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Maintainer: DaveG
Categories: Skins, Discussion

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php 5.5 compatibility

2015-Nov-22, Kurt:The /e switch of preg_replace() (used by Markup()) is deprecated in php 5.5, causing the skin to generate lots of warnings. Changing

# Move any (:noleft:) or SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt', 0); directives to variables for access in jScript.
$FmtPV['$LeftColumn'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageLeftFmt']";
Markup('noleft', 'directives',  '/\\(:noleft:\\)/ei', "SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$RightColumn'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageRightFmt']";
Markup('noright', 'directives',  '/\\(:noright:\\)/ei', "SetTmplDisplay('PageRightFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$ActionBar'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageActionFmt']";
Markup('noaction', 'directives',  '/\\(:noaction:\\)/ei', "SetTmplDisplay('PageActionFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$TabsBar'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageTabsFmt']";
Markup('notabs', 'directives',  '/\\(:notabs:\\)/ei', "SetTmplDisplay('PageTabsFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$SearchBar'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageSearchFmt']";
Markup('nosearch', 'directives',  '/\\(:nosearch:\\)/ei', "SetTmplDisplay('PageSearchFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$TitleGroup'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageTitleGroupFmt']";
Markup('notitlegroup', 'directives',  '/\\(:notitlegroup:\\)/ei', "SetTmplDisplay('PageTitleGroupFmt',0)");
Markup('notitle', 'directives',  '/\\(:notitle:\\)/ei', "SetTmplDisplay('PageTitleFmt',0); SetTmplDisplay('PageTitleGroupFmt',0)");
Markup('fieldset', 'inline', '/\\(:fieldset:\\)/i', "<fieldset>");
Markup('fieldsetend', 'inline', '/\\(:fieldsetend:\\)/i', "</fieldset>");


# Move any (:noleft:) or SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt', 0); directives to variables for access in jScript.
$FmtPV['$LeftColumn'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageLeftFmt']";
Markup_e('noleft', 'directives',  '/\\(:noleft:\\)/i', "SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$RightColumn'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageRightFmt']";
Markup_e('noright', 'directives',  '/\\(:noright:\\)/i', "SetTmplDisplay('PageRightFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$ActionBar'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageActionFmt']";
Markup_e('noaction', 'directives',  '/\\(:noaction:\\)/i', "SetTmplDisplay('PageActionFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$TabsBar'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageTabsFmt']";
Markup_e('notabs', 'directives',  '/\\(:notabs:\\)/i', "SetTmplDisplay('PageTabsFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$SearchBar'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageSearchFmt']";
Markup_e('nosearch', 'directives',  '/\\(:nosearch:\\)/i', "SetTmplDisplay('PageSearchFmt',0)");
$FmtPV['$TitleGroup'] = "\$GLOBALS['TmplDisplay']['PageTitleGroupFmt']";
Markup_e('notitlegroup', 'directives',  '/\\(:notitlegroup:\\)/i', "SetTmplDisplay('PageTitleGroupFmt',0)");
Markup_e('notitle', 'directives',  '/\\(:notitle:\\)/i', "SetTmplDisplay('PageTitleFmt',0); SetTmplDisplay('PageTitleGroupFmt',0)");
Markup('fieldset', 'inline', '/\\(:fieldset:\\)/i', "<fieldset>");
Markup('fieldsetend', 'inline', '/\\(:fieldsetend:\\)/i', "</fieldset>");

seems to fix the problem.

Liquid Version?

2-Jun-2009, SteP: Dave, I'm using skittlish because it's liquid and newer, but I'd love to switch to GlossyHue for its fantastic look. Any chance you'll add a liquid option to GlossyHue, please?

2-Jun-2009, DaveG: I seem to remember looking at this long ago and thinking a fluid version would be tough. I tend to agree with you though -- at the very least being able to change widths easily would be useful. I'll take another look.

PmCalendar compatibility

Steve, 3-Nov-2008: I really like the look of many of your skins. I was thinking about converting over to Glossy Hue but I kept running into trouble with my PM Calendar.

  • The days events seem to run over the month's calendar. Like this . But if I scroll down and then back up, it gives me my expected result like this . I'm using the latest version of pmcal. What is the fix for this?
  • Also, when I use NORIGHT and NOSEARCH, I thought the entire green sidebar would disappear and it would give me more white real estate for the calendar or a map, etc. Instead, the navigation is gone, but I don't gain the use of that space like this . Is there a way to make it go away completely? Something like this
  • Footer 1 appears higher than Footer 2 in IE7.. At least for me... Is there a way to line them up with the About Footer?
DaveG, 22-Feb-2009: Steve, sorry I didn't respond until now -- not sure how I managed to miss your post. Regarding the problem with calendar -- looking at your site it looks like you fixed that. It does seem like more of a calendar issue though.
  • For this skin, the green sidebar is a part of the skin itself, so it stays. When I finally get around to updating the skin to allow the sidebar to be left or right, this issue will be implemented.
  • This is a problem with the footer itself. Simply remove the blank lines between the div's in the footer. I'll update that in a new release.


Arunn?, 31-Mar-2008: Thanks for the good skin. I am using it now. Stumbled a bit about the GUI edit buttons, but resolved as suggested above and copied folders from blix skin. Also, added jsMath cookbook and needed to modify the template a bit, but works fine. Shall look out for the skin updates.

Editing headers and footers

Andrew D?, 6-Dec-2007: Have to agree with the good skin comment. Very slick. I have an issue when trying to edit header and footers. I was asked for a password which I had not set either through attr or config.php. I had to edit the wikilib.d files directly. Is this the correct way to edit these areas ?

DaveG, 7-Dec-2007: Glad you like the skin! Across PmWiki in general you should never have to edit files inside wikilib.d (and even if you had to edit, you should copy the file to wiki.d, and edit those).

What happens when you edit other Site group pages, like Site.PageHeader? If you are prompted for a password, then it's been set in config.php somewhere. From the Release Notes It looks like "other pages in the Site group continue to be protected against edits and require the admin password to unlock." -- double check to verify no admin password has been set.

Steve W?, 3-Dec-2007: Good skin, however unable to get GUI buttons to show when page editing. Set GUI to 1 in config file and made sure Javascript works in Browser to no avail. The buttons show when editing a page on the main pmwiki site so I am guessing maybe a problem/setting/bug on skin?

DaveG, 5-Dec-2007: I'd first check that the button images were uploaded correctly. They should be in skindir/images/guiedit. Second, the button directory $GUIButtonDirUrlFmt] is derived from [@$SkinDirUrl, so check that $SlinDirUrl is pointing to the guiedit directory correctly. Easiest way to do that is to simply check the HTML source of the page and see where the icon paths are pointing.

Steve W, 8-Dec-2007 Dave, Sorry if this all a bit basic. Viewed the html source for the GUI buttons on the Edit page however they seem to be pointing to png files which I dont have. The standard pmwiki fies are gif's. I have examined the complete installation files as downloaded and all files seem to be gifs as well.

Steve W. 9-Dec-2007 Seem to have solved the missing png's. Downloaded one of your other skins and used the guiedit image files (which were png) from that one. Not entirely sure why they were gifs in GlossyHue as would have thought other people would have complained if the original downloaded zip file was the problem. Thanks for the help

DaveG, 9-Dec-2007: Well wouldn't you know it... it looks like I did not include the edit icons in the zip file! That would explain why you couldn't find them :) Sorry for the problems this caused you, and glad you managed to resolve it on your own!

General suggestions

swestrup, 2007-Nov-24: This looks very good. I have long wanted a skin with a simple two-column look and page tabs. I'm thinking of using this for a corporate site I'm going to be working on. As much as I like the look though, I think it likely that I'll be making some changes to how the skin works. In case you're interested here are the changes I'll probably make (if you like, I'll send you copies of the changed files when I'm done.):

  • Create a uniform interface for controlling the skin inside config.php. This would probably be done via a $GlossyHue array. Rather than have an admin enter SetTmplDisplay('PageXXXFmt', 0);, instead they'd say $GlossyHue['enable']['XXX'] = 0;. This gives the skin much more flexibility if in the future it turns out that turning off a section has processing implications in the skin.
  • Allow the page to be the full width of the screen. I absolutely hate unused browser real-estate.
  • Allow the sidebar to be on either the right or left side.
  • Possibly allow the sidebar to have its width specified in config.php or on a config page (depending on how hard that is to support in the CSS).
  • Have all of the skin sections try to include page-specific, group-specific and then site-specific versions of themselves. I'd probably drop the GlossyHue part of the names, as that can make it a real pain if one day one wants to switch to a different skin that has a different name. One would rather just edit the sections in place, rather than have to move them to new names as well.
DaveG, 24-Nov-2007: Glad you like it. I'd love to see the changes you make.
  • Create a uniform interface: Note that I'm using PmWiki's standard markup here, not something skin specific. For page specific processing refer to removing sections. I'm not sure though how the array idea has any more flexibility than the built-in PmWiki functionality.
  • Full width: I know what you mean, and believe it or not I already increased the width from the original. The problem with *full* width is that it can make things hard to read on 1028 width screen resolutions. Also, the skin relies on an image for the coloring of the right nav bar, so you'll need to replace that somehow.
  • Left/right: This would be useful, but again would require refactoring the way the right nav bar is currently colored, with an image.
  • Skin sections: All skin sections are currently group/site specific. I include the skin name on all site level pages to avoid conflicts with the ways that other skins make use of those pages -- there are currently no standards, so things tend to look odd across skins. Of course, if you won't be switching skins, renaming is not an issue.
DaveG, 25-Nov-2007: I've decided that I'm going to update the skin to add the ability to select left/right nav positions. I should have that done in a few weeks.

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