you loading a translation file that translates word 'break'? If so use that translation rather than the English.
  4. Try pasting an entry you that doesn't work on your site into a new entry on the test site. Does it work there?

Fabrizio? October 13, 2009: Dave, thanks a million, the reason why I didn't have any "read more" is because I was not using any tag ([[#break]]) to break the text. I think it is not mention anywhere (but I might be wrong) and for a non very intelligent guy like me ;), I thought was some sort of automatic thing. Thanks again, now the blog is super. Fabrizio.

Problems with markups like Bold

Status: Issue resolved

Fabrizio? October 10, 2009: In my fresh installation of this skin and of Pmwiki, I seem to have problems with Bold and Italics. The font appears bigger than the rest of text. Anybody else had the same problem? live example here: soenglish.freehostia.com

Thanks a lot. Fabrizio

DaveG October 10, 2009: This is actually by design, although I agree it looks a little odd in some cases (although on your blog it's a neat effect). To prevent it, add this to config.php:

$HTMLStylesFmt['equilibrium']='strong { font-size:1em; }';

Fabrizio? October 10, 2009: it worked perfectly, thanks a lot.

Numbered bullets don't display applied styling

17-Jul-2009: Bug Fixed (1.1.0)

Promsan July 17, 2009, at 04:43 AM: My only gripe is that it won't let me use Wiki Styles for numbered/lettered bullets e.g.: b. 2. ii. etc...

  1. Top level
    1. second-level
    2. second-level
    3. second-level
      1. third-level
      2. third-level
    4. second-level
      1. third-level
        1. fourth-level
          1. fifth-level
          2. fifth-level
        2. fourth-level
  2. top-level
  3. top-level

Please could you offer a tweak for that?

17-Jul-2009, DaveG: I've logged the bullet styling as an issue.

Some questions about the look of Equilibrium

Status: Closed

fabrizio?, 6-Sep-2009: Dear Dave, first of all let me thank you for the good work. Equilibrium is a very good skin and actually this is the second skin from you that I am using.

I just have some basic questions about the look of the skin. By using:

(:div11 class="featured":)
!!! %block section-head%Featured
(:includesection "#blog-summary-pagelist blogid=blog1 count=2 status=sticky cols=2":)

(:div11 class="latest":)
!!! %block section-head%Latest Posts
(:includesection "#blog-summary-pagelist blogid=blog1 count=4 status=publish cols=4":)

I don't really get the same style that I can see in the screen shot (the one with Walle) because the page title (Main - Home Page) does not get replaced by Featured. same for the section Latest Posts. Would be good if you could tell me what markups you use to get the screen shoot.

Could you also tell me how to include a picture in the post (I am using BlogIt) that will show up in both Latest Posts and Featured sections. By using Attach:Attach:pic.png Δ the pic shows up only when you click on the post.

Last question, how do I delete the typical "Main - Home Page" heading that you get for each page?

thanks a lot fabrizio

6-Sep-2009 DaveG:

  1. If you want to hide the title on any PmWiki page use (:notitle:).
  2. In order to make an image appear on the blog summary page, use the (:featured_image:Attach:walle.jpg:) markup, documented here.

You might also want to check out the BlogIt demo page which use the Equilibrium skin -- you can see all the elements you described in use.

Dave, thanks a lot for your feedback. I just would like to point out that the answer to one of my question was: change !!! %block section-head%Latest Posts with !! %block section-head%Latest Posts

this, together with (:notitle:) will give the styled page in BlogIt demo page.

7-Sep-2009, DaveG: I corrected the error in the documentation. As you note those should be level 2 headers, not level 3 headers.

Equilibrium in a non-bloggy manner

Status: Closed

Promsan July 17, 2009, at 04:43 AM: I much prefer Equilibrium to many of the other skins, but it'd be great if it could be used in a non-bloggy way as well.

DaveG, 17-Jul-2009: The skin can be used in a non-bloggy manner. There is no need to use BlogIt, or any other blogging cookbook. If you want to get the same styling as BlogIt achieves with this skin (with images, etc), then you'll need to apply the correct classes to the page elements. I'll add a note to document this, but there are a lot of styles to apply (it's a complex skin), and it may not be worth the effort.

Promsan July 17, 2009, at 10:55 AMPromsan I think Equilibrium has a lot going for it as one of the slicker and more professional-looking skins available (IMO). If the goal was to get PMwiki used more, it might be worth looking into developing it; obviously, it's just a wish list thing.

Page Banner

Status: Closed

promsan, 13-Jul-2009: I'm also not yet able to work out how to put a banner at the top of the page... do you have to edit the actual skin file, or is it a pmwiki issue?

DaveG, 13-Jul-2009: Are you using the latest version, released on the 12-Jul-2009? If you want to include a small image near the title, then layout header should help.

If you want something beyond an image near the title, then yes, you'll need to edit the skin file.

promsan, 16-Jul-2009: Right... I was trying to insert a big pic to fill up the blank space at the top of the skin display.

DaveG, 16-Jul-2009: Equilibrium isn't really designed to have an image at the top. You can achieve the effect though by adding this to config.php:

$HTMLStylesFmt['equilibrium'] = '#top{height:5.1em;transparent url(URL_TO_IMAGE) no-repeat scroll left top}';

Change URL_TO_IMAGE to the url to your image. You can change the height, but it should be no more than 5.1em (use em or px, is fine. 5.1em is equivalent to 54px).

Promsan July 17, 2009, at 04:43 AM: I'll try this later.


Issue resolved?

promsan, 13-Jul-2009: I also can't get any of the wysywig buttons to appear on the edit page... markup stuff generally seems to not work for me at the moment; any ideas?

DaveG, 13-Jul-2009: What cookbook are you using for the wysywig buttons? Do they work if you disable the Equilibrium skin (comment out the $Skin = 'equilibrium'; line).

promsan, 16-Jul-2009: I tried switching them on with the basic pmwiki, and streamlining the activated stuff in the config file... but it's not even changing my skin at the moment!

Promsan July 16, 2009, at 10:21 AMPromsan I think I meant the built-in toolbar in the default config file (GuiEdit), but perhaps I'd be better off trying the edit toolbar recipe.

DaveG, 16-Jul-2009: EditToolbar uses the same basic mechanism as GuiEdit. So if you can't get GuiEdit working, EditToolbar isn't going to work either. Sounds like you are having issues with FTP and uploading cookbooks (refer below).

Promsan July 17, 2009, at 04:43 AM: Sorted.

Promsan July 18, 2009 ...not quite. At work, on an ubuntu machine, I can get the basic guiedit buttons; at home, on WinXP, I can't get diddly... and obviously, no joy with the "MyGuiEdit" array of buttons either. I am doing my best to search for stuff and read everything slowly, and type things in carefully in the config file... I dunno, it's just not happening; I'm sure it's something minor in the way.

DaveG, 19-Jul-2009: Sorry to hear you're having troubles getting PmWiki to work. My best advice is to verify that you have paths setup correctly ($ScriptUrl is the main one). Are you sure you're getting diddly, or is it just having trouble loading the GUI images? Look at the page source, find one of the images GUIEdit is trying to load, and copy/paste it into your browser -- see an icon? If not $PubDirUrl is likely the culprit. And again, don't suffer alone... try getting help on the mailing list.

FTP Files

Issue resolved

promsan, 16-Jul-2009: It seems like none of the changes I'm making in the config file are being implemented on the wiki when I upload them (I'm, using gFTP on Ubuntu 6.0.3 at work; and FIlezilla on WinXP at home). I'm trying to test out changing the skin between monobook and equilibrium to start with. From searching the PITS database, all I can see is someone solving a basic issue by uploading the zip file and extracting it on the server... is that like a general rule of thumb for this stuff, or is there any reason that this skin might play up?

DaveG, 16-Jul-2009: There are many way to do this. I'm familiar with Windows, so I unzip the files in windows, and then the WinSCP to FTP the files over to my server. I'd start simple. Try to get the skin working first. If you see the files on the server (ie, they uploaded fine), then make sure you have all the paths set correctly -- particularly $PubDirUrl and $ScriptDirUrl. You might want to post your question on the mailing list, as you'll get a far broader set of experience applied to your issue.

Promsan July 17, 2009, at 04:43 AM: Sorted now (see first one)

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