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Not Working At All

I am new to PmWiki. I only installed it last week. I know nothing at all about coding (when I chose PmWiki, the description actually said, "You don't need to know coding..." Anyway, I'm still good at following directions (if I can find directions) and I still can't figure out what I did wrong.

Rather than "adding" the line $Skin = 'gemini' I did just replace 'pmwiki' in local/config.php but otherwise, I extracted and installed as directed. Should I have actually added the line instead of replacing $Skin = 'pmwiki'? The directory and all the files are installed on the database correctly. But my wiki still displays the default pmwiki skin.

This is the correct way to set the wiki to another skin. - HansB

Because I am new to all of this, I don't plan on changing anything at all in the CSS for Gemini. I don't want to mess with it. I just want to run whatever the standard Gemini defaults are (it looks AWESOME here on pmwikiorg), but in the night blue CSS. Is there some line I need to enable? Or do I need to search for an additional recipe, like a change-skins ad-on in order to run it? I've combed over the readme and tips text. It's Greek to me but it all seems to indicate how to change the CSS and styles, which I don't want to do except for enabling the night blue.

HansB: So you need in config.php these lines

$Skin = 'gemini'; 
$DefaultColor = 'night'; //for night-blue color scheme

I'm sure it's something simple and it's probably written out right in front of me so I'm really sorry for taking up your time... but I REALLY love this skin and will be disappointed if I can't get it working, so please forgive me for being dense. Thanks for your patience.

Could you please join the pmwiki-user list and raise your problem there. It will be a lot easier to communicate, for an error finding process which may take a bit of detective work. Thanks! HansB March 11, 2013, at 07:57 AM

Make sure you remove the "#" sign at the beginning of the line "$Skin = 'gemini';". Lines starting with "#" are commented out, ie. not processed by the system, and we use them as documentation. --Petko March 11, 2013, at 12:37 PM

That was it. Both answers (though seeming obvious) were necessary to install properly. Thank-you both. --SSK

Remove underline for h2

I really like this skin but I would like to remove the under line for the 2nd level headings -- how can I do this?

thanks Young

This style is set in the relevant font-...css file. The easiest to bypass this would be to add to a pub/css/local.css file (create one if you don't have one) this:

#content h2 { border-bottom:none; }

That worked beautifully -- thanks so much for the quick response!! -- Young

Can I center the searchbox?

Hi, I've been using this skin for several years and love it - thanks so much.

I've now put the searchbox in my sidebar - however is there any way to center the searchbox within the sidebar?



Try using css, for instance by putting into pub/css/local.css:

.wikisearch { text-align:center; }

class .wikisearch is for the whole form, class .searchbox for the input box, class .searchbutton for the button. HansB June 28, 2009, at 08:13 AM

Awesome.. I had to create the local.css but that worked great. Thanks so much. - Paul

Compared to FixFlow?

Other than the option to have the sidebar fixed or not, what differentiates this from FixFlow? If I don't need to fixed sidebar, is this the better theme to go with? Are both actively maintained? Thanks!

The looks are similar, most of the functions are the same, apart from the fixed sidebar. Th HTML is quite different: Gemini's layout is table based, FixFlow's is div based. If you don't need a fixed sidebar, and don't mind a table based layout, then use Gemini. It is very stable. I maintain all the skins I developed and published here. - HansB

Bootstrapping this thing

(Jonesy) I tried three or four skins before settling on this one, if I could get this one to work right it would be the best. I like how the preview function works and where the "save" etc. buttons are. First, my page text runs off the right edge of the browser (Firefox) as does the title bar. I have to scroll right to find the top menu. Second, the top menu has a different list (mine says "edit page" when it should say just "edit"; there's no "view" command, etc.) than what is shown on the Gemini skins page. There's probably some simple line I have to insert somewhere but I don't know where. Can you help Hans?

please read the skin description on Gemini and GeminiTips. Page action links in the top left corner and the footer are defined on wiki pages called PageTopMenu and PageFootMenu and can be modified there. The reason that a a page may get too wide is probably a space at the beginning of a long line of text. Pmwiki will interprete lines with empty spaces at the beginning as preformatted text, which be default does not get wrapped. You can change this behaviour in config.php, set for instance $EnableWSPre = 0; - HansB May 21, 2008, at 03:12 AM

Thanks, Hans. I'll try more experiments. I should have been a little clearer; what's not wrapping is not preformatted text. In other skins I was able to force line wrapping by inserting white-space:normal; this didn't work on Gemini though (or at least I don't know where it would do the most good). Thanks, again.--Jonesy May 27, 2008, 4:37pm EST

In Firefox: Horizontal Rules displayed improperly beside rframe/lframe frames - fixed

See the example below:

  • Official Name: Eastern Ferry
  • Business Type: Ferry Service, Public Transportation
  • Employees: 30+
  • Locations: 7

Example of Bug

Eastern Ferry is a ferry service in . In November of 2004, the SW City Administration decided it was time to give the citizens of SW City a new way to travel to other major islands in the Irenic Ocean. At the time, only Palm Sea Ferry was the only service running and it wasn't going to islands such as or The only other way to travel to other islands was the streets or airplanes from the .

Be sure to be viewing this in Firefox, with the Gemini skin applied. Can you see how the horizontal rule is improperly displayed?

Fixed now. Thanks for pointing this out. A margin-left:0; style attribute for the hr rules fixed this. HansB November 21, 2007, at 05:14 PM

Disable RightBar for a single group?

I like to have the RightBar enabled in all pages by default so I have set SDV($EnableRightBar, 1); in skin.php. Now I have one group that I would like it disabled for so I don't have to manually use (:noright:) for each new page in this group. I have not been able to find a way to do this, any suggestions? Either add to the group's GroupHeader page (:noright:) (you may need to create such a page), or create a local customisation php file for the group in your local/ directory: create a file local/GroupName.php (GroupName being the name of your group), add there as a GroupName customisation:

<?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();

$EnableRightBar = 0;

BTW. you can use in config.php: $EnableRightBar = 1; , you don't need to use the SDV(...); The skin.php uses it so the value will not be used if the variable is set already. HansB November 21, 2007, at 02:23 PM

Another thing: The recent changes link in the page header points to [[RecentChanges]], implicitly leading to Site.RecentChanges (unless I mixed it up at some point). Hence, you come to the changes page of the Site group... that's probably not intended? Rather Site/AllRecentChanges or so? Cheers, reichert? May 10, 2007, at 08:43 AM

You are right. The link in Site.PageTopMenu should be [[{*Group}.RecentChanges| $[Recent Changes] ]] HansB

Hi, the Group Attributes button leads to GroupAttributes?action=edit, shouldn't that be GroupAttributes?action=attr ? Cheers, reichert? April 30, 2007, at 09:26 AM

you are totally right. Will be fixed in the next release. In Site.PageFootMenu it should be:
*[[{*$Group}.GroupAttributes?action=attr| $[Group Attributes] ]]

Problem with Popup-EditForm in beta32 [2/28/07] - fixed with beta35

Somewhere between 2.2.0-beta15 and beta32, the Popup-EditForm stopped working and shows the Preview at the bottom of the page instead of overlaying the page. You can even verify this on the site using the Gemini skin. Can you check into this?

Try this:

Gives the error:


Thanks, Matt

I try to locate the problem: Is it happening elsewhere apart from - HansB

Yes, it happens on my intranet PmWiki site too, except that my site doesn't give such a descriptive error, it just puts the Preview on the bottom of the page instead of popping it on top.

I noticed an update on 3/5/07 -- is this the fix?

No sorry. I will try my best to sort it soon. HansB

My local instillation (running triad) is exactly the same as the above with no error, just no pop up preview it is below the edit box. This started with a recent PmWiki beta (I am sorry I am not sure which, I think it worked in beta20; died in 29or *shrug* Something like that. I do know it exists currently with pmwiki-2.2.0-beta34 on my local instillation. (Hans please feel free to contact me if you need a guinea pig to fiddle with things;) I have had no luck as of yet in figuring this out but I am really am not that familiar with the skin related side of PmWiki.

The important point of this is this is probably a change brought about by a change in PmWiki beta, and that it affects Triad as well as Gemini. (My two favorite skins by the by)

Feral March 12, 2007, at 09:50 PM
Thank you! Please try and test THIS Site.Popup-EditForm on your system. I have not released an update, but it should be the latest from the skin's wikilib.d folder. To compare you need to first edit Popup-EditForm, then rename the page file, in order to see the skin distributed versio from wikilib.d. Remember any changes you make via normal wiki editing will go in the page file in wiki.d, and the modified page will be used instead of the skin distributed from skin/wikilib.d. HansB March 13, 2007, at 02:57 AM

Hello Hans, (=

it should be the latest from the skin's wikilib.d folder.

Yes, it is. The only difference in the text field is a trailing '%0a' in the skin's (...\pub\skins\triad\wikilib.d\Site.Popup-EditForm). There is no difference in the page contents itself.

For reference triad version:2007-03-05 has the exact same results as Gemini version:2007-01-27 on my local system;

I am happy to help (= -- Feral March 13, 2007, at 01:09 PM

Well it is fixed on, by copying exactly the page contents into Site.Popup-EditForm. So what is wrong for you? HansB

Hello Hans, (=

So what is wrong for you?

Now that is a good question (=

Ok, I have upgraded to pmwiki-2.2.0-beta35, and *blinks twice* Well, that is all it took.

Of note this seems to have been a beta issue rather than skin; The only thing that has changed in mysetup is the 4 files that were different from beta34 to beta35. (an only the conditional markup in stdmarkup.php is relevant as far as I know) To be clear the only Site.Popup-EditForm I have is the one in Triad and Gemini(Gemini also works fine now).

Thank you for the help and wonderful skin Hans (=
An if you ever read this Pm, thank you for the wonderful wiki!

Feral March 13, 2007, at 10:20 PM
Thanks for that! It really had me puzzled. HansB

Scaleable Edit Field

Hans, I'm back into wiki admin here for a while and looking to upgrade things... I'm using Gemini 10b at the moment. Feature request (maybe it is already there) Many of us have cinema display screens. I would like the edit window to scale vertically. e.g. this edit window only shows 23 lines, top to bottom. With a big screen one likes to pull down the window and see more text... is this possible? -- Sivakatirswami

Go to Site.Gemini-Configuration and change the e-rows value near the bottom. ~HansB

Wrong Links

When you click on "Gemini 12" down at the bottom of the left SideBar, it takes you to PmWiki.GeminiSkin but that page doesn't exist. I guess it's meant to take you to PmWiki.Gemini, right?

Also, PmWiki.Gemini seems to be outdated as it still talks about "Gemflow".

By the way, there's still only a link to Site.Gemini-EditForm and not Site.Popup-EditForm on Site.Gemini-Configuration.

Thanks for spotting these! Now corrected (I really hope so!) -- HansB

I like this skin.

Thanks, HansB. There is some learning curve and I struggled to install it but it works fine now. I'm thinking more customization and may need some help then. When I look this page, it seems that you and other users are active on this. I'm feeling comfortable. Thanks again.

Please don't hesitate and tell me what was difficult in the installation process. It may lead to improvements for the future. ~HansB

Some outdated configuration options to tidy up

While looking at skin.php I noticed that for the $PageColorList-Array there exists the same entry twice:
'art' => 'c-art.css'

Also, the "art" and "grey" colour schemes are not selectable in Site.StyleOptions.

And something else: On Site.Gemini-Configuration there is only a link to configure Site.Gemini-EditForm. But since Site.Popup-EditForm is now the new default edit form there should also be a link to this page on the configuration page.

thank you for pointing these out to me! More oversights from the last development phase. Art should not be part of the array, and the c-grey.css file is not finished. It is used in Triad skin in a more finished version, with the name light-blue. I will correct all these for the next release. ~HansB
Hmm, I looked at the newest version (11.5.1) and in Site.Gemini-Configuration there's still only a link to Site.Gemini-EditForm and not Site.Popup-EditForm.
Oops, you are right! Corrected now.
Sorry to bother you again. I can see that you corrected the line under # Editing components to 'Site.EditForm' => 'Site.Popup-EditForm', but a the top under "Configurations" the link still goes to Site.Gemini-EditForm and not Site.Popup-EditForm.
So sorry, and embarrassed! Fixed now (I jolly well hope). Thanks for your perseverance and patience!

Wrong directory structure in Readme.txt

From the README.txt:
"Install in the usual way by unzipping into skin directory. A directory named gemflow will be created with all the files, grouped in several subdirectories."
In truth no directory named "gemflow" is created, but just a directory called "gemini" (or "fixflow" in the case of the FixFlow-skin). It seems like you intended to create a directory "gemflow" for the shared files of Gemini and FixFlow and then inside this gemflow-directory create subdirectories "gemini" and "fixflow" for the specific files of the corresponding skins. But that's not really how the directory structure is in your zip-files. Also, in the readme.txt you refer to a "css"-directory where really there is only a "gemini-css" (or "fixflow-css") directory.

You are right, the README file was totally out of date. I corrected this now. I had originally bundled gemini and fixflow together, as they share a lot of common css files, but I decided later to keep them apart, as it makes installation easier. I hope the documenmtation is a bit better now. HansB March 27, 2006, at 01:21 PM

Typos during setup

  • The name of the files in gemini/wikilib.d are all small letters. The names should be changed to Wiki style like Site.PageTopMenu after copied to ~/wikilib.d.
    As far as I can see the page files have correct Capitalised wiki names.
  • Site.Gemflow-Configuration in Site.PageFooter should be changed to Site.Gemini-Configuration.
    Thanks for pointing this out! The links are corrected now. 26-03-06
  • In order to use the RightBar, the line SDV($EnableRightBar, 1); in skin.php needs to be changed. "StyleOptions?setrb=" options only work after that.
    By default the RightBar will not show automatically for all pages. $EnableRightBar = 1; will do that. But the RightBar can still be shown on individual pages or groups by using markup (:showright:). The ?setrb=... options work if a RightBar show or not, even with the default set to $EnableRightBar = 1;. HansB

IE7 Problem

the SideBar collaps in the new IE7 when the page content is shorter than the SideBar.

This surprises me, since it is a table based layout. But gemini is using a javascript function to help adjusting the sidebar height, primarily to make it stretch long when the content is long, for those colour schemes using a different coloured sidebar. Perhaps this javascript function in the tmpl file is causing the bug in IE7. It would be interesting to know if the bug would vanish when this function changeDivHeight() is disabled. Sorry I can't test with IE7 at present, so any help with this would be appreciated!~HansB

On your triad skin the behavior of the SideBar is OK. I will test your hint.
On gemini10b without the function changeDivHeight() the behavior is also OK. ~MaBen

Apparently IE7beta has still rather incomplete javascript support. See for instance IE7b2, is it intentionally this bad? ~HansB

Red cross?

  • In which folder I have to upload the "red cross" image to close the right bar?
You could upload it to the Site group and use on your RightBar page something like:
%align=right%[[{$Name}?rb=0| Attach:Site/redbt.gif"Close Rightbar"]]%%'''RightBar'''
Perhaps because the image is not uploaded yet. Click on the link and the upload window should open, then upload the image file from your machine to the server. The image file redbt.gif is in the images/ folder of Gemini skin. ~HansB
  • I know where I can find the image. My question was, in which folder I must upload/copy the image? wikilib.d? pub/skins/gemini/
For a link like this: [[{$Name}?rb=0| Attach:Site/redbt.gif"Close Rightbar"]] the image needs to be in the folder uploads/Site/. You can upload it from the wiki page by clicking the dotted underlined link starting Attach: i.e like this: Attach:Attach:Site/redbt.gif Δ (the link won't work here, since uploads to the Site group are prohibited). Or you can upload the file with FTP directly to the uploads/Site/ directory.
  • Thanks for your patience. Now it works but I have to insert a global adress (http://www...). I hope this hasn't any disadvantages.

A quick question

  • (Paul again) Is it possible to change the background of the right window? I'm using the sky-blue skin but would like the window to be in yellow so it looks like a post-it note. Is this possible?
In c-sky.css set a different color code for it like #rightbar { background:#ffff00; } ~HansB
  • (Paul) - Brilliant - thanks.
  • (Paul) - Another quick queston - I couldn't see how to fix this in the CSS file - can I change the colour of the page title heading?
try #titlebar a { color: colorcode; }

Help... it kills IE

  • (Paul) I love the skin however it kills IE 6.0x in my configuration ( IE simply freezes after having loaded the page content. I have tried on my main page and on other pages. and downloaded it yesterday (10 Nov 05) so am sure it's the lastest version. It works fine in Firefox. Various users have reported that it freezes IE. I have another site using the skin which works fine. Any ideas?
  • (Paul again) Have tracked the problem down to the 'red-gold' and 'green-gold' color-lists, both of which seem to consistantly kill IE. The other configurations seem to work ok.
Thanks for pointing this out!! The bug appears for IE when it loads color schemes with a box around the sidebar (red-gold, green-gold, parch-blue, parch-yellow), and it has to do with a bit of java script code which stretches the box down. Please change in skin-gemini.tmpl the line 35 (approx) to read:
              var sbr = maxy - hdr - ftr - 12;
i.e change the number from 1 to 12. I will update the zip file. ~HansB
Thanks, that's great. Quick reply!

  • (Tim) Nice theme. Note that in the History page, you use <a href="window.location=...">, which doesn't do what you want it to do. I think if you just remove the window.location= part (and the single-quotes) it should work. (This is in skin.php in the latest version as of today.)
(Hans) Thanks, you are right!I don't know how this slipped in, but I'll fix it. The cancel link still works though. The code should be (skin.php ca. line 270):
              <a href='\$PageUrl'> $[Cancel]</a>

Major security issue

I'm not sure if this problem is with the skin or PmWiki. If I go to a password protected page, I am taken to an edit box to enter the password. With an older version (of both the skin and PmWiki) I was running that edit box was the only content on the page. Now I see the sidebar, etc, along with the password edit box. If I click on a link in the sidebar to a protected page it will take me right to it, even though I never entered a password. Dan East

The password prompt is now integrated into the normal pmwiki page (for any skin). You will only be able to go to pages which are not read-protected. If you go to a read-protected page you will be prompted for a password, before the page content is shown. If the pages are just edit-protected you can go to them and read them, and only attempting to edit them will bring up a password prompt. Anyway that's how it should work. If it is any different for you please tell, and we need to look at it more. I don't think it is a skin issue. ~HansB

I just installed Gemini 8 and am having problems with the Rightbar...pages are ignoring the (:showright:) command and just displaying it as text in the page...any ideas? - Gazunta

It sounds as if the background of the rightbar is not displayed, but the content is? Try to force a browser reload (Ctrl-F5), so the browser cache is ignored. What browser? ~HansB

  • (R. Fink) Would be nice to reduce font size of text in the left hand menu pane, to equal the font size of the right sidebar box; also, remove horizontal lines between 2nd-order menu elements in left pane, so that only the top-most menu items are surrounded by horizontal lines. The large fonts and lines between everything looks cluttered - but this is just my opinion :-) I really like the mouse-over highlighting, the right menu bar, the color transition at the top on the blue color, and the extra search buttons at the bottom (crosslink, ...)
    To remove horizontal lines for second order list elements add to each color module (i.e. blue-color.css, sand-color.css etc) #sidebar ul ul li { border-top:0} . To reduce sidebar font sizes change in each font module (i.e. font-sans.css, font-times.css etc) at the beginning the #sidebar line to #sidebar { font-size:75%; } (or choose a smaller value). I have changed the last in the latest release. ~Hans
  • (Radu) OK, here are the changes I made to my version of the gemini6 (and now 7) skin: a couple of relatively unimportant style changes, and in the edit template (altforms.php):
    • added the minor edit checkbox to the bottom too
    • removed the PageTopMenu too (I find it superfluous here)
  • below the PageTopMenu I added conditional icons to show some of the attrs of the current page (Author name and who can see, edit, admin, upload - open, page-restricted, group-restricted, wiki-restricted)
  • I'm also planning to add different color styles for followed links
  • You mentioned that it's OK for me to post it under this skin rather than a different one. Should I send you the files I change when I do, or just post my own zip?
    You could upload your own zip, just make sure you have a different folder name from gemini. Then you could either just put a link here, like, and ideally a link to a demo site so visitors can see the modified skin, or have a seperate cookbook skin page and ask PM to install it.
    Re: removed PageTopMenu: If there is no page called PageTopMenu then no menu appears at the top. ~Hans No, I meant I removed the markup that was including it on the edit page, i.e.
    if ($action=='edit')
   SetTmplDisplay('PageTopMenuFmt', 0);
  • (MaBen) The highlight (bold font) of the menu SideBar don't work in my installation; in the PageHeader is it OK; where could I switch on?
    look in the relevant font-...css file you are using, for instance font-verdana.css has a #sidebar h1 { .. font-weight:700;}; look for font-weight, reduce to 600 or delete. ~HansB
  • (reidar) I have installed the Gemini skin and it looks great! I would like the title (Gemini Two Skin on this page) to be static rather than showing the page title. How do I do that? I have searched the skin-gemini.tmpl and the skin.php files and I don't get it...
    I am not sure what you mean by "static title". Do you want the same title appearing on all pages and no page titles? Or do you wan to display the page name rather than the page title? Please explain more. ~HansB
  • (reidar) Sorry that I didn't express myself more clearly. I meant that I want the same title to appear on all pages. (no page titles other than that. So, in the blue blue top-field where the page title is displayed now, I want a different (static) title for all pages. -r
    Okay, an unusual request! I won't ask how you would know what page you are on. ;) The easiest way may be to create GroupHeader pages in all groups, and add to each GroupHeader page the markup (:title Name of Title:) and (:nogroup:). then all pages will display the title you set in the GroupHeaders and will not display the group name. The group name can also be sitewide turned off in skin.php, see instructions there. If you need to set the title on one central location only (and not in every GroupHeader) you may have a look at Cookbook.AllGroupHeader. One other way would be to switch the titlebar off with markup (:notitle:) via GroupHeaders as above, and write your title as a logo in Site.PageHeader. The PageHeader will display on all pages. Hope this helps. ~HansB
    (reidar) Thanks a lot! I created a GroupHeader page and put in the markup you said and it worked exactly like I wanted it to. The reason I wanted to do this is that I am helping a colleague set up a website using the excellent PmWiki and the very nice (!!!) Gemini theme. This colleague wanted one static heading on all pages, so thats why... Thanks again :)
  • Gee, it's the same pretty even in IE5.0! (~Mateusz)

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