Summary: User notes for the Adapt Skin recipe.
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If you use or used the Adapt Skin recipe, you can add yourself in the list below. These statistics may help newcomers to select recipes for their wikis. Both (+) positive and (-) negative short comments are welcome. For longer comments or questions please use the Adapt-Talk page.


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  • (+) Thanks! Excellent skin for mobile devices (and it resizes nicely for other monitors as well). The mobile version of my site is using Adapt as of April 2016 with PHP 5.6 on the server. Dr3DV
  • (+) Hei, very nice skin! I'm already using it at this site. Thanks a lot! simkin
  • (+) Great to have a decent mobile skin, should be a core candidate and be the default PmWiki skin --Simon
  • (+) Very well done. Brian
  • (+) Looks great and works as advertised. Editing wikis on mobile, what a concept! Felix?
  • (+) Thank you! SteP

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User notes for Adapt Skin (talk).

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