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Open Questions

Left sidebar

Status: Open

TM 3-June-2020: Great skin. We need the sidebar on left side though - how to do this?

Any way to put a link on the headerphoto ?

Status: Open

Agnes-12-Oct-2016: Hello, I'm using this great skin and I would like to have a link on the header photo. Is it possible and how ?

Thank you for your help !


How to remove image border from header

Status: Open

Paul 22-Sep-2012: I love this skin, however I've got a problem with the header - I want to display a logo file into site.siteheader so I've removed everything that was there and replaced it with a link to the logo file [(approve links) edit diff]

My site is [(approve links) edit diff]

However, the logo always displays with a thick white border around it. I've tried everything I can think of but can't get the png displaying as transparent over the brown background color.

Any suggestions?



Wrong colored bullets when Skin Color is changed to blue

Status: Open

Sameer 22-Aug-2012: I've used Enlighten skin very successfully for some time now. Just for some variety, I switched colors on my installation, hoping everything to look nice in the new color scheme. Unfortunately, the bullets in bulleted lists end up still looking brown with a light brown background, which looks really weird. I see that enlighten/blue contains a bullet.gif, but it looks the same as the brown one. Do you have an updated set of images for other colors? Thanks!

Replace tagline text with image

Status: Resolved

Ben 23-Mar-2012: Hello. I'm so glad I found this skin for PmWiki, was was working this same skin over as a static template (ugh) and then all of a sudden it showed up as a PmWiki skin, thanks so much! I have one question through (I'm new at skinning). I would like very much to replace the tag-line text with a picture, can this be done? Currently I have my tagline my email address and some other text that I would like to have replaced as a png with the same information. Thanks!

DaveG, 25-Mar-2012: You should be able to simply assign $WikiTag to the url of the image. If that doesn't work for some reason, then edit the file Site.SiteHeader and replace the text {$WikiTag} with whatever wiki markup you like.

PageLogoURL size

Status: Active

13-Oct-2011: Hello. Enlighten looks great! I put a different image (100X100) in place of the PmWiki logo, but the image is cut off - it's only as big as the PmWiki logo (I'm guessing 60X100). The PageLogoURLWidth option seems only to move the WikiTitle, while the image stays the same. Any help would be appreciated!

DaveG, 16-Oct-2011: Looks like you may have an issue with sizing the header logo, similar to an earlier report. Try manually setting the logo height in config.php (change 60 to whatever height you logo is):


Closed Questions

WikiTitle and WikiTag isn't displayed

Status: Resolved

jem on December 21, 2010: I'm setting up a completely new pmwiki site and want to use the enlighten skin. I've installed it and it displays but the wikititle/wikitag isn't displayed. I checked the HTML source for the page and the text I've defined isn't there - the wikititle shows in the window title but not on the actual page.

Probably related to this is that the header photo isn't displayed. I'm sure I've missed something pretty basic when I installed the skin but I have no idea what.

DaveG, 21-Dec-2010: A few things to check below. If you can point me to a URL, I'll be able to help you more.

  1. wikitag: $WikiTag="Site description goes here.";
  2. wikititle: $WikiTitle="David Gilbert";
  3. page logo (on the left side) with a full url: $PageLogoUrl="";
  4. Background image with a partial relative url -- relative to the skin directory: SkinHeaderBackground='brown/headerphoto.jpg';

jem on December 22, 2010: I tried by copying the wikititle, wikitag lines from above but the result is the same, I got the background image to work by setting SkinHeaderBackground but I can't get the pmwiki logo to show up despite using the absolute URL - [(approve links) edit diff] (if I enter this URL in an empty window the logo is shown). The site is available at, pmwiki is installed in a subdirectory called "pw" and I the use "Example Three" on the CleanURLs page to get clean urls.

DaveG, 22-Dec-2010: That section uses either a page called {$Group}.SiteHeader or {$SiteGroup}.SiteHeader, which ever exists. Enlighten comes with a {$SiteGroup}.SiteHeader file (in wikilib.d), but it seems like that file is not being found. Have you changed the value of {$SiteGroup}? If it's not Site then you need to create a page called SiteHeader in your SiteGroup group.

jem on December 22, 2010: While poking around trying to figure out what the problem was, I happened to stumble across a log message from when I uploaded the skin and there was an error listed for the upload - so I re-uploaded it and now it works perfectly. Thanks for the help.

lfloat not working

Status: Issue resolved.

Luis on November 19, 2010: It seems that lfloat is not working in your skin. I've just copied the standard example form the PmWiki homepage and it isn't working. I'm quite new so maybe I just made a mistake.

%lfloat text-align=center margin-top=5px margin-right=25px
margin-bottom=5px margin-left=25px% |
'''Rock on!'''
'''The image is left-aligned, with margins set; the caption is centered;
the text wraps on the right side of the image.'''

%lfloat text-align=center margin-top=5px margin-right=25px margin-bottom=5px margin-left=25px% | Rock on! '''The image is left-aligned, with margins set; the caption is centered; the text wraps on the right side of the image.'''

DaveG, 30-Jul-2010: Looks like you copied the text direct from the page, which is causing some issues because of the way the lines are breaking. If you instead, edit the sample page, and then copy the text from the edit page, things should work fine:

Rock on!

The image is left-aligned, with margins set; the caption is centered; the text wraps on the right side of the image.

Integration with HorizontalVerticalMenu

Status: Resolved

Josh on July 26, 2010: If you can help, I'd appreciate it, but I know this is outside the bounds of courtesy, but I could use the help. I'm trying to put dropdown menus in SiteNav, but the css is messed up. Is there a simple solution, or should I drop the menus. Once again my site is at [(approve links) edit diff]. I'm using the Cookbook:HorizontalVerticalMenu for the menus.

DaveG, 30-Jul-2010: I took a very quick look at this. The solution below corrects the color issues, works in Firefox, and if you're lucky other browsers as well. It doesn't fix the shortened the hover-bar problem -- I didn't find a quick fix for that. Include this *after* the menu recipe.

div#hmenu ul,div#vmenu ul,div#emenu{ border-color:#aaa; }
div#hmenu ul a,div#vmenu ul a{ color:#fff; }
div#hmenu a:hover,div#vmenu a:hover,div#emenu a:hover{ color:#fff; }

div#hmenu .menuitem,div#hmenu .menutitle,div#vmenu .menuitem,div#vmenu .menutitle,
div#emenu .menuitem,div#emenu .menutitle,div#vmenu .menutitle,div#hmenu .menuitem,
div#hmenu .menutitle,div#vmenu .menuitem,div#vmenu .menutitle,div#emenu .menuitem,
div#emenu .menutitle,div#hmenu ul ul .menuitem,div#vmenu ul ul .menuitem,
div#hmenu .menutitle,div#vmenu .menutitle,div#emenu { background:#4E3525; }

div#hmenu ul ul .menuitem:hover,div#vmenu ul ul .menuitem:hover,div#emenu ul ul .menuitem:hover,
div#hmenu .menutitle:hover,div#vmenu .menutitle:hover,div#emenu .menutitle:hover{ background:#660000; }

div#hmenu .menuseparator,div#vmenu .menuseparator,div#emenu .menuseparator{ color:#fff; }

Josh on September 26, 2011 This solution didn't appear to work. So I manually adjusted the colors in the css file provided by Cookbook:HorizontalVerticalMenu to match the theme. Thanks so much.


Status: Issue resolved.

Josh on July 23, 2010: The headerimage doen't seem to appear on my wiki, by default or when I set $SkinHeaderBackground to an image. It just is just white space to the right of the box containing the Wikititle and Wikitag. My website is at [(approve links) edit diff].

DaveG, 23-Jul-2010: For SkinHeaderBackground try specifying "brown/headerphoto.jpg". Here's what the URL is ending up as:

url("") no-repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF

Josh on July 24, 2010: Thanks so much, I thought you needed the full path "$PubDirUrl/skins/enlighten/brown/headerphoto.jpg". And thanks for the fast reply. This is my first wiki, and your skin is great.

Has problem with google map API

Status: Not enough information.

It cannot be shown in this skin!

DaveG, 23-Jul-2010: Need more information in order to help you. Can you point me to an example?

List Formatting

Status: Fixed

Xian? November 05, 2009, at 03:12 PM: Hi, it's me again. Let's have a look on lists and frames. Seems to me, they need a left margin. Do you see, they're glued to left. Happens to the description-lists to, they don't look that fine.

DaveG 5-Nov-2009: I don't see this. Bullet lists should have a 30px left margin. I've checked this on all major browsers. What markup are you using, and what OS?

Mozilla/5.0 on Ubuntu/8.04 (hardy)-Firefox/3.0.14

Non-Existent Sidebar Anchors split the line

Status: Fixed

Xian? November 05, 2009, at 03:12 PM: One strange behavior happens in my sitebar. If I link to a non-existing Site like

 * MyNewSandbox?

this line is broken and appears in a way like this


The same appearance occurs, if I write several links in line, lets say

 * [link1] [link2] [link3]
 * [NextSideBarEntry]

comes out like


In the SideBar at this place these linebreaks doesn't seem to be set. But I wonder, whats wrong at my place?

DaveG 5-Nov-2009: I'd classify this a bug -- I'll log it.

Font Scaling

Status: Closed

Xian? November 05, 2009, at 03:12 PM: And a last thing I want to know. If I work on several places, I have to deal with different monitor resolutions. And if the Skittlish fonts at one monitor are okay, they are on the other rather huge. In Enlighten it's the opposite way. Fairly tiny at one, but okay at the other. Isn't there a way to implement a +/- fontsize feature? I've seen it at other skins, but have no ideas how to do.

DaveG 5-Nov-2009: I probably will not implement a +/- feature for the skin -- that should really be done as part of a cookbook. However, the effect is due to the way in which enlighten (and Equilibrium) specify font sizes. There is no easy fix, other than to change this. I'll log the issue, but may not get to fix this for a while. As an intermediate fix most browsers implement a Zoom feature. This may be your best temporary fix, although this each skin will react differently, so perhaps not a perfect fix.

Header Images

Status: Closed

Xian? November 05, 2009, at 03:12 PM: Oh i forgot, i really had to dig to find the headerphoto source. To me it seems more logical to drop the fixed url and set up a variable like the PageLogoURL, but scale it to the 150-something px in height. By the way, you stored the image in the color-folders, did you intend to change the image, while changing color? Otherway i would set the url in the base.css, so you have to change only one time

DaveG 5-Nov-2009: I'll add some info to the docs on how to change the background image. I'd prefer not to scale the image, because it can cause some odd effects. And yes, the image was intended to change with skin color, but I think I'll change this in the next release.

Logo position on

Status: Closed

Xian? 4-Nov-2009: I already liked your Skittlish very much. The Enlighten I nearly like much more. It's very nice, that you set up an easy way to change SideBarWidth - in Skittlish it was to heavy for only navigation use. Well done, but check the Logo and Wikititle, they overlay in this example.

DaveG 4-Nov-2009: Thanks for the comment. The problem with the overlapping logo and wikititle on the main cookbook page is due to the logo height and width not being specified in config.php. In this case the skin will try to calculate the height and width -- however, on the pmwiki site, the GD Image library appears not to be present, so the skin cannot calculate the width/height. So. If you see this in your instance, manually set the logo height/width $PageLogoUrlWidth and $PageLogoUrlWidth.

Update: Looks like GD Image library is not required, so there is some other reason why the height and width are not being calculated. I'll look into it.

DaveG 5-Nov-2009: I believe the reason this occurs on is due to a security setting. If this occurs in your environment, simply set the height and width, as shown above.

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